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A divorced couple learns that the only way to save their terminally ill daughter is to have another child together. A tenacious mother in a Damascus apartment tries to keep her charges safe as rockets and thugs threaten violence in modern day Syria. A Catholic priest in rural Poland must face the truth of his own sexuality when he meets an intriguing young local. A riveting and moving Australian coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of In his last film role, legendary director Rainer Werner Fassbinder plays Jansen, an expert cop living in a dystopic future where a mysterious organization known as the The Combine controls all media.

Karen discovers, after 10 years of marriage, she has left behind her dreams devoting herself to home chores and realizes it has been a mistake that cost her her youth. A case of stolen identity and one determined bride-to-be intersect in this comedic escapade from famed Japanese filmmaker Kenji Uchida. The first time in history two brothers have shared all the heavyweight world titles, this film Alicia tries to reshape her life in La Sirga, a dilapidated hostel on the shores of a great lake in the highlands of the Andes, where she will try to settle down until her fears and the threat of war After teenage Juan crashes the family car into a pole, he encounters oddball characters who help him face the family crisis he initially tried to escape.

The daily life surrounding World Missions for Christ Church is chronicled as the community struggles with rampant drug abuse, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and violence. A chance encounter with a woman struggling to keep her daughter and her business offers Antonio, a chauffeur, the hope lacking in his detached existence. A socially awkward waiter who works a dead end job in a chic cafe.

One day he stumbles upon the biggest break of his life, an unpublished manuscript which he finds in a jammed nightstand drawer. This lavish, star-studded epic set during the great Napoleonic Wars chronicles the lives of both the nobility and the poor against a tapestry of love affairs, deceit, intrigue and violence. In the s and s, wives on the island of Andros find new ways to cope when their husbands go on long voyages on ships.

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Sasha is an attractive young Ukranian woman who finally decides to end her dead-end relationship with a married man. Cemal, bound by tradition to marry a girl he's never met, is dragged by his uncle a A young orphan ironically — or perhaps fittingly — named Lucky leaves his Zulu village for the big city after his mother passes away.

Two best friends have spent the last fifteen years touring the country in their performance art punk band. When one of them decides to quit, they both face deeper challenges than expected. A young woman of privilege and a man of no social status meet as a small town prepares to wallow in forbidden pleasure in this satiric drama. Three sisters paralyzed by family secrets return to their beautiful Nova Scotia home where a family reunion allows them to reconnect with one another and the world.

The rise and fall of a beauteous actress. An art-world provocateur and elusive artist Maurizio Cattelan made his career on playful and subversive works that up-ended the art establishment. After the death of their father, Raya and her younger brother Robis set-off to find their biological mother after she abandoned them. Set in the mountains, this richly symbolic film tells the humorous story of four old friends who, driving back from a failed skiing trip, encounter a strange and enormous rock.

A historical epic of intimate proportions, Men Go to Battle is a tale of fraternal dysfunction amid the backdrop of the Civil War. Winner of more than 49 international awards, this adaptation of Nobel prize winner Naguib Mahfuz's novel, transposed to Mexico City, features one of Salma Hayek's first starring roles. Heather Graham, Mia Kirshner, and Tom Ellis star in director Eric Styles' romantic comedy concerning a year-old woman who realizes that her longtime partner doesn't want to have children.

The wife, overwhelmed with hatred for the husband, inflicts an unspeakable wound on the son, as the family heads towards horrific destruction. A grieving woman pursues a couple whom she suspects of killing her son in a hit-and-run. A married couple cope with an affair, but once betrayed, can you ever trust the one you love? After his father dies in battle, Finnish youth Eero learns that his mother is packing him off to live with a Swedish foster family. After stealing a machete from a market in Kigali, Munyurangabo and his friend, Sangwa, leave the city on a journey tied to their pasts.

Munyurangabo wants justice for his parents who were killed in th Single, New York City artist Ellie Shine is looking to gain inspiration and tranquility as she house sits for a friend in upstate New York. A couple who have lived together for 76 years faces the last moment of their marriage. Afghanistan Captain Antares Bonassieu and his squad have been assigned a surveillance mission in a remote valley. One dark night, soldiers begin to mysteriously disappear.

