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Team members continuously articulated how content fit into the proposed data architecture. For example:. Content types evolved whenever staff identified a long bulleted list of the same type of content. Certain fields existed across content types. Certain fields became standardized and used across multiple content types. The list of all available programs or campaigns continuously updates upon the addition of new programs or new campaigns. Normalizing means an edit to a specific piece of content perpetuates through all instances where that piece displays.

Tip #1: Understand overall needs

By using normalization, categorization of items, and entity referencing, it became easier and easier for any privileged user to make changes sitewide. Any new blog post auto-adds to the list. Any edit to the title updates in all instances. Fruit List: A fruit list begins with apples, oranges, blueberries, and bananas. During the buildout, question if the articulated data structure matches staff needs.

Build a team

Course correction takes time. Identify, test, review, and go back to the drawing board based on feedback from editorial and program staff.

Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes - Richard St. John

Large projects require flexibility to address initial incorrect assumptions. Reports help staff understand the website content better. Report-building benefits when customized to the specific type of user requesting that report. Early beta versions help identify gaps and allow the user to continuously access, understand, and download available data in order to make suggestions.

The Secret Sauce to Event Planning Success

In an iterative buildout, the technology team benefits from early feedback. Conversely, an administrator or executive reviewing a prototype report better understands what is available to them and makes more informed requests about new fields and filters. Reports help users understand the existing information. Create a new report for each content type and fine-tune as needed. Prepare to be exhilarated, challenged, rewarded, and exhausted by the minimum viable product process. Technologists build digital tools twice: once in the mind, and second in reality.

Prototypes help with the process of getting feedback across internal stakeholders. Drawings, mockups, and paper versions all assist teammates in understanding the proposed redesign architecture. Tools such as Balsamiq, LucidChart, and Invision assist stakeholders in gaining clarity around mental models: use them liberally. Your platform never really reaches completion, so build in time post-launch to continuously improve. Technology professionals create effective tools to champion positive social, environmental, economic, and political change.

By integrating feedback loops early and often, these tools spread the message, educate the populace, gain support for the cause, and make a positive difference.

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Key Points. Entrepreneurs consistently give more money and time to causes they believe in, compared with other individuals. Their approach to philanthropy is informed by their business experience in two key ways: by getting involved and taking risks or by finding the right professionals to guide them. VIDEO On the Money.

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