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We carry within us physical evidence of the developmental processes and biological traits that humans share with all — yes, all — other organisms. What, if anything, unites primates as a single group, and how do primate adaptations reflects our evolutionary past? What did the earliest primates look like and how are they related to modern forms? How has climate change influenced the diversification of different primate groups? How do primates navigate arboreal and terrestrial habitats? What processes are involved in fossilization and in dating fossils from the distant past?

Why do many primates live in groups? Why do some male primates commit infanticide? Why do some females form strong bonds? What do primates eat and how do they live in ecological communities with other animals? How do primates communicate? Do primates deceive each other? Unraveling the sociality and ecology of our closest living relatives, the non-human primates, can help us shed light on the selective pressures that shaped humans through evolutionary time.

What Happened to the Neanderthals?

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The reasons for the demise of the Neanderthals some 30 thousand years ago, only a few millennia after the first appearance of modern humans in Europe, remain controversial, and are a focus of Neanderthal research. Aa Aa Aa. References and Recommended Reading Conard, N. Keywords Keywords for this Article. Flag Inappropriate The Content is: Objectionable. Email your Friend. This content is currently under construction. Explore This Subject. Scientific Underpinnings.

Human Fossil Record. Paleontology and Primate Evolution. The Living Primates. Topic rooms within Biological Anthropology Close. No topic rooms are there. Browse Visually. Other Topic Rooms Ecology. Student Voices. Creature Cast. Simply Science. Green Screen. Green Science.

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What Happens When You Die?

No, not Bachelor in. Aside from an initial statement, Aziz Ansari has not publicly spoken about the accusation of sexual misconduct that was made against him in January I picked up this book to find out what she really thinks from her point of view. I will just say she is to deep in her own world no one will ever change her mind.

After long unbearable hours of listening to Hillary Clinton talk about what she believed happened before, during, and after the election, I have finally finished the book. I give this book 1 out of 5 stars for several reasons. First, Hillary claims to not have had a whiff of entitlement during the campaign, but from what I observed, that is pretty far from the truth. Second, while she says that she takes responsibility for her loss, she spends the entire book blaming everyone from Russians to Comey to Sanders to even Obama, not to mention Republicans in general.

Third, she adds a lot of irrelevant information about her life that had nothing to do with "What Happened," which made the book seem so much longer and aided in identifying her narcissism. Fourth, she repeatedly mentions that the majority of Americans supported her, but that isnt true. There are over million voting age Americans.

What Happened To Kate Middleton’s Fourth Baby?

There are over million registered voters in America. And she only got a little over 60 million to vote for her. Fifth, she completely disregards 3rd party candidates except for when they nice things about her. She completely manipulates their words to make her look good. And she thinks that 3rd party voters, had they not voted for Trump, would have voted for her, which is far from the truth.

Hillary Clinton had the opportunity to redeem herself, admit her faults in a convincing way, and accept some actual responsibility. She didn't, and that makes all the more satisfied in not having voted for her.

What Happened

Great book to reaffirm why I didn't vote for Hillary. The woman is so out of touch. I will start off by admitting that I am not a "democrat" and I wouldn't even say I'm a fan of Hillary Clinton in general. However, in an effort to be more diverse in my understanding of people that are different from me, I decided to read this book. I was hoping for some insight into the disappointment of losing a big race.

I did get that I know it's ridiculous for me to have hoped to hear her say "I'm really sad that I'm not the president right now". But instead I heard more about how horrible Trump is, and how unfair it was that her emails were such a focus of the election. I guess I shouldn't have been very surprised at the tone of the book, but I truly did have to force myself to hurry up and finish it so I could stop being so grumpy. Listening to her reading the book on audiobook added a bit of extra - I could not only hear her anger in the "voice" of her writing, but also her actual VOICE.