In s New York, a teenager's world comes crashing down when the family's housekeeper, who is like a mother to him, suffers a stroke. Two young Parisians fall in love amid the dreamlike topography of a hillside public garden.

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Graham McGahan is a Melbourne police officer beset with a painful ringing sound in his ears. The pain becomes so intense that it causes him to pass out at a train station one night -- the same night a Publisher Tom finds a sleeper hit in first-time author Jane, but success makes her too happy to finish her second novel. After losing sight, John Hull knew that if he did not try to understand blindness it would destroy him.

An urban love story about the soul of a mother, the heart of a fighter, and the faith of a child. Oddsockeaters are small creatures, who live alongside us humans and are responsible for socks that go missing when we only have one left from a pair - the odd sock. A father and his daughter live through the war between Israel and Lebanon. Ebooks and Manuals

When her English-instructor John suddenly disappears from class, Setsuko travels halfway around the world in search of him to the outskirts of Southern California. A family descended from Maori warriors is bedeviled by a violent father and the societal problems of being treated as outcasts. This stunning documentary follows two teenage ballet dancers aspiring to leave their violent favela homes in Brazil to join a revolutionary dance company in the US.

Maarit, a beautiful woman who used to be a man, becomes estranged from her daughter and family. When she meets Sami, a soccer coach and family man, she thinks her life will be complete. A love story in which love and hate collide, reinforce one another, intermingle, fuse, make a pact, and kill one another.


Five years after surviving the all-out war between the Sanno and Hanabishi crime families, former yakuza boss Otomo now works in South Korea for Mr. A nail-biting behind-the-scenes drama about the intense physical and mental labor put into a sport that thrives on its beautiful aesthetics. An intimate family portrait fashioned from over hours of footage shot over a decade. A Palestinian-American man and an Israeli woman agree to marry so that she can get a green card, prompting a re-evaluation of familial and cultural traditions.

In this Academy Award-winning film from , a Swedish father and son escape their impoverished rural life in hopes of finding a new start in Denmark. A member of an Israeli anti-terrorist unit clashes with a group of young radicals. While traveling through North Dakota, a vagrant finds a near-frozen man, assumes his identity and steals the man's prison pen-pal girlfriend. A Czech journalist joins a Prague radio station that broadcasts Nazi propaganda in order to protect his Jewish wife. A lonely teen's friendship with a free-spirited British neighbor pushes her to break free of the bonds of childhood.

Sun and Lucas fall head over heels in love while they are exchange students in Barcelona, and they try not to think about being separated at the end of the term. Adele tries to recover from a devastating breakup by bouncing from lover to lover. After the failure of D-Day in , the women of a remote British village awake to find their husbands gone to fight with the resistance. He embarks on an investigation that reveals a trail of alarming sec Artists like Chagall, Kandinsky and Malevich--pioneers flourished in response to the challenge of building a new art for a new world, only to be broken by implacable authority after 15 short years and The fragile Lia, and the sadist Viktor, have a very strong and passionate relationship.

A father who was absent for 30 years of his son's life returns and wants to bond with his son, on a road trip to the north. After a widowed father is fired from his engineering job due to his alcoholism, he and his year-old son set out from their Moscow home on foot, jumping trains and hitching rides towards the Crimean Tales of sex, violence and corruption unfold as the lives of guests and staff intersect at a Copenhagen hotel.

A beautiful, determined Israeli military investigator fights for justice when she interrogates ruthless young officers accused of brutalizing Arab civilians. Her only escape is a torrid affair with a A hitman for the Sicilian Mafia spares the life of the blind sister of one of his victims, and their lives become inextricably linked. A young Italian actress embarks on a self-destructive spree of sex, drugs and other excess while doing some soul searching to find the path for redemption.

From the director of "Borgman" comes this twisted black comedy about a hit man who gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to kill a famous writer. Desperate to keep his fishing ship in business, a cash-strapped Korean sea captain and his crew agree to smuggle Chinese immigrants into the country. After their plan goes horribly wrong, violence eru Busy parents Jackie and Mark are shocked when she inexplicably becomes pregnant.

