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12 Inspirational Quotes All Animal Lovers Should Know - The Dodo

Human beings have always had something of a bipolar relationship with the millions of other species with which we share the planet. We are fascinated by them, often dazzled by them. They can be magnificently beautiful, for one thing: the explosive color and frippery of a bird of paradise, the hallucinatory variety of the fish in a coral reef, the otherworldly markings and architecture of a giraffe.

Even the plain or ugly animals — consider the naked, leathery grayness of the rhino or elephant — have a certain solidity and equipoise to them. And to see an animal at what appears to be play — the breaching dolphin, the swooping raptor — is to think that it might be fun to have a taste, a tiny taste, of their lives. But because we have certain uses in mind for them. We need them to entertain us, in our circuses and zoos and stage shows. And most of all, we need them to feed us, with their eggs and milk and their very flesh.

A few favored beasts do get a pass — dogs, cats, some horses — but the rest are little more than tools for our use.

But that view is becoming impossible to sustain — as a new TIME book reveals. There are the gorillas and bonobos that can do the same with sign language or pictograms. Winter is a tough time for birds and other small creatures as food can become buried beneath snow or frozen ground. Scatter seeds in your yard, nearby parks. Credibility is all we have to go on.

Nothing gets done without total commitment and outrage mixed with political realism. Never assume anything: Check everything out yourself, at the source. Establish the credibility that when we start something, we finish it. With such track record, we then move to bigger struggles and more significant victories. No congressional bill or legal gimmickry by itself will save the animals. The courts can, at best, open up the possibility for us to intervene in defense of animals, but the courts will not act until effective protests disrupt the system's orderly operation.

Abolition: Some reformers waste their time condemning abolitionists as standing in the way of achievable gain, while some abolitionists are busy condemning reformers as betrayers of the cause. But the issue is not about philosophical purity vs. Abolition -The Final Word. Louis Animal Rights Team "'Violence' vs. Passivism: Last Century's 'Underground Railroad' illegally helped human slaves escape from bondage. They recognized the laws that legalized slavery were morally wrong and should not be legitimized with compliance.

They risked their own freedom by violating the property rights of slave owners and leading slaves to freedom. Animals are covertly removed from danger and placed in foster care facilities. No human or non-human animal is ever harmed in any way. Robert A. The moderates in our movement have precious little basis for reprehending those who raid laboratories or engage in 'ecotage'. To paraphrase Seneca - 'Extremism in the cause of compassion is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Martin Luther King "And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him that it is right. Albert Leffingwell, M. There's no slavery more degrading to character than the ignoble fear of standing for truth and justice without the multitudes clamoring approbation and support.

We should do most anything to advance the animal rights cause. All the bickering may make the one step forward Allan Bullington "If social activism required human perfection, nothing would ever get done. Thankfully, we don't have to be perfect to show people how to prevent the suffering of others.

Animal language and thought

In the long run, the best we can do is to make sure we're doing the best we can do ourselves and to speak out for all living beings. Anyone can become a 'nonprofit' society, make occasional mailings of heart-rending pictures and just wait for the contributions to shower in It takes a genuine animal person or group to devote maximum time, hard work and money towards the total liberation of all animals, including doing 'dirty work' when needed and refraining from any and all use of animals and their products, even compassion for insects, etc.

Contribute only to those who, in your conscience, qualify!!! School of Law "We need to reshape the movement as one of grassroots activists, and not 'professional activists' who populate the seemingly endless number of national animal rights groups. For many people, activism has become writing a check to a national group that is very pleased to have you leave it to them. Although it is important to give financial support to worthy efforts only, giving money is not enough and giving to the wrong groups can actually do more harm than good.

Animals don't need to learn humans' ways or 'be helped' for whose benefit? Eric Eckholm "One animal or plant species may become extinct every hour. Phil Becker "What is 'Animal Rights'? It is the philosophy of allowing nonhuman animals to have the most basic rights that all sentient beings desire: the freedom to live a natural life free from human exploitation, pain and suffering, and premature death. This is what the animal rights movement is about, it is not about working for equality between human and nonhuman animals.

