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ConditionTask desn't support the "else" attribute. Any ideas about this problem? Is it correct? To use the syntax tree viewer, make sure the Tools plugin is loaded, then open a processed document and select the checkbox for "Sentence" annotations in the annotations tree. Right click on one of the sentence annotations in the table at the top and there should be an option to "Edit with syntax tree viewer". It is fine. I think this resource will show a tree of these annotations.

Please respond to all my queries. Regards Prakash. Williams th If you don't have access to a commercial profiler, you might also have luck with the built-in Java profiler, or just running in a GUI debugger and hitting the "pause" button to figure out where it's spending its time at a given moment. You can get at the status messages that go on the status bar in the GUI by creating an implementation of StatusListener and doing pipeline. This should give you some indication of where it is getting stuck.

Hi gaters, I am having a problem related to efficiency that I do not know how to tackle.

The pipeline is normally run over a corpus that contains only one document, with a short sentence. When I run the pipeline inside the GUI, it reports 0, seconds, but when I execute the very same pipeline in my application, the call to pipeline. The application where the pipeline is embedded is taking a lot of memory, but I do not think this is reason enough for such a change.

Is this change reasonable? Is there a way to debug what is happenning inside this call to check where this time is being spent? I know I have probably provided too little information. Do not hesitate to ask for anything you miss. Aswani dc Hello, Gaters! Do you know if and how the Gazetteer can be made to ignore characteristics such as case upper, lower or accents?

I am trying to use the Gazetteer for looking up terms in Greek; however it doesn't find words unless they are in the exact case and with the same accents as the ones initially provided. As a side note, is there any way to conditionally lookup only certain words from a document for performance considerations? Many thanks for your time! Amar Atebash. But while running I am getting an error. Can u suggest me what else I have to do. You may also need to set the supple. Hello Gaters, Thank u very much 4 ur reply. Now I am getting "Supple" under Pr list suceessfully. NoClassDefFoundError at jpl.

If anything has to be set yet? I put the config files also of course it is coming defaultly. This will read normal JAPE grammars, compile them to Java code and then compile those to Java classes and load them automatically. From our tests in various settings, it appears that the execution speed is 2 to 3 times higher. Note that this code is very new and still at prototype stage. Some niceties, such as progress reporting, are still missing. So even if the progress bar doesn't change, be patient - the transducer is working!

Transducer with com. That particular error looks like japec is trying to call the "dot" program but you don't have dot on your path. Dot is part of the graphviz package - have a search on Google to find a windows version. I don't know what you can do with the java version of the grammar though. I've only ever used Japec via the transducer, which compiles the grammar and loads it into GATE in one step.

That's the idea. The Japec transducer should be able to replace the standard transducer in most cases, though it does have some limitations, most notably that the grammar URL must be a file: URL. Japec is a very new addition to GATE, so any feedback would be most welcome. Hi Gaters, I have a couple questions about the new processing resource in Gate 3. About the compiler, what is the role of the ontology that it accepts as a parameter? I have been trying to use the command line version of the compiler.

For that, I have run this command: japec-windows. Regarding the Transducer, the Manual says "You can simply replace gate. JapecTransducer in your gate application and it should work as expected. Thank you very much in advance! Your directory structure looks a bit odd - the build. You'll also have to set this same full path in the relevant system property when you want to run the parser in GATE. I want to work on "Supple" PR so I follwed the documentation. At the commad prompt I am getting the error like this Buildfile: build.

PS re. Version 3. Hi, We've released a beta of version 3. My purpose is just parse the sentence by following the Semantic Web.. So I go for the "Buchart Parser". Now my doubt is how to get the "Supple Parser " under my "PR list" to run on my corpus and the documents. Give an idea on how to handle it. I am indeed using SWI. I've installed it, built the supple module with it, added it to the path and believe I have set the parameters correctly.

I do have a terribly large xml file k! It takes about 6 seconds to process the file a tad over 1k which sounds not far off right. If so I'd strongly advise you to try SWI instead, plcafe is not really useable for anything more than the smallest of toy examples. Also this problem seems to occur if either the file is longer than this or if the parser is run twice in succession without a reboot.

Crowther me Try a gc just before the delete. The reason why I am asking this question is that I want to use GATE to identify error messages in some webpages and unfortunately the error messages may not have the word error in them. So I am wondering if GATE can be trained with the current set of error messages that I have so that in future it can recognize other messages in pages that It has not seen.

Another question would be can GATE extract blocks of text creating a new annotation for it, because so far I have seen GATE classifing words and assigning them to the annotation that they belong do, so can GATE extract paragrapghs or blocks of data? Examples of error messages and it's corresponding HTML Source: - Sorry, but your search results are no longer available. Please redo your search. Please try a different date. Please try again, changing the data you inserted.

It shouldn't be necessary to uninstall the other version, but it's generally a good idea to delete your gate. For Minipar, you need to download the library and data files from the Minipar home page - they are not supplied with GATE for licencing reasons. The download links and build instructions are in the appropriate sections of the GATE user guide. Thanks for this help. In fact this is precisely what the documentation says to do!

I've had to install a downlevel version of the jdk or I get a font problem on XP - and I've discovered that the 'normal' version of GATE needs to be uninstalled or it won't work right. So what I want to do is to do some parsing. Minpar asks for a Data Directory - where would I find this? What should I be doing to make one or both of these work?

