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It is also versatile enough to be dressed down without a tie. Light blue suits are ideal for outdoor events, from polo to luncheons, galas or daytime weddings. This shade can be worn with most colours; especially lighter shades of neutral, grey and white. All of our suits have an excellent fit, ensuring that you never have to feel uncomfortable in a suit that may be too baggy or too tight. Browse our selection of finely made blue suits to choose the hue that suits your preferences, and experience our long-standing legacy of quality and style.

The Classic Blue Suit A blue suit can be your wardrobe's workhorse.

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He described him as a very tall man with a long face and blue suit. Grandpa agreed to get his hat, and once he handed the hat to him, the man thanked him and dropped a silver dollar in the child's hand. When grandpa came back in the house, flipping the coin, his dad got mad that he "took" someone's money, and the two looked for the old man, but he wasn't around the house.

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His grandma asked him what he looked like, and when Grandpa explained what he looked like, his grandma held her hand over her mouth and was shocked to where she left the room. She returned with an album and asked Grandpa if she could recognize him in the photos. Grandpa pointed to a man in the photo, saying that was the man who gave him the dollar. Grandma hugged her grandson and said that man was Mr.

Men shouldn't wear brown shoes with blue suit, Kudlow says: report - Business Insider

Knowing and applying what works is a big part of your fashion approach. Selecting a white shirt or a bright pink can blend wonderfully; allowing the navy blue suit to pop.

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  8. Black or navy blue ties work well with these suits as well. Brown or black loafers or lace ups are your best options so choose at your leisure. Choosing a good a material should be your first mission before all else.

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    Keep in mind that for those heated days, the best materials for the temperature are cotton and linen as they are more breathable. Navy-blue suits do well in court.

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    The perfect mix of business and pleasure. Company luncheons are not uncommon and your buddy the navy-suit has your back, literally. Navy blue is like the bread and butter of suits. Knowing how to pair your accessories efficiently as well as knowing what to look out for when you need to make a purchase is essential. Making the navy blue suit a member of the family is always the right choice.