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Fortunately, a little section of the Danube is also visible, as this fabled river provides a very special atmosphere for my home city. I like to reflect on Budapest in all its glory and take images of the old downtown area, the river and the bridges. In the background, behind the Baroque steeple, can be seen a. Its streets are full of inspiring images, harmonious yet at the same time so contradictory. And yet, Sarajevo bears the scars of a turbulent past, the marks. But the soul of the city never changed.

It has remained untouched, defiant and proud; ready to forgive, but never to beg — it is proudly independent still. Viele versuchten deshalb, den Leuten in der Stadt ihren Willen und ihre Normen aufzuzwingen. About 20 years ago, a street vendor gave me a kaleidoscopic lens to try out. I feel that this series of New York Kaleidoscapes. One of my favorite spots — shown in the photograph — is the interior yard that is only a few meters from the central plaza, which is always crowded with tourists from all over the world.

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Once the heavy garden gates close you are transported to a quieter, calmer world — perhaps even to another time. Kaum ist das schwere Gartentor zu, befindet man sich auch schon ruhigeren Welt — und vielleicht sogar in einer anderen Zeit. Here the tranquil lake attracts people of all ages to a location. It is such a great spot for the old and the young, and those who love the traditional theater — with wonderful music and art — have no problem watching scenes of youngsters skateboarding and enjoying themselves in their own fashion.

The park is also a favorite haunt of my son Lars, who is a very keen skateboarder. Instead, we have a central park called Parco Sempione, which is not nearly so wide. They certainly add a metropolitan mood to our living room. April is the best time of year to visit the city that I like to call my home.

April ist die beste Zeit des Jahres, um die Stadt zu besuchen, die ich gerne mein Zuhause nenne. Gone are the days when Valletta pulsated always with activity. So much so, that the Maltese government has signed a year. Although the city is now relatively quiet, regular religious feasts — including that of St Dominic — disturb its sleepy atmosphere. Valetta kann auch stolz Werke von Michelangelo Merisi. Today, it is the capital city of the relatively small country, Latvia, but that is only when the measuring stick is the globalized world of the 21st century.

Riga and Daugava have co-existed for more than years —. The rivers have served the citizens of Riga well, providing a source of commerce, power and a place to relax after a hard. Today, there are plans to restore the scenic views of the Daugava River as a tourist attraction.

In the 21st century, Old Riga has adapted to the stream of. Attraktionen angepasst. At the end of the 19th century the city became the second industrial center in Russia after St Petersburg, partially due to the rapid growth of railway communication. Moscow is the birthplace of many famous artists, writers,. Ende des Jahrhunderts wurde Moskau zum zweiten Industriezentrum Russlands nach Sankt Petersburg, was auch der schnellen Entwicklung der Eisenbahn zu verdanken war. Serow, Lewitan und viele andere gereichen Moskau und ganz Russland zur Ehre.

Im Dezember wurde von der All-Russischen. Die meisten sehen die Zukunft Moskaus mit Optimismus. The first written records about Pie, as locals affectionately call it, are in the Zobor Letters dating back to the year , but the. Alexander Winter and his son Ludovit, who developed the spa and improved the quality of the facilities.

In the town was declared a spa of international. Today, most of the growers build huge greenhouses, so they are no longer dependent on the weather conditions and they can even harvest twice a year. So, there are no more panoramic views, nor the smell of fresh vegetables. And you can drive long distances without seeing anything but glass walls on both sides of the road. If you look carefully at the photo, you can see in the greenhouses many waterpipes: they are for the oil-fired heating system, burning smelly, heavy fuel. The city is also full of interesting buildings that are architecturally fascinating, even some of the high rises.

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In diesem Jahr hat die Einwohnerzahl Also wohne ich in Krimpen aan den Ijssel, nur 10 Kilometer. Und die haben wenigstens noch keine Handys! This photograph is unusual as the hospital is illuminated — a special project carried out by the lighting artist and designer, Michael Batz from Hamburg, during one week in June Lighting up the hospital and the other buildings around the Koberg are 60 lamps supplied by huge electric cables, costing.

Aber wenigstens konnte man das Ganze eine Woche lang bewundern, jeden Abend kamen viele Leute zum Koberg, um das ihn erleuchtet zu sehen. Today, Tonsberg is a hectic, modern small city, and the capital of the Vestfold county. Trade, education and tourism have replaced shipping and whaling as the most important businesses. This is the hotspot for urban trendsetters who have refurbished lovely wooden houses located amongst birch and maple trees between the rock Slottsfjellet and the sea. Die Gegend ist beliebt bei urbanen Trendsettern, die liebevoll.