Cc: Gate-Discuss The local and the global: Gina Nahai and the taking up of serpents and stereotypes. Region, home and transnational migration are explored in terms of the transcultural complexities that reverberate through Iranian American Gina Nahai's Sunday's Silence. Nahai grapples with stereotypes that attach to the Holiness churches in the east Tennessee region of Appalachia. This essay argues that the novel's politics rest on the intersubjectivity of strangers as bound into a metaphysics of desire.

Bottyan, L. Box 49 Hungary ; Fuezi, J. Box Hungary ; Petrenko, A. GINA , a dance-floor-type, constant-energy, angle-dispersive reflectometer is equipped with a 2D position-sensitive detector to study specular and off-specular scattering. Wavelength options between 3. Spin polarization and analysis are achieved by magnetized transmission supermirrors and radio-frequency adiabatic spin flippers.

GINA is dedicated to studies of magnetic films and heterostructures, but unpolarized options for non-magnetic films, membranes, and other surfaces are also provided. The facility is now open for the international user community. Its further development is underway establishing new sample environment options and spin analysis of off-specularly scattered radiation as well as further decreasing the background.

Effects of septic-tank effluent on ground-water quality in northern Williamson County and southern Davidson County, Tennessee. An investigation of the potential contamination of ground water from septic tank systems blasted in bedrock in Williamson and Davidson Counties, Tennessee, was conducted during Water samples were collected from domestic and observation wells, springs, and surface-water sites in a residential subdivision in the northern part of Williamson County near Nashville. The subdivision has a high density of septic-tank field lines installed into blasted bedrock Water samples also were collected from a well located in an area of Davidson County where field lines were installed in 5 feet of soil.

Samples were analyzed for major inorganic constituents, nutrients, total organic carbon, optical brighteners, and bacteria. Although results of analyses of water samples from wells indicate no effect of septic-tank effluent on ground-water quality at these sites, water from two springs located downgradient from the subdivision had slightly larger concentrations of nitrite plus nitrate 2.

Water from one of these springs contained optical brighteners, which indicates that septic-tank effluent is affecting ground-water quality. Jenni , Adviser for Chile J. Salicio Diez and Senior Physicist J. Pillay signing the guest book with Head of International Relations F. Professor Tony F. Jenni and M. Data were collected by the National Marine Jenni , KEK representative T. Ellis on 15 May Gianotti, Former Spokesperson P.

Since its debut eruption in , it has provided scientists with a rare opportunity to learn Hou signing the guest book with Adviser R. Ellis, Ambassador to Switzerland S. Featherstone and Collaboration Spokesperson P. Jenni and Technical Coordinator M.

Bajko and Senior Scientists P. Jenni and R. Jenni , accompanied by Physicist R. Leitner and Swiss student A. Steve Boardman and Julian Goodare, eds. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, ISBN: Jenni , accompanied by P. The present analysis is devoted to explore the computational solution of the problem addressing the variable viscosity and inclined Lorentz force effects on Williamson nanofluid over a stretching sheet. Reslizumab, an anti-interleukin-5 monoclonal antibody, significantly reduces exacerbation frequency and improves lung function, asthma control and quality of life in adults with severe eosinophilic asthma, as demonstrated in Phase III studies.

Reslizumab also improved patient-reported outcomes compared with placebo in both groups. Reslizumab reduces exacerbation rates and improves lung function and patient-reported outcomes in patients with eosinophilic asthma receiving therapy per Steps 4 and 5 of the GINA guidelines. Lyn Evans, Dr. Daniel Treille and Prof. Peter Jenni 9 October. Thursday 9 October, 7.

Talk in English with simultaneous interpreting into French. Entrance free. Limited number of seats. Biography Born in , Lyn Evans has spent his whole career in the field of high energy physics and particle accelerators, participating in all the great projects of CERN. From he led the team that designed, built and commissioned the LHC. He is currently In , the Global Initiative for Asthma GINA published an evidence-based workshop report as a guide to clinicians managing asthma patients, and has updated it annually to ensure that recommendations remain current.

Although the report has been widely disseminated and influenced clinical Over recent years, the science of guideline implementation has progressed, and encouraging examples of successful asthma programmes have been This report is intended to draw on this experience and assist with the translation of asthma guideline recommendations into quality programmes for patients with asthma using current knowledge translation principles.

It also provides examples of successful initiatives in various socioeconomic Jenny , A proxy for soil remediation. Serpentine soils have relatively high concentrations of PTEs e. They often bear a distinctive vegetation, and a frequently-used approach to understanding serpentine ecology and environmental hazard has been the chemical analysis of soils and plants. Long-term studies on aspects of serpentine soils and their vegetation provide results on total concentrations, or on plant-available fractions, of soil elements which counteract ecological conditions.

The serpentine vegetation differs from the conterminous non-serpentine areas, being often endemic, and showing macroscopic physionomical characters such as dwarfism, prostrate outcome, glaucescence and glabrescence, leaves stenosis, root shortening what Jenny , , called "the serpentine syndrome".

Similarly, at microscopic level cytomorphological characteristics of the roots and variations in biochemical parameters such as LPO and phenols have been recorded in serpentine native vegetation Giuliani et al. Light microscopy observations showed depressed mitotic activity in the meristematic zone, and consequent reduced root growth Gabbrielli et al.

