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Joey is desperate and blasts his way inside, searching for Dana. She isn't the only one on his mind as the carnage escalates. His childhood friend, Matty, is also missing; the two of them always planned for a zombie apocalypse. Joey's parents, and their house in the rural areas outside of town, weigh on his mind.

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Robert Decoteau reviewed on on April 14, Quick Look- If you like zombies, you'll like this novella. Di Spirito mixes slow Romero style zombies with the modern sprinters.

Zombified, Episode 1: Wooneyville by Matt Di Spirito - Read Online

He takes the best of both worlds and creates an entertaining and enthralling night of terror for his characters. Full Review- The story is told in third person limited, so you get the feeling of following along with the main character. It doesn't take long to start identifying with him and his plight. The natural human responses are accurate and this allows the reader to suspend disbelief. There's nothing worse than reading about almost super hero type characters as they annihilate a town of zombies. Di Spirito's character are all too human. Each has flaws and quirks and emotions.

Matt's characters laugh and cry, they vomit and they run for their lives in all the right places. Some of his characters are shocked into paralysis, others run screaming in terror begging for help, and still others just have that 'kill now cry later' attitude. The mix gives it a realism. Kill-basa: New Flavors in Zombie Horror.

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Five Dark Ends. Last Next Time. Matty is determined to survive.

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The deaths pile up. Classmates and love interests aren't safe from the flesh-eating monsters. Matty faces a string of decisions where he is forced to choose between saving another and saving himself. His plan is simple: meet up with his lifelong friend, Joey, in Wooneyville. A city of zombies stands in the way. The stage is set; the zombies have overrun society.

Whoever survives will be forced to head for the promise of safety and shelter at Timmons National Guard base. Ebooks and Manuals

Their fate is revealed in the final chapter: "Zombified, Episode 3: Garden Harbor". It is not intended for minors.

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