Juni — der Tag nach dem traditionellen Mittsommernachtsfest. Nemiga is one of the most attractive streets in our city and is named after a river that once flowed underneath. Indeed, the city was first mentioned in historical chronicles in. Nemiga Street is in the very heart of the city and is surrounded by beautiful green parks. Troitskoe Predmestie is a small district near Nemiga — a glorious collection of 19th and even 18th century buildings in the very center of modern Minsk, a city symmetrically designed with its wide embankments flanking the Svisloch River.

In one of its most respected independent record stores — Optimal — was 25 years old, and the owners threw a fabulous party. And the origins of the Oktoberfest are also fascinating. It was first established during the reign of Crown Prince Ludwig, later to. All Munich citizens were invited to join in the festivities to celebrate that happy royal event in a meadow in front of the city. Oktober die Prinzessin Therese von Sachsen- Hildburghausen heiratete. Today, the Oktoberfest is one of the largest international festivals, with some six million visitors from all around the world.

Indeed, it has been a destination for many actors: Clark Gable spent some summers here in the s, while Marlene Dietrich was a regular summer guest in the s. St Gilgen is located directly on Lake Wolfgang, surrounded by spectacular alpine scenery, where cows and horses graze on the pastures during the summer. In winter, the beautiful snow-clad. Gilgen liegt direkt am Wolfgangsee, umgeben von einer. St Gilgen is a popular tourist destination and the local traditions are a big attraction. Gilgen ist ein beliebtes Touristenziel, und auch die. Since my childhood I have observed that people living in urban and rural areas tend to have different views on life.

I believed. I realized that I had misunderstood those issues as I was approaching my 30th birthday, when the urban smog, noise and the frantic pace of city life became unbearable. Ich begann zu verstehen, dass ich wohl geirrt hatte, als mein. And yet, in recent years, I have got to know people who value. Altes wird. The city has been the focal point for different nationalities to meet through endless decades — and has charmed them all. While most cities are recognized for architecture, history and great cultural legacies, Istanbul has a wealth of these that makes it more than any other city.

Its moderate climate has attracted people of every generation to settle in the city, giving it a cosmopolitan mix of races and religions. The deep blue waters of the Bosphorus separate the two distinctive continents whilst also bringing them together in a form of harmony. Das tiefblaue Wasser des Bosporus trennt die beiden so. Its ancient buildings and different cultures and creeds have combined with a natural beauty and a great maritime environment. Deshalb bin ich auch froh, hier zu leben.

I love photographing people going about their daily business. Opernhaus, die Scala. Nicht allzu viele Leute scheinen zu wissen, dass es bei uns im Winter schneit. Der Schnee verwandelt die Stadt in einen verzauberten Ort, der so ganz anders aussieht als sonst. With the start of the Portuguese Age of Discoveries during the 15th century, Lisbon was transformed into a trading hotspot for.

Erst Mitte des Jahrhunderts wurde Lissabon dann zur Hauptstadt Portugals. Ich habe mein ganzes Leben in Lissabon verbracht und bin immer noch verzaubert von den vielen interessanten Ecken und Winkeln, von denen einige auf meinen Fotos zu sehen sind. It was as the sun was beginning to fall — on a day when every Londoner was reminded of their vulnerability to mindless terrorism — that I noticed the bridge begin to lift to make way for a paddle ferry.

The bridge lifts about three times a day, however that occurence was something that I had not witnessed in the six years I have lived in London. Es ist besonders beliebt bei den Druckern, die hier ihre abendlichen Kaffepausen geniessen. I travel a lot and have visited many resorts, yet I find this town is ideal for those looking for a quiet corner to be close to nature.

Perhaps one of the more interesting walking tours close to the town is to Dovbysh Rocks, named after the Ukrainian Robin Hood — Oleska Dovbysh — who used to hide in the mountains that can reach meters above sea level. Part of the charm of this region is the 17th century wooden Hutsul church. This is the name given to perhaps the most colorful of the Ukrainian people.