Bini et al. A preferential Ni distribution in epidermis and sclerenchima has been observed in the stem of Alyssum bertoloni, a well known Ni-accumulator plant Vergnano Gambi, The different tolerance mechanisms responsible for plant adaption to high concentrations of PTEs in serpentine soils can be related to the capacity of plants either to limit metal uptake and translocation or to accumulate metals in non toxic forms.

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The majority of serpentine species e. Silene italica tend. Estimation of lattice strain in nanocrystalline RuO2 by Williamson -Hall and size-strain plot methods. UV-Vis spectra reveal that the optical band gap of RuO2 nanoparticles is red shifted from 3. The crystallite size and lattice strain in the samples have been investigated by Williamson -Hall W-H analysis assuming uniform deformation, deformation stress and deformation energy density, and the size-strain plot method.

All other relevant physical parameters including stress, strain and energy density have been calculated. The average crystallite size and the lattice strain evaluated from XRD measurements are in good agreement with the results of TEM. Other participants: Prof. Furthermore, the particle size increase with increasing the calcinated temperature. The crystalline sizes were evaluated by using X-ray peak broadening analysis suggested by Williamson -Hall W-H analysis. It was successfully applied for lattice strain and to calculate mechanical stress and energy density values using different three models namely uniform deformation model UDM , uniform deformation stress model UDSM and uniform deformation energy density model UDEDM.

Also, the root mean square strain was determined. These models gave a different strain values which suggested an isotropic nature of the nanoparticles. Besides, the obtained results W-H analysis are in good agreement with that deduced from SEM analysis and Scherrer's formula. Numerical simulation for heat transfer performance in unsteady flow of Williamson fluid driven by a wedge-geometry. The main concern of this communication is to investigate the two-layer flow of a non-Newtonian rheological fluid past a wedge-shaped geometry.

One remarkable aspect of this article is the mathematical formulation for two-dimensional flow of Williamson fluid by incorporating the effect of infinite shear rate viscosity. The impacts of heat transfer mechanism on time-dependent flow field are further studied.

At first, we employ the suitable non-dimensional variables to transmute the time-dependent governing flow equations into a system of non-linear ordinary differential equations. The converted conservation equations are numerically integrated subject to physically suitable boundary conditions with the aid of Runge-Kutta Fehlberg integration procedure.

The effects of involved pertinent parameters, such as, moving wedge parameter, wedge angle parameter, local Weissenberg number, unsteadiness parameter and Prandtl number on the non-dimensional velocity and temperature distributions have been evaluated. In addition, the numerical values of the local skin friction coefficient and the local Nusselt number are compared and presented through tables.

The outcomes of this study indicate that the rate of heat transfer increases with the growth of both wedge angle parameter and unsteadiness parameter. Moreover, a substantial rise in the fluid velocity is observed with enhancement in the viscosity ratio parameter while an opposite trend is true for the non-dimensional temperature field.

A comparison is presented between the current study and already published works and results found to be in outstanding agreement. Finally, the main findings of this article are highlighted in the last section. In the Lesser Antilles over 52 volcanic landslide episodes have been identified. These episodes serve as a testament to the hazard posed by volcanic landslides to a region composed of many islands that are small independent countries with vulnerable local economies. Thus we hope to provide better constraint on the landslide source geometry to help mitigate volcanic landslide hazards at a KeJ.

KeJ is located ca. KeJ lies within a collapse scar from a prehistorical flank collapse. This collapse was associated with a voluminous landslide deposit of about 4. Numerial simulations showed that this event could generate a regional tsunami. We aim to quantify potential initial volumes of collapsed material using a RIA. We use freeware programs VolcanoFit 2. We performed triaxial and uniaxial deformation tests to obtain values of strength at the top and bottom of the edifice. We further characterized the permeability and P-wave velocity of the samples collected.

The chosen internal structure for the model is composed of three bodies: i a body composed of basaltic. Such turns, of course, are made and not found. Exactly what the war exemplified, and whether the results are better or worse than might have be Nessa pesquisa, buscou-se contextual Analysis of YBCO high temperature superconductor doped with silver nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes using Williamson -Hall and size-strain plot.

For this purpose, the pure and doped YBCO samples were synthesized by sol-gel method. The microstructural analysis of the samples is performed using X-ray diffraction XRD. Kibasomba, Pierre M. The Williamson -Hall W-H equation, which has been used to obtain relative crystallite sizes and strains between samples since , is revisited. A modified W-H equation is derived which takes into account the Scherrer equation, first published in , which traditionally gives more absolute crystallite size prediction and strain prediction from Raman spectra.

It is found that W-H crystallite sizes are on average 2. Furthermore the strain from the W-H plots when compared to strain obtained from Raman spectral red-shifts yield factors whose values depend on the phases in the materials - whether anatase, rutile or brookite. Koolen, B. Several tools are useful in detecting uncontrolled asthma in children. Effects of Chiloquin Dam on spawning distribution and larval emigration of Lost River, shortnose, and Klamath largescale suckers in the Williamson and Sprague Rivers, Oregon.

The dam was identified as a barrier that potentially inhibited or prevented the upstream spawning migrations and other movements of endangered Lost River Deltistes luxatusChasmistes brevirostris suckers, as well as other fish species. In , the Bureau of Reclamation led a working group that examined several alternatives to improve fish passage at Chiloquin Dam. Ultimately it was decided that dam removal was the best alternative and the dam was removed in the summer of The U.