Animal welfare seeks to alleviate the suffering of animals while they are being exploited - without attempting to question the fundamental basis of whether it is acceptable to exploit animals in the first place. Animal rights beliefs reject the idea that animals need to have a value to the human species in order to be deserving of rights. Reverence for Life "Distinguishing a true gentleman is his instinctive chivalry at all times and on all occasions toward the weak and defenseless, be it human or be it nonhuman.

Richard Calore "Many times I'm told I should stop protecting animals and start protecting people. Their suffering is my suffering, but at least they can talk for their own defense; animals cannot! Ella Wheeler Wilcox "So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind while just the art of being kind, is all the sad world needs.

Thomas Alva Edison "The money one gets for selling one's soul is always spent in deadening one's conscience, so the net gain at the end of a lifetime is no greater than if the diabolic bargain had not been struck. Walt Whitman "I think I could turn and live with animals, They are so placid and self-contained! I stand and look at them long and long, They do not sweat and whine about their condition, they do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins, they do not make me sick discussing their duty to God, Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things, Not one kneels to another, nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago, Not one is respectable or unhappy over the whole earth.

Schopenhauer "The assumption that animals are without rights and the illusion that our treatment of them has no moral significance is a positively outrageous example of Western crudity and barbarity. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality. They can suffer just as we do. Bill Kern, Dept. Lewis Mumford "One of the functions of intelligence is to take account of the dangers that come from trusting solely to the intelligence. James Boswell "But the question is, whether the animals who endure such sufferings of various kinds for the service and entertainment of man, would accept existence upon the terms on which they have it.

Charlie Rose Former Representative "I am not willing to let the market-place determine the future of the animal kingdom. World Society for the Protection of Animals "If you don't think animal protection is a battle, consider the weapons we're up against: harpoon; leg-hold trap; cockfighting spur; puntilla knife used in the slaughter of livestock in certain countries ; ferao used in Brazil to poke out the eyes of cattle before leading them to slaughter ; hakapik used to club baby seals Vernon Howard "What domestication and human 'help' read slavery does to animals.

From Taoism: 'A carefree band of horses galloped spiritedly around the hills and meadows. They dined on green grass and drank clear water form cool streams. Living freely, naturally and contentedly. Along came a horse-trainer named Polo. He captured the unsuspecting horses, declaring, 'I know what is best for them. Then he made them perform in public. They were forced to trot about in precise formation to the crackling commands of a whip. The once-carefree horses turned into mechanical performers tired, sick, afraid Jeremy Bentham , Philosopher, Oxford University "I don't care whether animals are capable of thinking; all I care about is that they are capable of suffering!

Unknown "We are all victims of the violence that animals suffer Brother John "Recorded history shows the relationship between human and animal has been very one-sided! Is the purpose of life for the indulgence of selfish desires? Or a medium for soul growth? If we behave brutally or selfishly, then we are brutes and selfish. No religious label or outward facade alters this truth. Can we believe in and preach life after death, and yet be party to murdering millions of innocent animals via the blood-drenched abattoir, vivisection, fur trade, 'games', entertainment, 'sports'???

Save the species for whom??? Humans' convenience, of course! When the right numbers are reached, their holocaust starts all over again! I'd rather see an entire species extinct than in the hands of the humans! Brigid Brophy "To us it seems incredible that the Greek philosophers should have scanned so deeply into right and wrong and yet never noticed the immorality of slavery. Perhaps years from now it will seem equally incredible that we do not notice the immorality of our own oppression of animals.

Enslaving them forever, then murdering them, THEN calling them 'dumb'!!! Vernon Howard "Cruelty practiced as a matter of social principle or public policy, and presented to the community as a means to a higher goal is the most obscene and decadent phenomenon of any civilization. Vernon Howard "The Truth must be told at all costs, no matter how unpopular it may be.

The authentic spiritual leader, having freed himself of his own false need to be popular, tells the Truth whether it falls on fertile or stony ground. Such a teacher is the salt of the earth, though few know it. If you think the world is delirious as is, you would find it intolerable without his healing influence. Arthur Schopenhauer "[T]he moralists of Europe [have] pretended that beasts have no rights Hitopadesa "Life is as dear to others as it is to oneself. Good men bear this in mind and are merciful to all living creatures. Danshiell "The lack of humane education is the principal cause of crime.