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I do feel that overall Hillary is an eloquent thinker and typically a fairly diplomatic and concise speaker. And with that I was disappointed in this particular droning on of "it's not fair". I hope she can eventually emerge on the other side of her loss as a kinder person and let go of some of her disgust and anger. As someone who lives in the UK, I had no way of impacting the US election but I have been a strong supporter of Hilary Clinton since I studied US politics at school and this was the perfect read and memoir. I also find it interesting to see behind the curtain and Hilary was able to give a sense of this as well as discussed the all the issues that were brought and perhaps cost her the presidency.

If you have any interest in hearing her side in what happened I would recommend this to you as she is able to give you a clinical look at the election, but also able to inject her personality and her thoughts and feelings without being overbearing or whining. This is so worth listening to but be prepared to invest a lot of time. Hillary reading it adds interest to the narration. It's not just the insights into the US election but what she has to say about living with such a devastating loss and coping with the barrage of insults and lies.

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Thank you Hillary. It is awful that she lost but this book spends far too much not discussing why and then primarily discussing external factors, not internal. There is a whole chapter on Chelsea Clinton which makes no sense in the context of this book unless she is being positioned to run for something.

Hillary says she takes the blame for faults in her campaign but they are barely described. I don't think you will be much wider having read this: it is another example of Hillary not opening up and being real. I know this has had bad press and called a book blaming but I didn't hear it that way. I heard an honest and heartfelt account of the most turbulent times and I'd highly recommend this. A brilliant insight into the Clinton campaign and the US presidential elections. Recognising that this is a one-sided account, some of the information about Russian hacking, the inability of the media to be unbiased and the obsession with Clintons emails put a new spin of horror into the result of the election and a strong warning for the future of US and western democracy!

As a British women, similar in age to Hilary and sympathetic to her politics I have learned so much about her and her struggles through this book. The American people were duped at the election and are now suffering the consequences of electing a monster to the presidency. How I wish every Trump voter would read this book!

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No lies no hate no division, but the truth! I fear for the future of America, although we Brits have our own stupidity to blame for our current position, at least we don't have a racist megalomaniac at the helm. Hilary you are an honest, wise and persistent role model for all women and politicians. Keep going! Naturally this book won't be for everyone, but as a Canadian observer of US politics, I found Clinton's book to be intriguing, and very insightful.

In particular, her observations on what women face in political life - and indeed in all aspects of life - were frank, trenchant and fair-minded. Those who voted against her, whether in the primaries or in the general election, will doubtless find much to mock or critique, but I think her story is interesting and worth listening to. Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

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It's a wonderful piece of writing, high quality memoir and history. HRC's performance is great -- wonderful to have her voice telling her story. As for the content But I found spending time with her company very nourishing, and I felt stronger afterwards and ready to try and make a difference to world. Not on a Hillary scale, obviously, but just in my small world. If you are tossing up between book and audiobook, get the audiobook. She was running for the office of the President. Her opponent was a fool. She lost. She was told to shut up.

Nevertheless, she persisted. A good primer on the madness that was Election What Hillary felt she did right, what she did wrong and what we should all do now. Well written and produced. Easy to follow while doing other tasks. Quite long but very thorough. My first political bio.

The Pelosi-AOC feud signals trouble ahead for House Democrats.

This book took me by surprise. I was not quite ready for the impact it would have on me. What a thoughtful, pragmatic, powerful, compassionate woman. Someone I shamefully misjudged. Cannot recommend this book enough. Hillary lost, but she's gotten over it. Instead of using her time to throw witty remarks and spread hate like some people consider this book is , she spent her time elaborating the controllable Strengths and Weaknesses of her campaign, including the mistakes she made, while detailing the uncontrollable Opportunities and Threats she faced - including those God-darn emails!

But, despite being laden with all these facts, she manages to keep sprinkles of hope trailing the journey this book undertakes. It could easily be summed up by three quotes: "You try, you fail, you try, you fail Being read by the author made all the difference. This is a well penned, informative and insightful read and look into the mind, experience and emotions of a presidential candidate.

Highly recommended. Personally I loved it. Hilary was very well spoken and sounded beautifully done. It gave a wonderful insight to her feelings and thoughts throughout the election and how she overcome the lost.