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Ran Oron, a helicopter navigator, found that it is possible to ascend, or better said, to fly with a different mission: to look down and see the earth opening in front of his eyes, or imagination, new possibilities, not of destruction but of construction. It is not by chance that I chose the word tzir in the title. I assume that Ran Oron is aware of the different meanings that the word has in Hebrew: The tzir is the axis-mondi, the vertical column between earth and sky.

Translation of "Silat al-Tzir" in Russian

It is the angel, the messenger from the heavens to the earth; upon the tzir the door opens and closes. And it is also the pain of a woman in labor. In order to combine these different meanings the imagination of a creator is needed maybe there is an etymological connection between the word tzir and the word yetzira which means to create.

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The reason is that a piece of meat that has no tzir to expel is not subject to the rules of releasing. We do say k'bolo kach polto for meat that has tzir in a case of great loss according to the Rema.

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When it becomes forbidden, however, it becomes forbidden immediately. Therefore, after 12 hours it is forbidden unless there is a great loss.

One should not follow the Maharshal who ruled that it may be permitted for up to 24 hours even without a great loss. The reason is that since it did not go through the required salting period it still has blood to expel, and then the principle that as it expels its own blood it will expel other blood as well applies.

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It is because over there we are dealing with a different case such as kosher and non-kosher fish that was soaked together. However regarding meat, a whole day is required.

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  8. Another possibility is because here we are dealing with a case of a vessel with holes, in which any other way would make it prohibited even post facto even according to the Rema. But in a vessel with holes all would agree that it would require a full day. This requires further study.

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    However, according to the Rema one should go back and re-wash and re-salt it, and if it was cooked without a second washing one can permit it in a case of great loss. So we can permit it in a case of great loss and say that as it expels its tzir it will expel blood as well. However, after twelve hours it is forbidden even in a case of great loss. If one is not careful, the pores will close since it is after the required salting time, We do not follow the Bach who rules that even a light washing will close its pores.