With the war escalating around them, three friends in a Nazi-occupied village find their bond put to the test as secrets are revealed and loyalty is challenged. A call girl meets an Irish farmer Domnhall Gleeson online and plans to use his money to start her own brothel. Galia survives a suicide bombing on a bus and has a hard time remembering that day until someone sends her a necklace; a gift that sets her off on a journey to find the missing pieces of the puzzle fr In the s, Richard Hambleton was the Shadowman, a specter in the night who painted hundreds of startling silhouettes on the walls of lower Manhattan and, along with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Bas A Chinese barmaid and a Slavic fisherman find friendship and more in an Italian fishing village.

Though happily married to Emperor Franz Joseph, Sissi must endure the familial machinat A young woman Romy Schneider tries to adapt to her new life as Austria's empress. While traveling to California to attend her baby shower, a pregnant woman takes a side trip to find her long-estranged mother. A runaway and a Polish immigrant form a strong bond as they work odd jobs and vie for the affection of a beautiful French girl.

A trio of friends residing in an urban Czech housing project finds that happiness can come from the place where you least expect it in this quirky and heartfelt drama. Four lovers find themselves caught in a tangle of intersecting relationships in this engaging, New York-set romantic drama that explores the ripple effects of love and obsession. A long journey to return a sacred stone to its holy origins forces Taibei, a young Tibetan cowboy, to confront a series of mystical events and earthly adversity. After facing a devastating loss,To, finds himself embroiled in a violent feud with a dangerous teenage gang.

Hannah Maynard, a prosecutor of Hague's Tribunal for war crimes in former Yugoslavia, charges a Serbian commander for killing Bosnians. However, her main witness might be lying, so the court sends a t A teenager has his dreams of medical school destroyed when he gets caught cheating. As punishment, his parents banish him to the countryside for the summer, where he meets a conman who calls himself T Swung is a graphic, touching and funny romance that delves deep into the secret underside of a very modern relationship taken to its emotional and sexual limits.

A Californian teenager's plan to come out at his Nebraskan family reunion gets derailed when a bloodstain on his young cousin's dress places him at the center of a long-buried family secret. Divorced father Alberto takes his two adolescent children on vacation and refuses to let the incessant rains ruin his plans for quality family time. Desperate for true love, painfully shy bodybuilder Dennis escapes the watch of his domineering mother and travels to Thailand in search of the love of his life.

The bonds of brotherhood are tested in this dark crime thriller of epic proportions. When his grown daughter returns to the family farm in desperate need of money, solitary and stoic Gaby will be asked to sacrifice everything for those closest to him. Davis and his newly-discovered cousin Alexis try to uncover the source of the grudge that tore their family apart, while wrestling with a taboo attraction to each other. Lily Yeh is a global artist who is fueled by a belief that art is a human right, and that artists can create a foundation for profound social change.

The incredible story of how The Beatles emerged from post-war Liverpool and turned music on its head with their changes from skiffle to rock 'n' roll and the creation of the Mersey Beat sound. Scripted by Ingmar Bergman, Best Intentions is a multilayered backwards glance at the courtship of Bergman's own parents. In a strange city where every person seems content beyond reason a new man arrives in town and stirs up trouble by asking too many questions. Ailing theatrical legend Sir Michael Gifford Brian Cox is terminally ill, as well as foul-mouthed, irascible, and highly resistant to the concept of allowing a full time care giver into his home.

Shy hotel maid Lynn Vicky Krieps lives vicariously through her guests, until Chiara, a call girl with a bold streak, manages to draw her out of her shell. Esmail, a young Iranian man, is desperately looking to meet women who can secure his stay in Denmark. Manuel dreams of being a goalkeeper and ventures into a minefield to rescue his new ball. A gentle schoolteacher from Prague who has grown weary of the city, takes a teaching position in a small country village, keeping his homosexuality under wraps.

When an Adonis-like German exchange student moves in, the lives of a suburban family are turned hilariously upside down. Based on the best-selling novel by Herman Koch, two families grapple with the repercussions of a senseless act of violence that threatens to dismantle their fragile balancing act of respectability. A young fugitive from a Chinese mobster finds peace with a group of Zen musicians.