They are historically independent, skilled. The rolling hills, sometimes misty, yet always green, must have. Any other day we are spoilt when it comes to spotting dolphins playing in the surf, as they play there regularly. Time spent on the beach, relaxing, reading, flying kites, walking, sometimes jogging, is food for the soul. The south coast is. Und auch bei Nacht ist es ein aufregendes Bild, besonders bei Vollmond. Und was in den Wellen spielende Delfine angeht, da stumpft man hier fast ein bisschen ab, wo man sie doch dauernd sieht. There are so many activities to keep you busy!

He was previously features editor for the Arab edition of PC Magazine. Lew Baxter ist Chefredakteur von cities International Publishers. Er reist viel in Israel herum und lebt in Haifa, einer Stadt, die er als eines der heimlichen Juwelen des Landes bezeichnet. He writes about computers, consumer electronics, computer games and comic books, for which he has a long-standing passion.

His partner Sofie lives and works in Sarajevo and Steffen spends most weekends there. Seine Partnerin Sofie lebt und arbeitet in Sarajevo, und so verbringt Steffen dort die meisten Wochenenden. A digital imaging expert he is editor-inchief of Fotografia Reflex and a former editor of Fotografare. He has a passion for unusual photography. Seine Leidenschaft ist unkonventionelle Fotografie. Sein Bonmot: Ohne Bulldozer keine ordentliche Stadt.

Norway and Sweden. A keen photographer since a boy he is a former editor-in-chief of a popular Italian photographic magazine. Her keen interest is photography that focuses on people and their interaction with the urban environment. Ihr besonderes Interesse gilt der Fotografie, in deren Mittelpunkt die Wechselwirkung von Menschen und ihrem urbanen Umfeld steht.

HP Lab University — Tenerife. He works as a color scientist for Hewlett-Packard. Jason ist Wissenschaftler und Farbspezialist bei Hewlett-Packard. Alongside others they carry out product testing for HP and IT magazines. He began taking photographs at 12 years of age and enjoys traveling around the world with his digital camera. Er wurde in einer kleinen Stadt bei Moskau geboren und begann mit 12 zu fotografieren. Heute reist er gerne mit seiner Digitalkamera um die Welt. Er sagt, dass die einzigartigen Bauwerke und die wunderbare Architektur die abenteuerreiche Geschichte widerspiegeln.

American Society of Cinematographers. His main field is computer peripherals and communications and he also writes for the Hungarian edition of CHIP magazine. He lives in Sarajevo and works in the IT field. The words are by his friend, Dr Gordan Tahirovic, who shares his love of the city. Jetzt lebt er in Sarajevo und arbeitet im IT-Sektor. Der Text stammt von seinem Freund Dr.

Gordan Tahirovic, der die Liebe zu dieser Stadt teilt. His celebrated images are published and exhibited worldwide. He has published five photographic books and a CD-Rom. Elliott ist Herausgeber von. He has written several highly regarded books on public relations and is a member of the Institute of Public Relations. Photography is one of his favorite hobbies, particularly since the introduction of digital cameras. She graduated with honors in communication studies and sociology from the University of Malta. She also studied at the University of Tasmania and is planning to read for a Masters degree in journalism.

He is a keen photographer. His images reflect a changing city, but one that still has a human face. He is editorin-chief of DiGi Revue and loves his home city, photography and computers and, most importantly, his family, especially his daughter. Peter Orvisky lebt in Bratislava, kommt aber aus Pie. The photograph is his tribute to the past. Das Foto ist ein Beitrag dazu. He is also a keen amateur photographer. Und er ist ein begeisterter Amateurfotograf. He enjoys photographing the wonderful scenic views and townscapes of Norway. His friend, Stepan Churyukanov, took a number of the photos in this contribution to Urban Reflections.

He is a freelance journalist working for several photographic and IT magazines, a disc jockey and occasional photographer who likes taking realistic pictures. His favorite subjects are the contrast between man and his environment and nature.

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He has exhibited his work widely. Er stellt viele seiner Arbeiten aus. He became a filmmaker in his late 20s and launched Skrein Films. He is the publisher of the acclaimed book Snapshots. Christian Skrein wurde in Wien geboren und begann seine Fotografen-Karriere, als er gerade 17 war.

Er ist ein leidenschaftlicher Fotograf, besonders wenn es um die. He has loved so many different spots in Lisbon since he was a child. The portrait photo of Tiago was taken by his friend Rui Peres. He has an extensive portfolio of work that has been published in newspapers, magazines and books.