Geological Survey conducted a long-term study on the spawning ecology of Lost River, shortnose, and Klamath largescale suckers Catostomus snyderi in the Sprague and lower Williamson Rivers from to The objective of this study was to evaluate shifts in spawning distribution following the removal of Chiloquin Dam. Radio telemetry was used in conjunction with larval production data and detections of fish tagged with passive integrated transponders PIT tags to evaluate whether dam removal resulted in increased utilization of spawning habitat farther upstream in the Sprague River.

Increased densities of drifting larvae were observed at a site in the lower Williamson River after the dam was removed, but no substantial changes occurred upstream of the former dam site. Adult spawning migrations primarily were influenced by water temperature and did not change with the removal of the dam. Emigration of larvae consistently occurred about weeks after adults migrated into a section of river.

Detections of PIT-tagged fish showed increases in the numbers of all three suckers that migrated upstream of the dam site following removal, but the increases for Lost River and shortnose suckers were relatively small compared to the total number of fish that made a spawning migration in a given season. Increases for Klamath largescale suckers were more substantial. Post-dam removal monitoring. Cerf signing the guest book with Director for research and Computing S. Bertolucci ; Honorary Staff Member, B. KEJ, known as one of the most explosive volcanoes in Caribbean, erupted 12 times since with recent eruptions in and possibly in Multiple generations of submarine landslides and canyons have been observed in which some of them can be attributed to past eruptions.

The structure of KEJ can be characterized as a m high conical profile with its summit crater located around m in depth. Active hydrothermal venting and dominantly CO2 composition gas seepage take place inside this m diameter crater, with the most activity occurring primarily within a small 70 x m depression zone inner crater. In order to characterize the subsurface structure and decipher the processes of this volcanic system, the Nautilus NA expedition in deployed the underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle ROV Hercules to conduct near-bottom geological observations and magnetometry surveys transecting KEJ's caldera.

Raw magnetic data was corrected for vehicle induced magnetic noise, then merged with ROV to ship navigation at 1 HZ. To extract crustal magnetic signatures, the reduced magnetic data was further corrected for external variations such as the International Geomagnetic Reference Field and diurnal variations using data from the nearby San Juan Observatory.

We produced a preliminary magnetic anomaly map of KEJ's caldera for subsequent inversion and forward modeling to delineate in situ magnetic source distribution in understanding volcanic processes. We integrated the magnetic characterization of the KEJ craters with shipboard multibeam, ROV visual descriptions, and photomosaics. Initial observations show the distribution of short wavelength scale highly magnetized source centered at the north western part of the inner crater.

Although locations of gas seeps are ubiquitous over the inner crater area along ROV. Allen, R. Effective monitoring is an essential part of the process of identifying and mitigating volcanic hazards. In the submarine environment this task is made all the more difficult with observations typically limited to land-based seismic networks and infrequent shipboard surveys. These distinctive seismic signals, often coincident with heightened seismicity, have been interpreted as extrusive eruptions with a mean recurrence interval of years. Visual confirmation of these episodes is rare and many would be unknown without the seismic evidence.

By conducting new bathymetric surveys in and and reprocessing 3 further legacy data sets spanning more than 30 years and several such events we are able to present a clearer picture of the development of KeJ through time. The final bathymetric grids produced have a cell size of just 5m and, for the more modern surveys, a vertical accuracy on the order of 1m. These grids easily demonstrate the correlation between T-phase episodes and morphological changes at the volcano's edifice.

In the time-period of observation we document a clear construction deficit at KeJ with only 5. The peak depth of KeJ now sits at m b. Limited recent magma production means that KeJ may be susceptible to larger eruptions with longer repeat times than those covered in our study. These larger eruptions would pose a more significant local hazard than the small scale volcanic events observed in recent decades. We conclude that T-phase recordings are likely to have a more varied origin than previously discussed, and are unlikely to be solely the result of extrusive submarine eruptions.

Delruelle and signing the guest book with Technology Department Head F. International Relations Adviser T. Kurtyka present. Ting, 16 March Throughout accompanied by Adviser J. Jenni and Senior physicist T. Bertolucci and Head of International Relations F. Omi signing the guest book with Head of International Relations F. Pauss, Adviser J. Ellis and Director-General R. Jenni ; signing the guest book with Adviser R. Heuer and Head of International Relations F. Jenni ; visiting LHC superconducting magnet test hall with J. Jenni and Dr.

Jenni ; Vice Rector J. Lis signs a collaboration agreement with A. Unnervik; Adviser T. Kurtyka and A. Siemko accompany the delegation throughout. Kitazawa visiting the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with engineer M. Jenni and Senior Scientist T. Kondo; signing the guest book with Adviser R. Voss and Head of International Relations F. Stavrev; in the LHC superconducting magnet test hall with E. Burdick, Summer M. Federally endangered Lost River sucker Deltistes luxatus and shortnose sucker Chasmistes brevirostris were once abundant throughout their range but populations have declined; they have been extirpated from several lakes, and may no longer reproduce in others.

Poor recruitment into the adult spawning populations is one of several reasons cited for the decline and lack of recovery of these species, and may be the consequence of high mortality during juvenile life stages. High larval and juvenile sucker mortality may be exacerbated by an insufficient quantity of suitable rearing habitat.