Sport and Spirituality: A Comparative Perspective

A boy whose mother abandoned him ponders the meaning of family after a school counselor assigns him an essay. Students decide to investigate a series of strange videos originating from the darkest corners of the Internet. When they discover an ancient curse, they unwittingly unleash a terrifying demonic force Melanie, a young idealistic teacher from the countryside, starts her first job at a city high school. But soon she discovers her dream life is a world away. An expert ambulance driver creates an illegal game betting on the lives he is trying to save in order to fund his gambling addiction.

A comedy about three different tribal groups have varying amounts of success in finding a place to watch the World Cup soccer match between Brazil and Germany. A mute gunfighter defends a young widow and a group of outlaws against a gang of bounty killers in the winter of , and a grim, tense struggle unfolds. Antoine Sforza, a thirty-year-old young man, left his village ten years before in order to start a new life in the big city, but now that his father, a traveling grocer, is in hospital after a stroke, A tragi-comedy centered on the HR manager of Israel's largest industrial bakery, who sets out to save the reputation of his business and prevent the publication of a defamatory article.

A homicide detective must decide who to trust as two seemingly unrelated cases intersect. An FBI interrogator and an IT specialist have to play a criminal mastermind's mind games as they race to uncover his true agenda. When American pro basketball player Kevin Sheppard begins playing in Iran, his world turns upside down. The Jewish Cardinal tells the amazing true story of Jean-Marie Lustiger, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants, who maintained his cultural identity as a Jew even after converting to Catholicism. A school teacher's morality is turned upside down when she takes drastic measures to stop the foreclosure of her home.

Jezabel, a rebellious young woman, lives for extreme life experiences until she almost hits rock bottom. She hides her fragility and fear of love until she crosses paths with a young priest. Footage recovered by police shows what happened to three friends that bought an allegedly haunted mirror on eBay. Based on the novel by Diderot.

After a foreigner arrives in a small Mediterranean village, the residents think he is there to reopen a shop. To fight for custody of his daughter who loves playing the piano, a steel factory worker decides to forge a piano from scratch. A smuggler wants to provide a public toilet for the thousands who will gather for the pope's visit. A brutal dictator comes face to face with the injustices committed by his regime when his country is taken over by revolutionists. A man awakens to find himself alone in the world. In a desperate attempt to search for others, he finds only two who have their own agenda.

A troubled teenager undergoes a radical transformation after the screening of a scandalous student film and his subsequent fall from a roof. Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis are the Railway Children whose lives change dramatically when their father is mysteriously taken away. An unflinching look at the rise and fall of one of the most infamous political figures in US history. In the 's, a young boy living with his troublesome family in rural USA fantasizes that a neighboring widow is actually a vampire, responsible for a number of disappearances in the area.

Based on a novel by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Shields, a romantic comedy about the barriers facing the lucky and the unlucky-in-love in the 21st century. A documentary about the Roc Kidz Crew, a group of young dancers who began earning their living with break dance in the streets of European cities and have since become one of the most well-known dance Terrence Malick presents this haunting and visually arresting nonfiction film about the Native American gang crisis. The beautiful Romy Schneider stars in three captivating films plus a prequel based on the tumultuous life of the beloved Austrian Empress, Sissi.

Violette is old enough to marry in when her village is brutally deprived of all its men following the repression ordered by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte. From internationally-acclaimed director Hirokazu Kore-eda comes this courtroom mystery about a lawyer struggling to find the truth behind the enigmatic testimony of a murder suspect while questioning Relationships begin to unravel during a playwright's latest production, thanks to his ex-wife and a pretty assistant Julie Depardieu. A woman sets out to repair her grandmother's violin that has an ancient song carved in it.

An elderly Mexican musician leads a traveling band that also includes his son and grandson. Determined to fight the country's military regime,they help to supply guerrilla fighters by hiding ammunitio In communist era Romania, people live with hope for a new life of freedom as a group of young children devise a plan to kill their dictator. Djata is a care-free year-old growing up in a brutal dictatorship shut off from the outside world.

