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His military genius earned him the title Strategos in Sparta. His triumphs for the city of Thebes made him a hero. And finally his fate led him to the service of Philip of Macedon. All too soon the future was upon them. He described his novels as "essentially Christian books," and they are known for featuring heroic characters with tragic flaws and promoting the value of redemption.

Excerpted by permission of Random House Publishing Group. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 8. Hardcover FREE. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Over and again, the aged seeress Tamis scried all the possible tomorrows.

About the Author. Most famous for his debut novel Legend , which became the first book in the Drenai series, David Gemmell was a British fantasy writer who eventually wrote thirty books. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Fast-paced, richly imagined, and filled with unforgettable characters, Aurian is a stunning debut from a Fast-paced, richly imagined, and filled with unforgettable characters, Aurian is a stunning debut from a talented author.

To the city of Nexis, where magefolk in their white-walled towers rule uneasily over a restive race of Morals, a young girl comes to View Product. Bloodstone Sipstrassi Series 5. Salvatore, New York Times bestselling authorTwenty years have passed since Jon Shannow, the legendary Jerusalem Man, cracked open the gate of time and brought But even were Dark Prince much worse than it is, I would still advise everyone who I can get to listen to me:. Read Lion of Macedon. It is an excellent, excellent book, generally well paced, with brilliant characters, a tremendous plot, love interests and friendships that should be a yard stick for the genre, wonderful battle scenes and a hero who stands, if not above, then at least level with any character one could meet in fantasy fiction.

Not even my most critical appraisal could knock so much as half a star off its rating. David Gemmell , you are sorely missed — and this book proves why. June 15th, FanLit thanks this guest for contributing to our site! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Winners are announced in the comments. All rights reserved. Just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishers.

Much of our site's special functionality was coded by Zane Hooper. We Love This! Five Star SFF! Best of the Years Fun! Lion of Macedon: Proves why David Gemmell will be sorely missed Lion of Macedon by David Gemmell The dearly-departed David Gemmell was, in his lifetime, acknowledged as a master of the heroic fantasy, and if you want any proof of that, read Lion of Macedon. FanLit thanks Tom Dare, of London, for this guest review.

It costs you nothing extra, but Amazon pays us a small referral fee. Click any book cover or this link. We use this income to keep the site running. It pays for website hosting, postage for giveaways, and bookmarks and t-shirts. Thank you! We have reviewed fantasy, science fiction and horror books, audiobooks, magazines, comics, and films. Want to help us defray the cost of domains, hosting, software, and postage? We receive referral fees for all purchases not just books. Also, we earn referral fees when you click our sponsored ads. Thank you for your support! I need to read some more in this series.

I definitely appreciate a writer who can maintain high quality over a long series of books! I had no trouble believing a rock could be a god, or that an entity who came to earth on a meteorite and could inhabit insects or other small creatures could be one either. Then again, that's probably why I read fantasy. I […]. To make you even more jealous, I will tell you that the presentation was also gorgeous. If you're missing some of our book cover images, please pause ad block.

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