Lord Walter Russell Brain "I personally can see no reason for conceding mind to my fellow men and denying it to animals I at least cannot doubt that the interests and activities of animals are correlated with awareness and feeling in the same way as my own, and which may be, for aught I know, just as vivid.

Unknown "He [the truly ethical man] breaks no leaf from the tree, plucks no flower, is careful to crush no insect with his feet. When he works by his lamp in the summer evening, he prefers to keep his window shut and to breathe the stifling air rather than to see insect after insect falling on his table with singed wings. If after a rain he is walking on the road and sees an earthworm gone astray, he remembers it will dry up in the sun if it does not get back in time to the earth into which it can burrow, and helps it from the fatal stones into the grass.

If he comes upon an insect fallen into a puddle, he takes time to save it by extending a leaf or a stalk to it. He is not afraid of being laughed at as sentimental.

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It is the fate of every truth to be ridiculed before it is recognized. It was once considered stupid to think colored men were really human and must be treated humanely. The time is coming when people will be amazed that it took so long for mankind to recognize that thoughtless injury to life is incompatible with ethics. Henry Ward Beecher "For fidelity, devotion, love, many a two-legged animal is below the dog and the horse. Happy would it be for thousands of people if they could stand at last before the Judgment Seat and say 'I have loved as truly and I have lived as decently as my dog.

Lloyd Biggle, Jr. On life's scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest Ernest Bell "The man who is described as behaving 'like a beast' would often in his behavior be a disgrace to any known animal. Will Cuppy "If an animal does something we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence!

George Louis Leclerk de Buffon "He [man] abuses equally other animals and his own species, the rest of whom live in famine, languish in misery, and work only to satisfy the immoderate appetite and the still more insatiable vanity of this human being who, destroying others by want, destroys himself by excess. Ernest Bell "The old assumption that animals acted exclusively by instinct, while man had a monopoly of reason, is, we think, maintained by few people nowadays who have any knowledge at all about animals. We can only wonder that so absurd a theory could have been held for so long a time as it was, when on all sides the evidence of animals' power of reasoning is crushing.

Ernest Bell "Man is an almost hopelessly conceited animal, this pygmy! He thinks that not only the earth with all that it contains was created for his benefit, but also the sky, the sun, and indeed, the whole universe, as far as he has any knowledge of it, were designed for his purposes and welfare. Lord Henry Bolingbroke "I think it indisputable that the distance between the intellectual faculties of different men is greater than that between the same faculties in some men and some other animals. Rosa Bonheur "The horse is, like man, the most beautiful and the most miserable of creatures, only, in the case of man, it is vice or property that makes him ugly.

He is responsible for his own decadence, while the horse is only a slave. Anna Sewell "There is no religion without love. If it does not teach to be good and kind to beast as well as man it is all a sham. Mitchell "Cruelty to animals is a two-edged sword, injuring not only the helpless sufferers, but blunting the moral nature of the person guilty of the offense. A man cannot be a true Christian and willingly inflict torture on any living being. John Chrysostom c. Parkes Cadman "We have abolished human bondage because it cursed those who imposed it. It is now our bounden duty to oppose cruelty to those creatures of our common Father which share with man the mystery of life.

The Holy Bible Isaiah "He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog's neck. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.

Animal Cognition

Wen Ch'ang " 1 Buy captive creatures and set them free. Prohibit the building of fires outside lest insects be killed and do not set mountain woods or forests ablaze. Free people from danger as you would free a sparrow from a fine net. Cultivate goodness and happiness. Birch " The animal rights movement should be supported by all Christians. In an ecological universe, every created entity has intrinsic value because all are subjects as well as objects.

Chinese Book of Rewards and Punishments. Such behavior results in injury to living creatures, but also it arouses in young hearts an impulse to cruelty and murder. Stories illustrative of the commandments: 2 The wife of a soldier named Fan was tuberculous and close to death. She was ordered to eat the brains of sparrows as a remedy. When she saw the birds in the cage, she sighed and said: "Must it be that living creatures are to be killed that I may be healed? I would rather die than permit them to suffer. Afterwards she recovered from her illness.