Within Upper Klamath Lake, a lack of marshes also may allow larval suckers to be swept from suitable rearing areas downstream into the seasonally anoxic waters of the Keno Reservoir. The Nature Conservancy TNC flooded about 3, acres to the north of the Williamson River mouth Tulana Unit in October , and about 1, acres to the south and east of the Williamson River mouth Goose Bay Unit a year later, to retain larval suckers in Upper Klamath Lake, create nursery habitat for suckers, and improve water quality.

In collaboration with TNC, the Bureau of Reclamation, and Oregon State University, we began a long-term collaborative research and monitoring program in to assess the effects of the Williamson River Delta restoration on the early life-history stages of Lost River and shortnose suckers. Our approach includes two equally important aspects. One component is to describe habitat use and colonization processes by larval and juvenile suckers and non-sucker fish species. The second is to evaluate the effects of the restored habitat on the health and condition of juvenile suckers.

This report contains a summary of the first year of data collected as a part of this monitoring effort. When public health and genetic privacy collide: positive and normative theories explaining how ACA's expansion of corporate wellness programs conflicts with GINA 's privacy rules. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of ACA contains many provisions intended to increase access to and lower the cost of health care by adopting public health measures. One of these promotes the use of at-work wellness programs by both providing employers with grants to develop these programs and also increasing their ability to tie the price employees pay for health insurance for participating in these programs and meeting specific health goals.

Yet despite ACA's specific alteration of three different statues which had in the past shielded employees from having to contribute to the cost of their health insurance based on their achieving employer-designated health markers, it chose to leave alone recently enacted rules implementing the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act GINA , which prohibits employers from asking employees about their family health history in any context, including assessing their risk for setting wellness targets.

This article reviews how both the changes made by ACA and the restrictions recently put place by GINA will affect the way employers are likely to structure Wellness Programs. It also considers how these changes reflect the competing social goals of both ACA, which seeks to expand access to the population by lowering costs, and GINA , which seeks to protect individuals from discrimination. It does so by analyzing both positive theories about how these new laws will function and normative theories explaining the likelihood of future friction between the interests of the population of the United States as a whole who are in need of increased and affordable access to health care, and of the individuals living in this country who risk discrimination, as science and medicine continue to make advances in linking genetic make-up to risk of future illness.

Los cuidados a las mujeres durante el parto han sido tradicionalmente prestados por mujeres. Hubo variedad de relaciones con las matronas, influenciada por diversos factores. The cares to the women during the childbirth have been traditionally borrowed for women. The traditional midwives have played a decisive paper in the attendance to the birth in the communities where they lived as long as the installation of the sanitary professions.

The study. El This project aims at updating a medical center website, which over time is no longer up-to-date, and tries to open new centers.

Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean.

The sections we will analyze among the seventeen websites are in the first places in the ranking of major searching engines Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc Those are user friendly, quick to load, attractive, interactive, detailed and thought for a specific target. Enescu festival Bukarestis. Nello Santi Bukarestis toimus George Enescu festival. Our research seeks to establish criteria for the conceptual specification of the political field as related to the communication field.

As universidades escolhidas como objeto de pesquisa foram as dez primeiras brasileiras no Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, de julho de The contribution of Williamson to the analyse of Intellectual Property Rights. This article aims to demonstrate that the analysis that advocates an extension of private logic in regard to Information, Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights does not constitute an appropriated framework as it depends on hypotheses that do not correspond to the specificities of such assets: substantive rationality, complete contracts and absence of uncertainty.

After presenting the stylized facts that match this economy and the main elements of the theoretical debate, it is underlined the explanatory limits of this approach and proposed an alternative analysis based on the concepts of asset specificities in the sense defined by Williamson. In this respect, I will stress the necessary complementarities between market and institution.

Kossel, G. Lewis y L.

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School and writing. A school page in the daily newspaper Escuela y escritura. His ability to prepare students for participation in a form of media communication led to the fusion of educational, cultural and social elements that facilitated a dialog between the students and the world. The purpose was not to prepare a student publication for the educational center, but rather to publish in the daily newspaper. The children expressed themselves freely on diverse topics and themes at a time in which the Franco dictatorship represented definite censorship.

Initially the work came out of the professional work of the aforementioned teacher, in a school in the town of La Zarza, in the municipality of Arico south of the island of Tenerife, that discovered the ability to narrate, describe, interpret and retell the activities of his students that he felt worthy of notice. En un. The price volatility of fossil resources, the uncertainty of their long-term availability and the environmental, climatic and societal problems posed by their operation lead to the need of an energy transition enabling the development and utilization of other alternative and sustainable resources.

Acknowledging that indirect land-use change can increase greenhouse gas emission, the European Union EU has reshaped its biofuel policy. It has set criteria for sustainability to ensure that the use of biofuels guarantees real carbon savings and protects biodiversity. From a sustainability perspective, biofuels and bioliquids offer indeed both advantages e.

Approaching economic, environmental and social sustainability at the local level and in an integrated way should help to maximize benefits and minimize risks. The biological and social analyses helped to orientate the research towards an attractive chemical process based on extraction and pyrolysis, in which high added value molecules are recovered and in which the residual biochar may be used as pathogen-free fertilizer. In this region where farmers face declining economic margins, the new intended method may both solve greenhouse gas emission problems and provide farmers with additional revenues and convenient fertilizers.

