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Enterprise Resource Planning.

Designers take into account logistics information The most important logistical information in BaaN is also available in SmarTeam eg cost. Improving the release process The release process of SmarTeam to BaaN expires according agreed logistic rules Service employees know exactly what is in the pitch In SmarTeam are produced and extradited structures including complete documentation stored Acceleration and improvement of service and modification processes SmarTeam shows changes by comparing produced and current product structures.

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Finally: The flexible design of the integration module allows to linking multiple BaaN-systems simultaneously. Integration in a SmarTeam Multi-Site environment is supported.

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The range of software concerns any company that handles documents particularly in the field of large format. Companies that use Diamant solutions are found in industries such as industrial companies, engineering and construction offices, administrations and local authorities companies, reprographic service providers, SMEs and TPI of all types, associations This application highly secure -access rights, load balancing across multiple servers, etc.

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A big thanks for the confidence shown by this Customer to our solutions and services since !!! This engine maker using DiamantDiffusion has been remotely migrated during meal time In January , the first DiamantStock user site has been in production for 21 years All Diamant documentation, from here Diamant solutions keep all your digital documents going Dematerialization leader, DIA-LOG ensures the development, installation and support of applications for the digital distribution of office documents and large format Solutions Call us.

Extended range Diamant has several independent modules meeting the needs of conversion, edition, printing Implementation artwork Successful implementation of a digital solution does not stop at providing a good system.


The proposed solutions always aim to: ease and flexibility of use the performance overall productivity short-term profitability. All Design Storage Output management Converting. DiamantStock, the safe for your documents. DiamantEdit, the Swiss army knife of your documents. More informations Access the dedicated DiamantEdit website Easy to use User interfaces based on 25 years of experience and taking into account each user comment.

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Resilience Built on proven platforms, always compatible with the latest operating systems. Autonomy Each module can be used independently, with easy installation and outstanding performance. Communication All modules have interfaces for a consistent, powerful and cost-effective solution. Support Telephone and email support for installation, help with the use. Responsiveness Fixed blocking errors: immediate support and priority resolution. Updates Free delivery of all updates with phone support at installation.

Informations Regular sending of information on product developments by email.

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Extensions Development resources: specific needs, third-party solutions interfaces Thank you for choosing Diamant Our Customers. What are the targeted activities? Contact us.