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Safari Joe captures the ThunderKittens in sacks. Lion-O defeats his own duplicate. Then he uses the Sword to free the other ThunderCats from the evil paintings. Mumm-Ra, lures Lion-O into a trap in the guise of Dr. Dometone, who convinces Lion-O that the residents of Third Earth have erected a cave museum in the ThunderCats' honor.

Once inside, however, Lion-O is confronted by many of the evildoers he faced in the past when paintings of them come alive. Valiantly he holds off them and Mumm-Ra, one by one, until he is made vulnerable by warp gas. The ThunderCats arrive to help him and they each take on a villain. The episode recounts many of the variants of evil Lion-O and the ThunderCats have faced during their stay on Third Earth.

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Once again they emerge victorious in the confrontations. Lion-O is given a reminder by falling for the trap set by Mumm-Ra that the deeds of ThunderCats are not done for conceit or vanity. Rather, their actions and their lives are destined for serving as faithful adherents to the Code of Thundera. As ThunderCats they are called upon to live for truth, justice, honor, and loyalty. It is a code, which no evil can overcome because it is based in good.

In , a collection of 23 boats and sailing craft belonging to Major David Goddard, were put on display, along with exhibits from other sources at a new Maritime Museum on Exeter quay and canal basin. The museum was situated on yards of waterfront, provided initially rent free, by Exeter City Council.

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It was intended that the museum would charter the ketch Result and keep her, along with the other large craft, as floating exhibits. The museum was opened by Sir Alec Rose on 27th June - a group of sea scouts rowed Sir Alec up the canal in a replica of a royal barge that had been used in the film, A Man for all Seasons.

The ISCA Trust International Sailing Craft Association sponsored the museum with the intention that the collection be used to educate young people and become an essential tourist attraction. There were several boats moored in the canal basin including the steam tug St Canute, built in in Denmark. It had been purchased in by the Fowey Harbour Commission as a working boat. When first opened, entrance to the museum was from the quay, with the museum using part of the two quay warehouses for exhibits and the ticket office.

Butts Ferry was an integral part of the museum, to cross the river to the exhibits in the canal basin. In the 's the whole of the museum moved over to Haven Banks and vacated the quay. During the 's, the warehouses housing the museum on the canal basin needed repairs, causing financial problem, and the museum closed in In it went into administration, and the collection was auctioned off.

The warehouses by the side of the basin also housed smaller craft, displays, offices and a dry space for renovating the boats. The Bedford Lifeboat The first boat of the museum that the public would see when they entered the quay was the Bedford lifeboat under the Transit Shed. The boat was built from oak planks fastened with copper, with added cork for buoyancy.

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Constructed in , she was in active service until the 's. She was presented to the museum by the Tyne Lifeboat Society. She was built as a tender to the larger 'Swan ' in The Swan, in name and shape, could seat sixteen for dinner. The Swan was destroyed by fire, leaving only the Cygnet as a reminder of a certain type of Victorian eccentricity.

Dan Erickson could build almost anything from a few scraps of metal, wood, and whatever else could be scrounged from the old shop. The artistic techniques, visualization, materials training, and design basics learned in his course are skills I still put to use. What other memories stand out from those wonderful museum days?

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Far too many to list! Take the facts into your own hands. Look, and see for yourself.

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  • My time in the museum opened the door to other incredible opportunities that helped my professional career. When the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology had an opening for a student to work in the fossil preparation lab, Exhibit Museum staff members put in a good word and I started working in the fossil lab in Over the next four years I learned fossil preparation from one of the best in the business, Dr.

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    Bill Sanders. Fortunately, the Exhibit Museum found a way to keep me on as a docent at the same time. In a few short years that museum metamorphosed a couple of times and in we opened a brand new, state-of-the-art museum building in downtown Dallas, becoming the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

    We would both be thrilled if that spot and the view from it remained unchanged forever. However, every paleontologist knows all things must adapt and evolve or face extinction. The new home for the UM Museum of Natural History will undoubtedly be the birthplace of new stories and memories for many more generations of docents, visitors, and staff. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the museum what it was, and may success follow the leaders and best taking it into the future.

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    I started at the Museum of Natural History in August of as a docent and planetarium operator. I distinctly remember my first night of docent training…there was this guy named Ron who had a mustache and knew a lot about dinosaurs. We started dating two years later and he eventually proposed to me on the 3rd floor where the Bald Eagle used to be. We both use our experience from the Museum of Natural History on a regular basis.

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    When we come home to Michigan, we always stop in at the Museum. Our children, Stephen and Christine, understand the importance of the place and the people who worked there. My first visit to the museum was when my sons were still in a stroller. I was excited to show the boys all the dinosaurs. Over the years, our family made many trips from Newport, Michigan to Ann Arbor. My sons grew up loving the museum. They knew where all their favorite things to see were in the museum. Coming in and going out were special to the boys, too, because they could sit and be by the lions at the front door.

    When my son, Ron, was in kindergarten, he told his teacher he wanted to be a paleontologist. He loved dinosaurs. Ron never, ever wavered from his goal. He was accepted by University of Michigan and off to college he went.