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Investigates the apparition and distribution of the i -variants of these forms with the aim of establishing a criterion for dating texts. A: Anomalous sandhi gemination and the Proto-Celtic accent; B: The absolute and conjunct verbal endings; Appendix: Some objections to earlier explanations. Rejects with W. Studies the alternance of sigmatic and asigmatic preverbs in the Indo-European languages, paying special attention to the rise of sigmatic preverbs in Old Irish deuterotonic compounds. Also relevant to the etymology of OIr.

Discusses the origin of the ending - a im m of the dative singular of Old Irish neuter n -stems, providing substantiation for C. In Laws and rules in Indo-European , pp. In A Greek man in the Iberian street [Fs. De Hoz] , pp. La classe B V de Thurneysen; 2. Contains a discussion of the history of the Insular Celtic preterital formations. Also on Middle Irish simplification of old compound verbs. In KF 5 — , pp. In ZCP 37 , pp.

Includes a discussion of the origin of the Old Irish endings. A rule for z -deletion in Irish? Includes a discussion of the etymology of OIr. In StC 31 , pp. LEIA C In KF 2 , pp. In KF 4 , pp. On Albanian te. Argues against the association of Alb. Stokes in RC In IF 77 , pp. Denies the existence of secondary endings in the Celtic sigmatic preterite and in the singular of the t -preterite.

Ascribes the derivation of the Insular Celtic t -preterite from the Indo-European athematic aorist to Rudolf Thomas Siegfried Comments on the historical morphology of OIr. In StC 45 , pp. Compared to OIr. In Veleia 15 , pp. In SGS 19 , pp. Discusses the OIr. In Sound of Indo-European , pp. Explains the Celtic voiced series as the result of the merger of the PIE glottalized and voiced series, and includes an account in glottalistic terms of the development of the labio-velars.

In ZCP 62 , pp. Concerns Old Irish derivates of nert : sonairt, sonartae, fornert, fornairt. Includes an appendix on the Celtic reflexes for the Proto-Indo-European syllabic sonants. In Grammaticalization and language change , pp. Discusses the periphrastic progressive and perfect periphrasis in Irish. Trager , pp. In HS 91 , pp. Argues that no verbal category of Old Irish among others can be used to provide evidence of the existence of an s -aorist in early Indo-European.

In IF , pp. In LingO , pp. In HS , pp. Particularly on the origin of the endings of the deponent and passive imperatives. Zum Verbalpraefix ro -. In Celtica 11 , p. Further to the author, in ZCP 32 , pp. Compares OIr. Zur Etymologie von ir. Suggests it may be a substratum word, cf. Basque txingurri. OW enep and the imperfect 3sg. Also on the forms of the impf. In StC 32 , pp.

Discusses the form of OIr. ModG Fichte. Argues that the declension of the oblique cases of the OIr. In Britain — , pp. Origin of the relative forms of the Old Irish verb. Vowel changes in the inflexion of cos , cas ; II. Different types of historical phonological change and its relation to other factors such as morphology, semantics, etc. In Indogermanica et caucasica [Fs.

Schmidt] , pp.

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In ICHL 5 , pp. Focuses on the decline of the genitive case marking and certain changes in verbal paradigms since the midth century. In SGS 17 , pp. In Indo-European languages , pp. Observations on a widespread Indo-European tribal name. Lubotsky , pp. Contains an excursus on t -stems forming agentives, represented in Ir. Discusses seven morphological and syntactical features already touched upon by W.

Meid cf. BILL , pp. With regard to Old Irish, these are: 1. On the non-genetic similarity between Ir. Reduction of case forms; 2. Simplification of phoneme system; 3. Loss of lenition; 4. English influence. In ICHL 12 , pp. Argues OIr. Cowgill: some remarks. The assimilation of p The genitive singular of o -stems in - i ; C. Arguments taken from the verbal system; E. Suggests that the OIr. Argues that the Italo-Celtic hypothesis is undermined by the divergent treatment in Celtic of a laryngeal between a resonant and a semivowel. Discusses material collected from South East Ulster manuscripts dating from Reformulates an Indo-European phonological rule concerning the deletion of laryngeals, and discusses its application to the prehistory of, among others, two Old Irish items: OIr.

In Perspectives on Indo-European language, culture and religion , pp. Welsh ffriw , ewin , tafod and labio-velars. In Studia celtica et indogermanica [Fs. Meid] , pp. McCone , Towards a relative chronology of ancient and medieval Celtic sound change, , p.

References in: The Indo-European Syllable

In IE numerals , pp. Indo-European and Celtic dialectology; II. In Sprachkontakt und Sprachwandel , pp. Notes sur le celtique antique: 1 o Brittonique antique gnat. Evaluates different morphological interpretations of OBrit. Discusses examples of Middle Irish innovations in the nominal system, namely the loss of the neuter, the ousting of the dual, the simplification of the case system, and the remodeling of the declensional stems. In O-o-pe-ro-si [Fs. Risch] , pp. Provides an inductive analysis of the syntax of the copula constructions in Early and Modern Irish.

Attempts to delineate the historical development of attitudinal terms in Irish, paying special attention to their syntax. You will receive an email from Special Collections when the item is ready to consult in the Reading Room. The item will be held in Special Collections for 2 weeks. Request this item from the printed items catalogue use 'request here'. Order this item. Search List collection List digital media. Catalogues of archives are usually arranged in hierarchies - one hierarchy for each collection in the archive. The details on display will be of a record at a particular level of the hierarchy.

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Clevedon and Philadelphia: Multilingual Matters, Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum, v.

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Helsinki: Societas Scientiarum Fennica, Irish Literature; VI. Irish Language; XIV. Folklore, Mythology, and Popular Culture, Ireland]. Festschriften, Proceedings, and Collected Essays]. Almqvist, Bo. Presented to the author on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Aberystwyth, Wales: Boethius Press, Folklore, Mythology, and Popular Culture].

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Amsterdam: Rodopi, Byrne, Cyril J. Celtic Languages and Celtic Peoples.

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C 2.1: Historical linguistics, language change and comparative philology

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A Handbook of Germanic Etymology

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