Further research with a larger partnership will consolidate the results and tackle issues such as the logistics. Full Text Available Internet is a means of communication and transmission of information that has led companies to develop their business activities in knowledge-based economies. Therefore, Structural Capital disclosures by companies can improve their reputation.

Thus, the objective of our work has focused on analysing the information on organizational knowledge supplied by companies in annual reports posted on their websites, as well as on its evolution over the years studied. This article analyses the informative treatment given to the films on the pages of the newspaper El Progreso of Santa Cruz de Tenerife during the First World War. It investigates the role of the advertisements of the movie houses, edited in this journal, that showed these masterpieces of the silent film era.

Delegations are throughout accompanied by Swiss P. Jenni , Polish T. Kurtyka, Spanish J. Salicio, Norwegian S. Stapnes and International Relations Adviser R. The concentrations of chromium Cr, nickel Ni, copper Cu, lead Pb, zinc Zn and arsenic As were determined at depths between 0 - 20 and 40 cm. The homogeneity of parental material was responsible for the lack of significant variation seen in soil properties, and alsoheavy metal and arsenic content at the depths studied.

Diabetes mellitus DM, systemic arterial hypertension SAH, and acute myocardial infarction AMI are the most prevalent in Brazil, thus, information on these pathologies is extremely searched for on the internet. For this reason, this study attempted to evaluate the quality of information available in Portuguese on the web. Short communication Responses of Abyssinian Jennies to No side effect was re- corded in a regimen of 0. This paper aims to describe an objective account of sexual perversion.

That is, it seeks to characterize sexual perversion as something which is not simply a deviation from a statistical norm but rather as something which violates an objective naturalistic norm. The central point is that perversion consists in the introduction of DANA, St. Full Text Available C. EPA, for the finding that greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft cause or contribute to air pollution that may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public. Full Text Available Objetivos.

The objective of this study is to evaluate the information quality about pregnancy symptoms in Spanish available in the internet. Materials and methods. This is an analytic, cross-sectional study. The websites were selected from Google, MSN. The quality evaluation included three components: medical contents, accountability and usability of the website.

The medical content was compared with the data available in the national. Full Text Available This article is aimed at analyzing the composition of newsmagazine reportage viewed as a creation process and, specifically, determine its intervention in the meanings of photography. The resulting news diagram and visual narratives reflect the editorial concept of the publication meanwhile speeches are enhanced. Photoreporting appeared in Brazil after the years 40, and marked the start of modern photographic journalism.

The piece of a photoreporting entitled 4 a 1 published by O Cruzeiro magazine is intended to be analyzed here. Eram conselheiras e confidentes; companheiras de lazer. Women's press has an important role in the education of literate women. In the 50's and 60's of the twentieth century women's magazines occupied a prominent place in the lives of its readers, talking to them about everyday problems.

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  • One Hundred Lengths of the Pool.
  • Aesops Lions: Bedtime Stories (Narrated in Scrambled Words) Skill Level - Medium!
  • El escondido y la tapada (Spanish Edition);
  • Ciehl vol 16 by CIEHL - Issuu!
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They were counselors and confidants, entertainment partners. From this it can be said that such journals may contribute to the maintenance of certain standards, passing so-called traditional roles of women, behavior, sexuality and gender relations. The research sources are composed of 31 volumes of the Querida magazine with copies representing the years between and The objective of this research with such magazines is to seek to understand patterns of behavior that the speeches in the column Right and Wrong in Querida would have contributed to suggest and what representations of a time these speeches, which appeared on pages of the selected magazines, echoed.

Full Text Available Analysis and evaluation of the dissemination of the research of Spanish universities throughout the World Wide Web, with the aim of offering a state of their visibility and, derived from it, a set of proposals to improve the quality of such a diffusion. The part of the project related to the use of qualitative research methods is presented. The object of study is conformed by a selected sample of 19 Spanish universities, representing all the Spanish Autonomous Regions but with a consideration to the administrative and scientific weight of some of them.

The procedure of definition of the qualitative indicators, the method of data collection and the method of analysis are presented. The results offer a detailed landscape of the visibility of the information on research in the World Wide Web of the universities selected in relation with each of the proposed indicators. The article was based on research con-ducted on a group of students of the Faculty of Navigation of Gdynia Maritime University. People involved in studies previously conducted on board training on school training ships: "Dar M?

Responsabilidad Social Universitaria 2. Las principales diferenciaciones se refieren al tipo de. Our objective is to understand the ideology underlying the picture construed of the social actor candidate for the presidency. The picture of Dilma Rousseff painted revealed the ideology of the owner - editor - of each newspaper revealed representing the social actor Dilma Rousseff president on your way.

Keywords: Cecilia Meireles; New School; biography; school material culture. El periodico Annaes de Enfermagem ha sido el veiculo para discutir los problemas de salud y para evidenciar el professional rol. The journal Annaes de Enfermagem was a publishing vehicle to discuss health problems and to evidence the professional role. The section "Students Page" Was created for the motivation of students to expose their ideas and to focus in relevant points of the nurse education by.

Magazines sold on newsstands have become self-help texts, and the study of the topics covered makes it possible to understand how the discourses are constructed, how they become repositories used to give meaning to life. In the case of magazines that deal with the sphere of health, prescribing methods of treatment, prevention and even healthy lifestyles, the studies allow us to understand the meanings of discourses about body and health.