A musician travels a great distance to return an instrument to his elderly teacher. As he awaits the arrival of his famous, estranged son, an old and frail writer wanders around his Patagonian estate for what may be the last time. Arabia, A young Bedouin boy named Theeb "Wolf" ventures on a treacherous journey across the desert, encountering mercenaries, revolutionaries and raiders as he tries to survive and live up to The story of the iconic renegade cult music and art collective known as The Residents who have achieved levels of fame most groups can only dream of, yet no one knows who they are.

Three people are affected by the same tragedy, and each reacts to it in a different way. After serving his conviction, a former gunman returns to his town planning to live a quiet life, however, the sons of a man he killed have other plans. A specially-priced collection of 3 early films by Japanese actor and auteur director, Takeshi Kitano. With his family terrorized by a neighborhood thug, family man Jorge decides to take justice into his own hands.

A musician agrees to smuggle a drug shipment for some quick cash, but when she meets her traveling companion, a captive drug mule, she vows to free her from enslavement to the dealers. After serving time in prison for the murder of a child, Jan Thomas finds work as a church organist, where he wins the affections of Anna, a single mother and pastor. Blue-collar losers, who work in a mattress store, plot to kill someone for money. Acclaimed Italian auteur Ettore Scola pairs up with legendary actor Nino Manfredi in this irreverent Cannes-winning comedy.

Childhood friends Bruno and Lalo are inseparable, until Lisa enters their lives. Beautiful and free-spirited, she quickly turns both their heads, igniting a passionate but heartbreaking love triangle A Russian Literature professor at the University of Havana is ordered to work as a translator for child victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster when they are sent to Cuba for medical treatment.

During a cease-fire in the Lebanon-Israel conflict, a Christian taxi driver brings a Shiite woman from Beirut to the the country's south to scour the rubble of local towns for her son. A lesbian vampire's soul is kept on in the bodies of her descendants. Veronica graduates from medical school and navigates through passionate affairs, dicey career moves and harrowing life decisions as she settles down in Brazil's most violent city.

A young man who has Tourette's syndrome escapes from an institution with two other patients and travels to Italy to fulfill his late mother's last wish. After a cop Beat Takeshi is fired and his sister is kidnapped, he goes on a mission to get the kidnapper and his boss. In a tale akin to Romeo and Juliet, the friendship between two children is threatened by their parents' socioeconomic differences.

A deeply personal portrayal of three women living in today's Algeria between modern society and Islamic fundamentalism, self-determination and dependence. A troubled young hostess is rescued from a shocking calamity by a fire warden fighting demons of his own. Kurdish teen Bilal has traveled all the way to the north of France in the hope of reuniting with his girlfriend in England. To get around a legal technicality, he decides to swim across the English Ch A day-in-the-life dark comedy concerning a group of islanders, their respective secrets, and one man's plan to kill himself quietly.

Introvert Weichung sets off to discover his true self in this lighthearted comedic romp. During Stalin's reign of terror, Evgenia Ginzburg, a literature professor, was sent to 10 years hard labor in a gulag in Siberia. Having lost everything, and no longer wishing to live, she meets the c When 3 soldiers discover a man inside a home they are bombing, they easily kill him.

Sport and Spirituality: A Comparative Perspective – The Sport Journal

In the 13th century, 10 children escape an outbreak of the black death and seek shelter in the countryside. To pass the time, each child tells a story that helps them cope with the uncertainties of li The story of an intersexual fifteen-year-old and the challenge presented by her medical condition. Marie and Emma develop a deep need for one another after they become roommates.

Now Playing. Coming Soon. Film Movement Classics. Film Movement Plus Home Page. Film Movement Plus Blog. Film Club. Privacy Policy. Toggle navigation. Login Cart. View By. To ask Monica McDowell questions, please sign up. What books are on your summer reading list this year? Write a comment What mystery in your own life could be a plot for a book? Monica McDowell Well, I wrote that book, but as non-fiction! The mystery was, "What is going on at this church? I originally …more Well, I wrote that book, but as non-fiction! I originally thought of the title, "God's Spy?

