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With their exceptional characterizations, evocative setting, and smartly plotted mysteries, Peter Bowen's Montana novels have always fascinated readers and critics alike. In The Stick Game, Bowen's lyrical, spare writing carries us once again to a pa In Toussaint, Montana, old family secrets, forgotten for more than one hundred years, come to light after a young woman and her land-owning parents die under suspicious circumstances.

When Larry Messmer, the brother and son of the victims, auctions o Du Pre remembers when you could send animal skins to Sears Roebuck and get merchandise in return. Now the wolves are gone from the mountains, and outsiders want them back. The trouble is, a tussle over wildlife is getting people killed. First, two He's a grandfather.

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He's not pretty. But the women won't leave him alone And neither will the truth. Under a wide Montana sky he plays the fiddle and dreams of the Red River. He talks to his ancestors and sees his youngest girl go from punk Now the intrepid scout meets his greatest challenge: Theodore Roosevelt. He's cant The raunchy, picaresque memoirs of Yellowstone Kelly--Indian fighter, adventurer, scout, and scoundrel--chronicles his frontier odyssey, secret missions for General Grant, and the colorful people he encounters along the way The fictional memoirs of Civil War veteran, scout, and explorer record his adventures in the Old West, the massacre of the Plains Indians, his journey to Africa, and the elimination of the Zulu Nation as a power We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB.

By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 19 titles. A Gabriel Du Pre Mystery - The Tumbler. Ash Child.

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A Gabriel Du Pre Mystery - 9. Cruzatte and Maria. A Gabriel Du Pre Mystery - 8. Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse. Benny Klein slowed to a crawl. He'd had a deer come through the windshield of his truck some time ago, and he did not want another deer to do that. The Eide place was in clear view now. The buildings were red with fire.

A roof collapsed and a gout of sparks shot skyward. There were several trucks and cars parked well away from the flames. Everything was gone. Even the metal equipment shed was blackened, the siding buckled by the heat. A burst of yellow and red and black flame shot out of the metal building.

A fuel tank had blown. He walked over toward the main house, now a place of glowing walls and crackling heat. Old logs, cut over a century ago and dragged here with draft horses, laid up, chinked with moss and mud at first and later wire and concrete. Take a long time to burn. No smell of burning flesh. The Eides had left all their stock on the winter range but sold most of the farming equipment at auction. Odd, because the ranch was good only for raising cattle, and without equipment very little could be done.

They either were bringing other machinery, or they had no intention of running cattle on the land. Not one building had escaped. Only the junkyard, where old trucks and cars and equipment sat, awaiting cannibalizing, was not on fire.

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He found one. The track of a fuse, laid into the last long low shed. A faint black smear on the yellow-gray earth. He saw a movement. Someone had been sitting in the comfort of an old truck cab, watching the fires and the people who had come too late.

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The man stepped out of the shadows then. He was dressed in a dark shirt, oddly cut, with very baggy sleeves and long collar points, high soft Apache moccasins, and dark pants. Now I would suggest you return to your mob there and tell them they must leave. This is a private property. The fires were set safely, and no one is wanted here. It was another man, a dark one, dressed in the same odd clothing.

He began to trot toward the people. The man did not look up until he was ten feet away, and then he slowed and locked eyes with Benny Klein. I guess I need to call the Sheriff. They're one of those Californian millennial sects. If this ain't enough to piss off the Pope Ended up in the can for tax fraud and attempted murder, I recall.

It's about good for cows and a dozen people, tops. That's some tough country. Hell, there's hardly any water. We haven't got that many people here in Cooper County, damn it, we don't need this. Booger Tom came in, limping a little. He'd been kicked working some fresh horses a few days before. Bid and truck 'em yourself. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book!

The Tumbler: A Montana Mystery Featuring Gabriel Du Pré, Book 11 (Unabridged)

Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Badlands : When a mysterious cult takes over a cattle ranch, the people of Toussaint try to ignore their suspicious behavior. Behind their peaceful smiles, evil lurks. Another wonderful adventure in a great series. About the Author. Peter Bowen b. Listening to their stories, some of which stretched back to the s, Bowen found inspiration for his later fiction. Following time at the University of Michigan and the University of Montana, Bowen published his first novel, Yellowstone Kelly , in Bowen continues to live and write in Livingston, Montana.

Show More. But there wasn't a choice. It is what it is. Oh, he thought, he is called Bud by everybody but his wife. Bud Eide was off with a knot of ranchers, all of them laughing too hard.

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The news that the Eides were selling out and going was only two days old. Madelaine shrugged. Maybe the Martins, they buy it, add another thirty thousand acres, have a hundred ninety. Bart Fascelli would have bought it, certain, leased it back to the Eides. But they would not ride what they did not own. His eyes were glistening.

Then they got into the vehicles and drove away, some headed east and others west. He held out the scrubby plant. There was dust in it, and winter. He sighed. What they do with all them cows? It is the spring they are out, but drive off, leave them? New owners bought the cattle, some millions there. You are coming to supper tonight" "I am not hungry," said Benetsee, grinning, his mouth twisted like a wrung rag.

Madelaine crooked a finger at him. Scare the shit out of me. Benetsee nodded. There was a faint glow on the horizon to the east of the mountains. Too many fires for it not to be arson. Some them Eides end up in jail, sure. Benny looked at the burning buildings. He followed the smear. It led to the junkyard. He saw a glow. The red end of a cigarette. It was safely in the glove box of his cruiser. He was young, in his twenties, blond and fair.

They both laughed. He turned and looked back toward the junkyard. She pointed. He looked grim. His face was very red. The Host of Yahweh had bought the Eide ranch, Foote had said. A cult from California.

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Bart nodded. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Dead Man's Guns. Rescued by settlers, an injured lawman fights to regain his memoryHis horse shot out from Rescued by settlers, an injured lawman fights to regain his memoryHis horse shot out from under him, the sheriff scrambles across ragged wasteland, desperate to outrun the four riders behind him.

Bullets sing through the air as the chase comes View Product. Death on Treasure Trail.

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