In some articles, the emphasis that sometimes highlights the physical aspect is accompanied by the inclusion of mental aspects. This fact gave rise to this study. Stimulated by the challenge of updating and organizing all the information acquired in the health field, computer medicine has developed on a wide global scale.

The recent success of the Internet for distribution of information has created a need for the production and distribution of medical programs for use via this network. The creation of a decision-making program through the World Wide Web for congenital heart diseases could provide. B microplus seguindo a metodologia do exame de biocarrapaticidograma. B microplus, em experimento in vitro. Jenny , A Proxy for Soil Remediation. They often bear a distinctive vegetation, and a frequently-used approach to understanding serpentine ecology and related environmental hazard has been the chemical analysis of soils and plants.

In this paper we report past and current studies on serpentine soils and serpentinophytes. The serpentine vegetation differs from the conterminous non-serpentine areas, being often endemic, and showing macroscopic physionomical characters. Similarly, at microscopic level cytomorphological characteristics of the roots and variations in biochemical parameters were recorded in serpentinophytes.

Light microscopy observations showed depressed mitotic activity in the meristematic zone, and consequent reduced root growth. The different tolerance mechanisms responsible for plant adaption to high concentrations of PTEs in serpentine soils can be related to the capacity of plants to limit metal uptake and translocation. The majority of serpentinophytes tend to limit metal absorption to roots: the cell wall constitutes a barrier against metal penetration inside plant tissues. Only a few species are able to accumulate metals in their aerial parts, acting a tolerance mechanism to very high metal concentrations.

Observe that The Athenaeumwasaspaceof affirmation andidentity constructionsofa group of young high school students. As for speechesconcerning the dictatorial regime, it is observed thatthepresentmanifestationsappearing the journal, mostlycovertly. However, it isalsopossible to understand through research,that studentswere concerned with the social and political issues of the country because, in ,there are records ofthis schoolthatgraduated from theDepartment of Political and Social StudiesBrazilians- DEPSB -as an organ ofstudentguild. In the recordsof theminutesof the tenderDEPSB, not onlystudentsbut alsoa teacherusuallymeton the night shiftto discusswhatthey recordedascurrent issuesofinternationalandbrazilian politics.

Key-words: cultureschool, journal student, memory, military dictatorship. Hydrogeology of a hazardous-waste disposal site near Brentwood, Williamson County, Tennessee. Approximately 44, gal of industrial solvent wastes were disposed in pits on a farm near Brentwood, Tennessee, in , and contaminants were reported in the soil and shallow groundwater on the site in In order for the State to evaluate possible remedial-action alternatives, an month study was conducted to define the hydrogeologic setting of the site and surrounding area.

The area is underlain by four hydrogeologic units: 1 an upper aquifer consisting of saturated regolith, Bigby-Cannon Limestone, and weathered Hermitage Formation; 2 the Hermitage confining unit; 3 a lower aquifer consisting of the Carters Limestone; and 4 the Lebanon confining unit. This lower aquifer is anisotropic, and transmissivity of this aquifer is greatest in a northwest-southeast direction. Discharge from the groundwater system is primarily to the Little Harpeth River and its tributaries. Groundwater flow at the disposal site is mainly to a small topographic depression that drains the site.

Geochemical data indicate four distinct water types. Results of the numerical model indicate that most flow is in the upper aquifer. The objective of the study was to identify the facilitators and inhibitors of excessive absenteeism in a mining environment. Absenteeism can be one of the most important human resource issues in any organisation. Absenteeism can be really difficult, but with good understanding of what causes absenteeism and how to reduce it, organisations can limit the negative side effects of employee attendance issues.

Absenteeism is not only a behaviour caused by an individual's character Hamburg: Verlag Dr. The author pursues the question as to why businesses do not support women, even though they readily admit to the discrimination of women in society and their underrepresentation in executive positions. A diferencia de la isla de Okinawa, las islas Sakishima no sufrieron una guerra terrestre durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Se clasifica en muchas ocasiones como hermanado directamente con otras lenguas macroyaeyama, junto con las lenguas yonaguni. Este sistema fue usado hasta que en el siglo XIX D. Durante la era Meiji fue usada para las publicaciones en las escuelas primarias; estos caracteres eran evidentemente lo bastante precisos como para hacer correcciones a los anuncios oficiales. Es un idioma ryukyuense, relacionado sobre todo con el yaeyama. Yonaguni, sin embargo, se mantuvo independiente hasta Hay dos tipos principales de palabras nominales y verbos y cinco clases menores adverbios, marcadores de rol, adnominales, conjunciones e interjecciones.

Dunan grammar Yonaguni Ryukyuan. En todo el mundo hay alrededor de 80 millones de hablantes. El nombre de Goryeo tiene su origen en Goguryeo, uno de los tres reinos de Corea. Muchos comerciantes llegaron a Goryeo debido al apoyo de este al comercio por mar y tierra. Hay muy poca literatura para estudios del antiguo coreano. Se piensa que la lengua hablada por los invasores altaicos de Corea, influida por el sustrato paleosiberiano anterior, dio origen al protocoreano.

Entre los siglos I a. En Silla, a finales del siglo IV D. No es claro si el antiguo coreano puede haber sido un idioma tonal. Se asume que el coreano antiguo estaba dividido en dialectos correspondientes a los tres reinos. Generalmente eran los agricultores, los comerciantes y artesanos.

