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There was an animal lust in my body that needed to feel her breasts in my hands. But I knew, if I took it that far - I'd want more. And what would Sam think of me in the years to come. I knew she was blissfully unaware of sex at that point; but what would she think of me when her knowledge of sex caught up with her age? Would it hurt her?

Would she hate me?

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Would she tell anyone? I love my daughter, and I love my wife. I didn't know what to do Report Story. Very normal for a father to have these feelings with his budding daughter. Yes, because 18 and A cup and no idea about sex? My ass! Subtract at least Title of your comment:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. Preview comment. Title your feedback:.

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    Send private anonymous feedback to the author click here to post a public comment instead. Send feedback Sending Stories Poems Story Series. My mom probably thought I was too young to understand sexual thoughts, but I had been going through her bedside drawers for years and I had already found her Playgirl magazines. I got to see all sorts of naked men of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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    I also read the dirty stories - which taught me a lot. I would watch her out of the corner of my eye while she ran her fingers through her bush while reading a book or watching a TV show. She would sit on the couch with her knees bent and her feet on the table. Her legs would be spread just a bit as she touched herself. I just acted like it was normal it was to me then. From an early age, I was used to hearing adults have sex.

    It was normal to me. I would play with my little penis and would imagine what was going on as the noises changed. That usually meant they were done - once the grunts happened. The next day, after my mom was at work, I would go into her room and find the condom they used the night before.

    First Touch (Taboo Sex Stories)

    I would squish the semen around with my fingers. It also gave me a boner.

    Periods Through History

    My mom did one thing that I will never understand. She used to send me to the store - on my bike - to buy tampons for her. It was never a couple things - it was always just tampons. I was so humiliated having to pick them off the shelf, take them to the checkout and wait in line with other people and all I had on the conveyor was tampons. When I came home with the tampons, my mom would have me come into the bathroom with her. She never looked down, she just stared right at me as my eyes remain fixated on her hairy womanhood.

    She never explained why she made me watch - she just did it.

    I was six when a man first touched me. I didn't speak up until I was an adult

    My mom exerted her control over me by doing some weird things to me. She was obsessed by ticks and would go through phases where she had to check me for ticks. Checking consisted of going into a back bedroom of the apartment and taking all my clothes off in front of my mother. After his sweet request for a just-the-two-of-them vacation, she wanted to make it as special as possible without spending too many hours traveling. You said to pack light, make sure I had swim trunks and other than that, you haven't given me a clue. We have about a four hour drive to the coast.

    Well, after the first hot meet with Nigel we got together with him at least half a dozen more times prior to ending the adventures for good partly due to relocating for work and later an ending relationship but not of any hard feelings. Monica liked Nigel and appeared to enjoy him more than she did with James obviously finding him more sexually attractive. He was bald but with a more slimmer body, an equally large cock of 7 inches but more menacing looking with bulging blue veins, curved like a banana with a huge mushroom head, much more sexier than my 6 stubby inches.

    I met Mama LoLo for the first time on a summer evening about a year ago , when I brought her daughter Catherine home from our date. Upon entering the multi-level townhouse we came into the main foyer , where Catherine and I were immediately all over each other again. Totally intoxicated with each other we failed to notice the voyeur standing on the landing above us. Catherine was wearing a tight fitted red dress, which hugged her big round ass and her nice tits were pushed up and forward. The hotel phone was heavy in my hand as my mind raced back to my youth and the role that Jennie Rickard had played in it.

    And so it was. I attended summer school. A a average student. Had to attend summer school. I ,needing a friendly face. As we sat on her coach sipping tea,I relaxed.

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    Just the, i felt a finger slowly sip up my blouse caress me gently. Slowly caressing my breast and nipple. I sit patiently at daddy's feet while he loads his game. Daddy is a gamer when he isn't working super hard he's playing games online with people from all over the world and when he's not doing that he likes to watch other people streaming games.

    I like watching daddy gaming and sometimes I watch the videos with him. Tonight he's gaming, online with his friends.

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    He has friends all over the world so he games pretty late, I'm a little sleepy but I'm a big kitten, I can stay up late to watch daddy play. We haven't had daddy, kitten time for a while because he's been super busy working away. I have great memories of spending time with my Mum and talking about various things. As far back as I can remember I loved to crawl into bed with my her and snuggle up to my Mums back.

    She never objected and actually encouraged it as she would say things like, "My man is here with me again. Hummmm, so nice. Snuggle up and get warm and sleep well my darling. It was about this time that I became aware of my growing manhood, as it seemed to be getting a bit larger and I realized that feeling of it at night was becoming pleasurable.

    I broke up with my possessive and controlling boyfriend months before our planned wedding and simply disappeared of the radar, telling only my closest friends and family members where I chose to reside. We had the house to ourselves that weekend, so I invited my girlfriends over to party before heading off into town for dancing, and dare I say it in this day and age of equality, fucking, we girls like to go out for cock. We were seven teenagers ranging from 16 to nineteen, the youngest a sister of one of the girls who with makeup could pass muster at any pub, with a wink and a nod, and if that fails, a balls grope or a promise of a shag in the toilets later on.

    My father was a sworn drunkard and a characterless person.

    My inappropriate mom | incest story from spermleaker | An Erotic Story

    He had many affairs which we were aware of. But none of us had the courage to protest as he was the only bread earner. One day when I returned from school I found my father already home. As usual he was drunk to the throat. He gave me a packet saying that he had brought some clothes for me and asked me to wear them.