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But as metamorphic as it is, it's got its downsides, too—some products and application methods negatively affect your skin's texture or enhance fine lines, which takes the fun out of wearing makeup in the first place. But the good news is that there are several makeup products that actually help you look younger. By zeroing in on ingredients, formulas, and application methods, you can turn back the clock and avoid winding it forward, which some products are guilty of doing.

To find out which youth-enhancing items we need to add to our makeup bags, we tapped a few makeup artists for their expertise. Take a look at their tips below. This is when looking at what type of foundation we select and the finish it provides is so important.

Women Who Look Young for Their Age Swear By These Makeup Tricks

Kelli J. One area of the face that you might not consider an area that shows your age is your brows. The enriched blend of vitamins and antioxidants helps to create the appearance of flawless skin all day long. This unique formula minimizes the appearance of fine lines and helps makeup stay on longer, as it's infused with an emollient and antioxidant complex.

All artists interviewed agree that for aging skin, less is more. As for application, Koutikas says she loves using a damp sponge: "Between the sponge absorbing some of the foundation and the water thinning the rest, you will get optimal coverage. The secret is to add moisture to your foundation so that your skin feels soft and luminescent. Koutikas warns against heavily concealing under the eyes: " Too much coverage can bring an aging appearance to the skin and can highlight wrinkles and lines in this delicate area.

Prep the skin with a moisturizing eye cream, and keep the touch light.

36 Beauty Expert-Recommended Secrets to Looking Younger

From tried-and-true anti-aging products hello, sunscreen! After all, age is only a number. To prevent premature aging, shield yourself from the sun. Even if your daily moisturizer has SPF, add another layer of sunscreen to protect your skin. Your skin weakens with age and causes pores to appear larger. Next time you cleanse, splash your face with warm water to open up pores, then apply facial cleanser and rinse clean with cold water.

Your hair naturally thins out each year, causing it to fall flat, especially fine strands. Strengthen your locks with a daily supplement that's rich in biotin to increase your hair's elasticity or vitamin E to promote growth. Lift your complexion and your spirits: Pull on a cheery pink sweater when you need a boost.

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When your hair's pigment fades, it loses a protective layer that leaves hair looking dull. The fix? A twice-a-month shine treatment.

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Swipe on a shimmery, creamy eyeshadow powder tends to settle into fine lines to light up your lids. To look younger longer, it's important to treat your neck and chest! Oil production slows over the years, leaving the scalp dull. Try jojoba oil, which helps keep skin balanced. Trade in your black flats for a fresh pair in silver or gold.

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These easy-to-match metallic hues are the new neutrals. Brew a cup of rose hip tea, pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Wrap a cube in a cloth and massage over your face to firm skin. Your lips can thin with age, but you can fake a fuller smile with a nude lip pencil. For extra plumping, use clear gloss with a hint of shimmer at the center of your lips. Instead, use a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer with SPF.

How to Look Younger With Makeup - The Skincare Edit

Instead, try a formula that promises an illuminating or satin finish, which will have a softening effect on surrounding skin. Instead, create definition by lining just above your top lashline with navy, brown or taupe. Years of unprotected sun exposure can wreak havoc, leaving your complexion looking dull, blotchy and older than it really is. To the rescue: turmeric. This spice is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. You can make a turmeric mask by mixing 2 Tbsp plain yogurt, 2 tsp turmeric powder and 1 tsp chickpea flour in a small bowl.

Apply once a month for 10 minutes; rinse.

All-Natural Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

It's great for hands, too! It helps smooth out foundation and makes my skin look natural. It took a few months to train myself, but I'm no longer smashing my face into a pillow! Skin gets drier with age. Bring back softness with a hydrating serum foundation a new skincare-makeup hybrid. Skip heavily pigmented powder shadows in favor of a more forgiving semi-translucent cream with a silky texture that glides on easily.

Extra credit: Choose a shade with a touch of sheen to brighten eyes.

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