His children begged him to have it repaired. He answered: "In the cold winter the cracks in the walls and the space between the tiles and between the stones provide a shelter and a refuge to all kinds of living creatures. We should not endanger their lives. One day they came upon a stag that was playing with its young one. Tang took an arrow and killed the young one. The frightened stag ran off with a cry of anguish. When Tang concealed himself the stag returned and licked the wounds of its fawn. Tang again drew his bow and killed it.

He then saw another stag and sent an arrow towards it, but the arrow was deflected and pierced his son. Tang threw his bow away and tearfully embraced his dead son, when he heard a voice from the air: "Tang, the stag loved its fawn as much as you loved your son.

Such a sentiment, he says, should suffice to make one king of the world. From the commandments for monks: 1st : Thou shalt kill no living thing nor do injury to its life. One common factor in almost all of these sadistic crimes was a background of animal abuse and torture in these criminals' youths, adolescence or early childhood.

Because of these and many similar findings, abuse of animals is viewed as a predictor of vicious crimes against people! Samson Raphael Hirsch "Above all, those to whom the care of young minds has been entrusted should see to it that they respect both the smallest and largest animals as beings which, like people, have been summoned to the joy of life Police investigated killings of pigeons and other small animals in the area, which led them to the killer boy!

Capitol officers and wounded a woman, he shot and killed all of his father's 14 cats, and left the remains of his father's 2 favorites ones in a bucket for him to find!!! Unknown "'The Bell of Justice'. In an old city in Italy, its king had installed a bell in the public square.

Anyone wrongly treated would ring it and get justice. After many years the bell rope rotted away so it was tied with a wild vine to make it longer. He immediately summoned the owner and ordered him to look after his old horse, to give him good food and water, a proper stable and peace and if he didn't he would be punished! Justice was done and all the citizens felt their magistrate acted wisely. William Blake "Little fly, thy summer's play My thoughtless hand has brushed away.

Am not I a fly like thee? Or art not thou a man like me? For I dance and drink and sing, Till some blind hand shall brush my wing! They were not made for humans any more than Black people were made for Whites or women for men. Animals Magazine "Bats. They do not 'multiply like rabbits', most bear only a single young each year. They aren't blind, they don't get into women's hair, and they aren't rodents. In fact, bats are more closely related to humans. Marjorie Thorn "Death Watch.

Inside the minds of animals - Bryan B Rasmussen

I wish I hadn't watched it, when I sprayed, From circling flight it fell upon my quilt. Its insect hands plucked at its mouth, assayed To take out toxin, and a human's guilt. Then wavering antenna met like hands in prayer. It shuddered some, but made no move to fly; Just bowed its head in posture of despair. Remorsefully I watched the creature die! One of the flock is captured by a gardener who had clipped its wings. When the geese started to resume their flight, this one tried frantically, but vainly, to lift itself into the air.

The others, observing its struggles, flew about in obvious efforts to encourage it, but no use.

The inner lives of other species may be a lot richer than science once thought

The entire flock then settled back on the pond and waited, even though the urge to go on was strong, for several days, until the damaged feathers grew sufficiently to permit the goose to fly. But he was interested to discover that the other sparrows would leave the crumbs which lay nearest their crippled comrade so that he could get his share, undisturbed. We are afraid of shocking people if we let it be noticed how much we are moved by the suffering man brings to animals.

We think that others may have become more 'rational' than we, and may accept as customary and as a matter of course the things we have gotten excited about. Once in a while, however, a word suddenly slips out which shows that even they have not yet become reconciled to this suffering. Now they come very close to us though they were formerly strangers.

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The masks with which we were deceiving each other fall off. Now we learn from each other that no one is able to escape the grip of the cruelty that flourishes ceaselessly around us. Brigid Brophy "The fact that there are bigger injustices and wrongs doesn't make it right to sacrifice an innocent monkey. It doesn't alter the case at all. Mohandas Gandhi "It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important.

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result! Unknown "Let's NOT forget the billions of animals that suffer and die because of the human race. Bill Dollinger "Civil disobedience has been used as an effective means of bringing about social change throughout history. It allows us to follow the 'moral law,' and it attracts media to the event enabling us to tell the whole world what really goes on behind closed doors. Many expressed dismay at our willingness to break the laws which we consider to be unjust, to them this quote from Thoreau in his famous essay 'On the Duty of Civil Disobedience.

If a law is of such nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law! Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine. George T.