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There's just one problem—the weapon reuses to kill on command. At 6'2" and pounds of titanium and electronic circuits, Solo is the latest in weapon technology and artificial intelligence. Equipped with telescopic, microscopic and infrared vision, the strength of thirty men and reflexes beyond those of any Olympic athlete, Solo also has a brain.

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Bill Stewart, the gawky co-owner of Electron Dynamics, has created the thing most computer engineers only dream of: a machine that can learn. Sent on a trial in Costa Rica with Bill and flag-waving, leather-assed General Clyde Haynes, Solo monitors a Pentagon transmission ordering him shipped back to Florida for reprogramming. In a spectacular helicopter chase beneath the jungle canopy, Solo crashes his chopper, crawls out of the wreckage and, as his batteries begin to run out, escapes across the border into Nicaragua. Either that, or he was just insanely good at his job. It had been roughly twelve hours since Iva's meeting with Orc.

Regardless of his lust for violence, planning and coordinating an attack would still take time. That meant Iva still had a window in which she could act. The question was, what would she do now? When she had recieved the call from Tyler she had expected a scolding from the chief. Instead, she had merely been summoned by Silva back to the station. He had told her that he wanted her assistance with something, so she could only presume that was the reason why she sitting here right now.

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So much for 'when you have time', she thought bitterly, watching in silence as Silva set down his mug and adjusted his glasses, and prepared herself for a detailed interrogation. For better or worse, any progress brought them closer to the end of this policing nightmare. Silva smiled again, this time in humour. Iva's surprise must have been obvious, as Silva smiled again at her reaction to the news. Reclining back on his chair just as he had during the meeting, he let the words hang in the air for a few moments before continuing.

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  • You should know that your colleague Roderick Shields came to me with a very interesting piece of information. Look at this The inspector pushed a paper document across the table, which Iva quickly picked up and hurriedly scanned through. You should already know that, of course, considering you were there.

    Iva paled. Staring back at her from the sheet was her name - Iva Ravenwood - staring back at her like a death sentence. Before she could summon the words to defend herself, Silva continued with a firmer voice. Members of the Grenado Cartel, no less. Gunned down in the middle of the street!

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    After interviewing some of the nearby residents we also told that a green-haired woman was seen driving off with a pair of bikers sporting the symbol of the Malal's Chosen Motorcycle Club. I think not. Iva could only blink in confusion at the torrent of damning accusations. Did the cartel not deal with the bodies fast enough? Weasel had assured her that the shoot out would be covered up easily - so why wasn't it?

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    Did that bastard lie to her? She cursed her stupidity. It was foolish of her to just assume such a crime would go unnoticed in broad daylight. The mere thought of her career going down the drain in a heartbeat almost made her burst into tears.


    But before the black pit of despair swallowed her completely, Silva did something unexpected. At first Iva thought he just found her situation pitiful, but looking into his eyes more closely, she realised that wasn't the case. They carried amusement, yes, but not malice. On the run from the mob, Chaney comes here in search of sanctuary. Trouble in Paradise Robert L.

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    Fish, the youngest of three children, was born on August 21, , in Cleveland, Ohio. He attended the local schools in Cleveland and went to Case University now Case Western Reserve , from which he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. He married Mamie Kates, also from Cleveland, and together they have two daughters.

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    • Fish worked as a civil engineer, traveling and moving throughout the United States. In he was asked to set up a plastics factory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.