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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 9. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview As we assess the growing threats emanating from Iran, Syria, and North Korea, this timely hearing will examine the options available to confront these regimes. We know Assad has a chemical weapon stockpile and we know that it once had a nuclear reactor built with the assistance of North Korea until it was destroyed supposedly by an Israeli airstrike. In North Korea, Pyongyang has written the playbook on how to proceed with a nuclear program while still gaining concessions from the United States.

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The U. If these three rogue regimes, this triangle of proliferation, are allowed to continue on their current paths, it will lead to a global nuclear arms race.

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Write a Review. In other words, these defensive blocs will look nothing like NATO and they will be far less bureaucratized and, therefore, more flexible than NATO ever was. Such alliances will be carefully tailored around defending U. This is the Trump Doctrine of putting American interests first. It is also the best, most peaceable way forward in a troubled time. By draining the swamp of international support for Iran and North Korea in the nuclear nexus, the U.

Ignoring this threat will only set the table for a much more formal, more closely coordinated anti-American bloc led by the likes of Russia and China.

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Right now, such an alliance remains in the distance. Yet, the more success that the nuclear nexus has in undermining the U. The U. More importantly, it must do this using limited force and greater degrees of economic and diplomatic inducements. Brandon J. He founded the site to offer an alternative view usually from a realist perspective on international events.

Brandon is also a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at The American Spectator. Weichert is often featured on Space News and Quillette. Brandon holds a B.

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Negating the Nuclear Nexus

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Skip to content. As Iranian and American chief diplomats continue to meet to find ways to speed up nuclear negotiations and strike a final nuclear deal that would lead to the removal of all international sanctions on the ruling clerics, the Obama administration persists in ignoring the recent revelations about the Islamic Republic and its covert operations in the region. A new Western intelligence assessment points to efforts by the Syrian government to renew its operations in an underground and clandestine nuclear facility near Qusair, close to the border of Lebanon, in order to produce nuclear weapons.

Citing the Western intelligence assessment, the German weekly Der Spiegel pointed out that the reconstruction of the nuclear facility is being conducted with the assistance of the Islamic Republic, North Korea, and Hezbollah. If Iran is engaged in such operations assisting Syrian President Bashar al Assad, it is breaching the protocols of the Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT , as well as posing a great threat to security in the region.

If, even before obtaining nuclear weapons, the ruling clerics of Iran are assisting their allies to become nuclear states, how can we trust the Islamic Republic in nuclear negotiations and how can one rely on their claim that they are not seeking to build a nuclear bomb?

The Iranian-North Korean Nexus After Trump’s Nuclear Summit | Jewish & Israel News

Iran-Syria and North Korean-Syria military and nuclear cooperation has been going on for a long time. When it comes to the issues of ballistic missiles, Syria has previously cooperated with both Iran and North Korea. Syria possess approximately 50 tons of uranium which could be adequate enough to create 5 nuclear bombs. For developing nuclear weapons either highly enriched uranium or an adequate amount of plutonium is required.