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Podia, ao menos, combater. Com saudades de Robb, espero que volte a aparecer no 5. Tinha expectativa de que aparecesse para castigar o Theon. View all 7 comments. Feb 07, Susana rated it it was amazing Shelves: emprestados , fantasia , norte-americanos.

I loved it! The author was particularly brilliant at writing this part of the story - the way the characters develop, the chain of events, how he keeps us completely hanging from his words, not knowing exactly if things are what they seem to be I was permanently hooked, always looking for a bit of free time to pick up the book and even the chapters about Danaerys - which I find the least interesting ones - grabbed me after the first couple of lines. The ambience descriptions are excellent and when we finally witness a battle it doesn't let you down - the scenes unfold in your mind as they are masterfully narrated.

Meanwhile I saw the first 4 episodes of the 2nd season and things are beginning to get a little confusing, because they altered not only the sequence of events but sometimes the events themselves. Also, the series has a few story lines that are not found in the books, at least in this part of the story, such as some romantic interests.

I thought I'd read just the first 4 books or the first original 2 books for now, but I don't think I can walk away from this story until I read everything that was published so far En este sentido ha sido una relectura muy provechosa. Deli etti ya! Jon, kendine dikkat et oralarda.

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Bran, nesin o'lum sen? Jun 20, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , owned-books , gift , , 4-stars , george-r-r-martin , series. A conquista pelo Trono de Ferro continua, depois de um final surpreendente do volume anterior. George R. Segunda entrega de la saga de 'Juego de Tronos'. En este libro su papel, en le nombre de su padre, es ser Mano del Rey de su sobrino, el repulsivo Joffrey.

Apasionante ver todos los hilos que mueve, todas las piezas de puzzle que encaja para que las cosas salgan como desea. Recomendable, claro. Vamos a por el siguiente. As personagens que adoramos sofrem e morrem e aquelas que odiamos fazem algo que nos conquista. Mar 24, Serena.. Sono le fiamme a spaventarlo Nel frattempo, Re, presunti Re, vari ed eventuali si scambiano castelli come se non ci fosse un domani, nemmeno fossero figurine..

Grazie per Qhorin, eh. View all 6 comments. Nov 08, Victor Hugo rated it it was amazing Shelves: emprestados. Estou pronto para entrar no novo ciclo desta saga a terceira Ya tienes tus favoritos y tus apuestas. Ve Jon Kar. Keyifli okumalar. Aug 15, Rita rated it really liked it. Tyrion na obra anterior foi dos jogadores mais inteligentes em campo e neste volume foi essencial para o desenrolar dos acontecimentos. Contudo, ao ser confrontado com a investida de Stannis, acaba por ser preponderante para o desenvolvimento dos acontecimentos.

Arya continua a trabalhar como empregada, contudo encontra um aliado que lhe confere 3 desejos. Arya continua a desenvolver-se de um modo soberbo, nunca deixando de me surpreender de volume para volume. O modo como termina a sua POV deixou-me deveras curiosa por saber o que lhe iria suceder e aos seus amigos. Esta foi uma das personagens pelas quais sofri mais, sempre desejosa de saber como iriam terminar os acontecimentos para ele.

Aug 05, Fabio Gaiato rated it really liked it. Deixando de tecer elogios e passando a parte que mais me interessa relatar. Agora para o final acabou por ficar mais entusiasmante. Big Brother Brasil Jornal da Record. Programa do Ratinho. The Noite. Esse Artista Sou Eu. The Walking Dead. Aprendiz Celebridades.

O Mundo Segundo O Mundo Segundo os Brasileiros. BBB PM. Milagres de Jesus. A Segunda Dama. The Voice Brasil. Me Leva Contigo.

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Bates Motel. Programa da Sabrina. Not reading the papers. Leaving town. Even I felt contaminated. Of another kind but just as perverse. The difference was that no one killed himself. You felt sorry for Dona Lu. She lost a lot of weight. I practically had to carry her to the car the times we went to church. And on those occasions, the vultures swarmed around her, all but asking for an autograph. How bad does it hurt to lose a child? Flocks in search of carrion. It made them feel good. Which incidentally is another symptom of the epidemic. The pathological goodness that surfaces in the community.

Instead of fever and diarrhea, all of a sudden you get this symptom, compassion. Ela se encosta na parede e fecha os olhos. O mugido da vaca continua e continua. E se ela pudesse se despedir da filha? Depois outro pousa. Helena ouve o som das asas. Helena abre os olhos, pede outro cigarro.

Adalberto, eu me chamo Adalberto. Helena, prazer. Helena acende o seu cigarro e fecha os olhos de novo. O mugido da vaca continua, nem mais alto nem mais baixo. Adalberto matou a bezerra. Adalberto afasta-se do matadouro puxando a vaca. Queria ter se despedido, dito algo, queria pedir mais um cigarro.