He is the co-founder of cities Guy Woodland ist ein mehrfach ausgezeichneter Fotograf, der viel in Afrika, Australien und Europa gearbeitet hat. Communication is the heart of what makes us human, what makes the world go round. Powerful communications that make a difference, that go beyond the ordinary, that can transform,. We are pleased to be a partner in Urban Reflections, a book that puts the focus on communication in a changing world. IncrediBullideas is a creative communication company that makes your brand work on an international.

The experienced team is a highly diverse roster of indiviDr. David Bull. We are pleased to support the Urban Reflections book. Die Mitglieder des erfahrenen Teams sind hoch qualifiziert und spezialisiert darauf, Ergebnisse zu bringen. Echo Research — the awardwinning global leader in communication research and longterm partner of Hewlett-Packard — is delighted to offer its support for the Urban Reflections book.

Our role is to provide research services to help our worldwide clients understand the structure of their reputations and their relationships with. This project is a trail blazing book partnership with the global multi-national organisation Hewlett-Packard and puts the focus on global ur See More. Es machte deutlich, wie sehr das most significant social processes within the last years.

Fotografen, Journalisten und High-Tech-Spezialisten aus einem The idea was to create a fascinating visual record of geografisch sehr weiten Rahmen zeigt, der Europa, den Nahen urbanization over the early years of the 21st century. We are also grateful for the friendly guidance and advice Knowlton, IncrediBullideas und Echo Research. What is a city? It is a large and densely populated urban area. Among his Prominente. In dieser Zeit overpopulated communities. Festival fand. Elliot war der offizielle Fotograf des Festivals.

Derzeit photographic book collections. Ende 20 schlug er eine andere Richtung vacation. Dann warf er das Handtuch, um in den folgenden 15 Skrein Films. For the next 25 years he successfully helped sell sodas, cigarettes, candy and lingerie and won many awards for his creative Jahren Unternehmen aufzukaufen, zu sanieren sie dann, versehen mit neuen Konzepten und Strategien, wieder zu verkaufen. As an artist his in einem breiten Spektrum, das von Malerei bis Belletristik reicht.

He believes it is now possible to escape from Herz und Hirn verbunden sein, meint er. Slowenien, Irland und Australien hin und her. In he will exhibit at the Marseille. Wir sind zunehmend miteinander verbunden ing a key role in this. Und oft ist es eben genau der Fotografie zu becoming one.

Urban Reflections - 21st Century Cities by Guy Woodland - Issuu

Die changes, or notice the subtler ones that might otherwise escape Leute sind dauernd in Bewegung, und beim Aufbruch in die our attention. People are constantly on the move and, in the digital einen mobilen Mini-Drucker im Hosentaschenformat. The gallery der Stadt beheimatet ist, und war danach in Paris, Moskau und starts out as an empty space and welcomes submissions from Mailand zu Gast.

Wer etwas sieht, button thanks to editing software. Es over 30 years, at which point four out of five urban residents will wird damit gerechnet, dass sich die Zahl der Stadtbewohner in gut be living in cities, again mostly in developing countries. A stark example vor is Detroit, once a dynamic hub for the automobile industry. Weiter control of the planners. The UN announced that erzeugter Dezentralisierung und nun auch in der Verbreitung des the reconstruction work would take up to five years, and could cost Terrorismus. Unsere Lebensweise warming and — a highly contentious point — by definition considers und unsere urbane Umwelt werden im Jahrhundert zu einer the growth of cities and urbanization as a major influencing factor.

Politische oder gesellschaftliche visions of a group of photojournalists and hi-tech specialists spread Bewertungen sind nicht beabsichtigt.

Why Europe?: The Medieval Origins of Its Special Path

Im Osmanischen Reich war Aleppo ein buildings today. Viele der traditionellen where, and a cup of coffee, tea or a meal in a traditional setting is Khans, der Karawansereien also, sind bis heute in Betrieb. As a cameraman I have seen both the Ich habe mein ganzes Leben in Kapstadt verbracht, good and bad sides of this remarkable city, which at times has a aufgewachsen bin ich in Walmer Estate.

Als Kameramann habe really wild feel to it. I love scuba diving and can be in the warm bemerkenswerten Stadt gesehen, die manchmal hart sein kann. Ich bin begeisterter side of the city and dive into the cold Atlantic. Scuba-Taucher und kann eben noch im warmen Indischen Ozean One of my favorite spots is Bo-Kaap, once a home to slaves. Hier sind es nicht The contrast is considerable and yet, like its bigger metro- mal 3. Heute ist Llangollen weitgehend ein Touristenort, die important in Wales.