Hasta finales del siglo XIX, el chino era la principal lengua de cultura en Corea, y sus caracteres se empleaban en los documentos oficiales. La etnia coreana es una de las etnias mayoritarias de Asia Oriental. En todo el mundo hay aproximadamente 82 millones de hablantes de coreano. Aproximadamente Se habla en la provincia de Hwanghae en Corea del Norte. Generalmente se agrupa con los dialectos centrales pero no encaja por completo. Tiene seis vocales: i, e, a, eo, o, u. La idea de que el coreano pertenezca a las lenguas altaicas ha sido en ocasiones desacreditada. Durante mucho tiempo los estudiosos han tratado de asociar la lengua coreana a alguna de las grandes familias de lenguas pero no ha habido grandes avances en este sentido.

Indicativo formal. Indicativo informal.

Apunta que los diccionarios compilados durante el periodo colonial incluen muchas palabras chinocoreanas no utilizadas. Estos ideogramas en coreano se llaman hanja y para mejorar el aprendizaje del vasto vocabulario coreano, se requiere un cierto conocimiento de ellos. Cuando se habla de alguien superior en estatus, un hablante o escritor generalmente usa sustantivos especiales o sufijos en los verbos para indicar la superioridad del sujeto.

Generalmente, alguien es superior en estatus si se trata de un pariente mayor, un desconocido o alguien de aproximadamente la misma edad o mayor, un jefe, maestro, cliente y cosas por el estilo. Por ejemplo, familiares o personas mayores, maestros y empleadores. En la sociedad tradicional coreana, las mujeres han estado mucho tiempo en posiciones desventajosas. La estructura social coreana tradicional era una sistema familiar patriarcal que enfatizaba la continuidad de los linajes. Esta estructura ha tendido a separar los roles de las mujeres con repecto a los hombres.

Siguiendo el modelo clasico chino, la escritura coreana tradicional adopta un orden vertical de arriba abajo, en columnas que se extienden de derecha a izquierda. No obstante, la poderosa influencia cultural y religiosa de China en Corea hizo que este alfabeto local no acabara de suplantar a la escritura tradicional hasta la segunda mitad del siglo XX. El principal texto chino que introdujo el hanja en Corea, sin embargo, no fue un texto religioso, sino el texto chino, Cheonjamun.

El hyangchal se clasifica como subgrupo del Idu. Las primeras transcripciones de lengua coreana datan de los siglos V-VI. El idu se utilizaba en los asuntos legales y procedimientos judiciales. El idu era un complejo sistema de escritura que utilizaba algunos caracteres chinos como fonogramas para los sonidos y otros como ideogramas para los significados. Hay registros del uso de este sistema que datan del siglo XIV. En coreano moderno, cuando un hanja aparece en una palabra o como palabra de pleno derecho, se pronuncia siempre de la misma manera. Bonfantes , 7.

Durante el periodo de los Tres Reinos 57 a. Difiere en gran medida de los dialectos del coreano continentales. Sin embargo, no hay evidencias concretas de cuando los "tres nombres" Samseong-Ko, Yang y Pu aparecieron ni la fecha exacta de cuando Ko-hu y sus hermanos fueron recibidos por Silla. Muchos hablantes, debido a ello, han sido disuadidos de usarlo durante su vida diaria, conduciendo a un masivo decrecimiento en el uso del jejuo.

Aunque muchos surcoreanos, incluso los que hablan el idioma jeju, consideran que es un dialecto de la lengua coreana, se puede decir que una lengua separada porque es casi mutuamente ininteligible con el coreano de la parte continental. Expand - Collapse. ISBN: Legal: Gr. Journal of Inner and East Asian Studies. Gina Lee Barnes. Shimoji, Michinori; Pellard, Thomas, eds. An Introduction to Ryukyuan languages. ISBN La lengua y las costumbres de Goguryeo son casi iguales a las de Buyeo La lengua [de Okjeo] es igual a la de Goguryeo, con un poco de diferencia La lengua y las leyes y costumbres son en general iguales a las de Goguryeo Byeong-Seon Park Minje.

Las pocas palabras que son conocidos confirman su proximidad con el goguryeano. Editorial Brill. Boston, Christopher I. Mihwa Jo. La lengua y las costumbres son iguales a las de Goguryeo. Ferres Serrano, J.

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I : — Una consonante, una semiconsonante y una vocal, como kya o nyu. Standardization and Dialect Leveling in Tokunoshima. Issue Date No es mutuamente inteligible con los vecinos Yoron ni Tokunoshima. Desde , fue parte del reino de Hokuzan y a partir de del reino Ryukyu. Escrito por Patrick Heinrich. October En ese entonces se hablaba un solo idioma en toda la tierra. Editado por Patrick Heinrich, Mark Anderson. Machi Hiromitsu. No se sabe cuando la isla Yoron fue habitada por primera vez. Miyako-Ryukyuan and its contribution to linguistic diversity.

JournaLIPP 3, The Digital Museum project for the documentation of Ikema Ryukyuan. Thomas Pellard. Ogami Miyako Ryukyuan. Shimoji, Michinori; Pellard, Thomas. En , se impone un impuesto especial en las islas Miyako y Yaeyama. Los dialectos de miyako central no tienen acento tonal; por tanto, son de tipo ikkei. An Introduction to Ryukyuan Languages.

En el 4 de mayo de , una parte de la isla fue destruida por un maremoto.