Helena and the man are smoking, sitting curbside in front of the store. She leans against the wall and closes her eyes. The cow bellows on and on. The man put a board across the bogs and roped the body of the calf. He wrapped the rope around the tall light pole and pulled as hard as he could. He tied the rope to the cow and tried to get her to pull. They are silent. The cow keeps on bellowing, she never quits. And if she could say goodbye to her young one? Help her die, lick her or something?

Neither does she. Now and then a vulture takes off. Then another lands. Helena hears the sound of the wings. The muck makes no sound as it slowly swallows the calf. Helena hears the man strike a match, smells sulfur and tobacco. Helena opens her eyes, asks for another cigarette. Helena, my pleasure. The store closed some time ago, some time since the slaughterhouse shut down.

Helena lights her cigarette and closes her eyes again. The cow keeps on bellowing, no louder, no softer. And animals still die anyhow, Helena says half asleep now. Adalberto killed the heifer. Only its neck and little head still stick out. Its head flops sideways into the swamp, its eyes dead, scared and very round. It has long lashes and a pink nose, like heifers do.

Adalberto walks away from the slaughterhouse, pulling the cow along. Helena realizes the bellowing has stopped, that Adalberto said goodbye and she just stood there. Shrieks and the flapping of wings above the mire bring Helena to, the wings hiding the horror that must be happening inside the black circle. Filha de rei. Queria uma amiga para gostar. Decidiu acabar com tanta tristeza. Chamou o vidraceiro, chamou o moldureiro.

E em segredo mandou fazer o maior espelho do reino. Uma sorriu e deu bom-dia. A outra deu bom dia sorrindo. E riram as duas. Daughter of a king. But what good was it being a princess if she had no one to play with? Alone in the palace, she cried and cried. She wanted nothing to do with dolls, she wanted nothing to do with toys.

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She wanted a friend to like. At night, the king would hear his daughter's sobs. What good is the crown if your daughter cries at night? He decided to put an end to such sorrow. He called for the glassmaker; he called for the framemaker. And, secretly, he had the biggest mirror in the kingdom made. And, silently, he had the mirror placed at the foot of his sleeping daughter's bed. When the princess awoke, she was no longer alone.

A single beautiful girl looked at her in surprise, hair still mussed from sleep. Quickly, they both jumped out of bed. Quickly, they drew near and made each other's acquaintance. One smiled and said good morning. The other said good morning with a smile. Nesse espelho em particular vi meu pau deformado livre e solto numa das manchas desgarradas.

E se o meu pau fosse prum lado, eu pro outro, e nunca mais que a gente se reencontrasse? Que seria do homem sem o pau, do pau sem o homem? Aquele monstro mutante refletido nos espelhos pirados, ondulando, estufando, se afilando achatando desmembrando, aquilo espelhava a minha verdadeira natureza -- minha e de todos ali. Meu medo era de que aquelas imagens torturadas do meu verdadeiro eu saltassem fora dos espelhos pra assumir a realidade -- a minha realidade.

Qual dessas imagens reflete quem eu sou de verdade? Portanto, nenhuma.

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Lids at half mast, only the whites of his eyes showing, our climatic sitar player paid no heed to the ambient nakedness, traveling along in his own orbit, as he always did in fact. I noticed that the rise of his raw cotton pants had ripped at the seam, exposing the tufted skin of a sack set free from the constraints of underwear and the like.

Now and then, depending on the movement of his body, one of his balls would defenestrate itself out the opening, in a display of solidarity — on its part at least — with the collective nudity. When I faced into the first mirror, I felt the kick of a disconcerting revelation right in my stomach. As in the other mirrors I was to confront, I saw myself disfigured into myriad antithetical versions of monstrousness: an obese dwarf in one, a Quixotic bean pole in another, rippled like a washboard in a third.

In yet another, I was completely dismembered, set adrift in oily blobs across the reflective surface. In this particular mirror, I saw my disfigured cock free and unfettered in one of the floating patches of oil. And if my cock were to go off one way, and me another, never the twain to meet again? Where would man be without his cock, and a cock without his man? Would we be happier like that, my cock and me, each on his own path for the rest of his life?

At one point I was struck by a mind-blowing insight. I was and always have been a polymorphous ameba but only now did I realize it. I was afraid those anguished images of my real self would leap out of their mirrors and actually take over reality—my reality. Man, I gotta tell you, I was petrified.

All around me everyone was splitting their sides laughing at the performance artistry of their mirrored bodies, undulating, expanding, splintering, corrugating, while I flailed about in the panic of a nightmare that was becoming ever more real to me. Which of these images reflects who I really am? There can be only one answer: all of them.

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And therefore, none of them. I am nothing.

We are nothing. You are — not.