See all 6 answers from Monica McDowell…. Combine Editions. Monica McDowell Average rating: 3. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. It was an event that occurred several years ago now! I confess: I was afraid to try to start my lawn mower again. Maybe I used up all my miracle miles with it on that divine day and the next weekend, the thing wouldn't work at all. Upcoming Events. Sport, in its fashion, captures the essence of the Middle Way. On one hand, those who study flow report that the seemingly effortless performances of accomplished athletes are anchored in hours of practice, careful attention, and critique.

In shaping their unique paths to success, some athletes have demonstrated one extreme or the other. Conversely, Olympic runner Suzy Favor-Hamilton chronicled her resurrection from the perils of an unrelenting training schedule throughout high school and college she never took one day off from running accompanied by unscrupulous dieting, noting how excess led to plummeting performance, devastating injuries, and psychological burnout.

For the athlete, sincere preparation for competition marks the sign of the cross, so to speak, reminding us of this silent, polishing communion with God. When to the insights bestowed by observant teachers and ingenious coaches athletes add personal knowledge gained from playing, they are freed from limited perception. Have no beliefs or concepts of any kind. You are the ever-free Consciousness. How can any thinking help you in any way?

The knowledgeable athlete redefines the boundaries of his or her game. Track and field star Dick Fosbury stunned spectators at the Summer Olympics as his unconventional jumping technique led him to a gold medal in the high jump. At the Olympics, Olga Korbut reinvented gymnastics with feats of athleticism never before seen in the sport. Her back flip—catch off the top of the uneven parallel bars revolutionized gymnastics.

But here our human vulnerabilities can be harshly exposed. Tolle adds as well that being good requires a shift in consciousness. For the athlete, such a shift of consciousness comprises the humble displacement of self for the benefit of the team. Athletes who pursue self-aggrandizement like their counterparts in domains other than sport will, the scriptures of various faiths agree, be humbled.

In sport, the cost of vice is the destruction of the team and the burden of the whole, which is exponentially greater than the burden of each individual. Becoming a good sport suggests personal and interpersonal transformation and is necessary to be a true athlete. The concept of moving beyond the individual self to the collective team may be the most challenging aspect of spirituality in power cultures like professional sports.

Unfortunately, as is true of sin and disharmony, denying the collective is tremendously destructive to the individual, the community, and the promise of all that is good in sport. The shift from ego focus to collective consciousness in the world of sport relies on humility, repentance, forgiveness, compassion, and more the spirit not the letter, perfect liberty. The marring and tarnishing of beauty, grace, and accomplishment is a failure of the whole. Marion Jones, in her public confession of her steroid use, asked forgiveness. She earnestly apologized for besmirching the sport that she had trained so hard for and dedicated her life to; in painfully exposing her failure, she paradoxically revealed her inner strength and goodness.

Humans cannot know the individual predicaments that other humans face in their lives, and to reestablish harmony requires empathy and an unwillingness to stand in judgment. Public forgiveness was necessary to reunite Jones with the community. The most seemingly absurd association between spirituality and sport is the notion that the spiritual undertaking of love and service coexists with athletic achievement and success—victory over others. But it is the connection between compassion and sport that can be most inspiring. Sport provides an alternative impression of the clash between collective egos, the us versus them.

This unconventional model of competition builds not on humiliation, power, and aggression but on honor, respect, and yielding. Such mutual respect and admiration is seen in the world of sport. Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns, for example, and Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks demonstrate fierce competitiveness while maintaining the integrity of a several-year friendship. Spiritual mystics have long affirmed and expressed the sacredness of life and celestial wonders through dedicated worship and praise.

In a similar way, devoted athletes may demonstrate their respect and honor for the game through gestures observed as ritual. By creating a sacred space with Lakota symbols of balance, harmony, power, prosperity, and good fortune, Jackson similarly established a holy sanctuary within which athletes mindfully attend to the task at hand. Such rituals and symbols establish an atmosphere of mindful attention to purpose.

While rituals may help us organize and fashion that which is so vulnerable and unpredictable in our lives, ultimately the spiritual uncertainty of free will and fate emerge. The investment of whatever amount of energy, commitment, and rite does not guarantee success. We can only control our responses to what befalls us.