Das ist umso peinlicher, als man mit dem Auto Aviv, and less than two hours from Jerusalem. For me, Haifa is more than a city, and more than a residence In Haifa sieht man Araber und Juden zusammen arbeiten, or even a home. You Harmonie etwas anhaben. Can anyone resist such Wohnort und sogar mehr als Heimat. Die in so einzigartiger Weise a city? I doubt it. Can I? Certainly not! Here you feel right in muss ins Altstadtviertel Bascarsija in Sarajevo gehen. Der pretty strong — coffee, together with the view and the lively hervorragende Kaffee, der wirklich stark ist, und der Ausblick und atmosphere, will make you feel at home instantly.

Christian, Muslim and Orthodox religions exist side by side. So you need lots of time to really appreciate architektonisches Wunder machen. Bascarsija and to meet its people and enjoy the lifestyle. Steffen Blum 50 Dubai — United Arab Emirates Dubai — Vereinigte Arabische Emirate Dubai is the incarnation of your wildest dreams: underwater hotels; palm islands; snow slopes in the desert; rotating cities; the tallest building in the world; and unbelievable skyscrapers.

Und mit einer langen Geschichte und Boasting one of the oldest harbors in the Middle East, the history of Dubai is as old as the Arab civilisation itself. Suche nach Erinnerungen an das Leben im alten Rom. Reiches einst halb Europa eroberten. Ein dressed in ancient costume but using the latest appliances. While Madrid is my center of operations, and where I have the Kampfstierrennen von Sanfermines. Yet, it is in Galicia that I still find the best and often surprising topics for my reports.

I have made my living as a ich fotografieren gelernt habe und an dem meine Karriere als photojournalist this way ever since and I really enjoy the work.

Biogeography and Ecology in South America

Journalist und Fotograf begann. Yet, for me, the best photographs are rarely published as I keep them to share with my friends. Next year in Australien. Zu letzterem habe ich Fotos gemacht, die zeigen, wie Arles, where I will present images along with sound pieces and a ich eine Vinyl-Schallplatte bearbeite. Images give information mostly Sinne beschreiben.

Orte zu zeigen, an denen ich lebe. Am ansprechendsten fand ich The camera is a wonderful tool but the real excitement about mein Haus in Cantal und gleich danach den Panoramablick von the new digital camera is that the boundaries between different meinem Balkon in Paris. Heute gibt es universities and higher education institutions in the city. And the existence of many still undiscovered and hidden Wahrzeichen sowohl des antiken, als auch des modernen Rom. The city had not changed much until lately. Aber jetzt now facing the 21st century with its own share of innovation and ist auch sie im Jahrhundert mit moderner Innovation hi-tech developments such as multimedia conferences, wireless und High-Tech, und so gibt es Multimedia-Konferenzen, wireless services and interactive computer centers.

Services und interaktive Computer-Zentren. Die am 4. Die Energie und der Lebensrhythmus seiner western sector of the city center. Originally known as the Einwohner machen Johannesburg zu einem pulsierenden Zentrum Brickfields — later named Burghersdorp — it is transforming into a Afrikas, und in seiner kulturellen Vielfalt ist eine reiche vibrant creative area.

Within kertes Township mit Meinetwegen in eines der neuen or the city park called Maksimir. Das lebhafte 10 days and is regarded as one of the most unique in Europe. Fest dauert 10 Tage und gilt als eines der einzigartigsten in Europa. The nylon envelope stretches als Einzelteile am Boden gelegen. Set-up complete, a large fan propels cold air into the envelope. Once the Besatzung halten den Hals des Ballons offen, ein dritter greift die envelope is full, Marion lights the burners. Erst langsam morning sun. Die Besatzung muss packen — die Verfolgungsjagd beginnt! On cool mornings she can take aloft den Park zu einem kleinen Brunch mit Champagner -Toast auf three passengers plus pilot for a memorable ride over the Treasure eine gelungene Ballonfahrt.

Valley landscape. Sie reflected in a rich legacy which moves from folktales to reality, spiegelt sich in einem reichen Erbe von Dichtung und Wahrheit takes in the ancient and modern, and stretches from beer to coffee ebenso wieder, wie in der Verbindung von Tradition und Moderne — all offering an enjoyable life in the city. All dies macht die Stadt so lebenswert. They gave it a biblical name — Tabor. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. New Used 7.

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