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Top definition. The next morning she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend's house. The man called his wife's 10 best friends. None of them knew anything about it. A man didn't come home 1 night. The next morning he told his wife that he had slept over at a friends house. The wife called her husband's 10 best friends. Most used as a trump card by your bros when they feel you are becoming whipped or that your hoe is a slut and a bitch.

Jack: Scott, its poker night , remember to pick up the beer. Scott: Sorry I can't, Erica wants me to go shopping with her. She said we might go back to her house after we got done though, I'm hoping I will get in the box.


Jack: WTF, bros before hoes, I will see you at 8. Scott: Good call , see you at 8. A term used between male friends when one of them has become a whipped pussy ass bitch over a girl who in most cases is a tease. Remember, take care of the bros, and they'll take care of you. The high school fling will end and six monts later, no one, not even you, will remember it, but your bros will still be there, untill the day you keel over and die.

In other words, unless you plan to mary her, hang with the dudes, and if you do plan to marry her, she'll understand if you say you made plans with your friends; and if she's not a bitch she'll get over it.

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Bro: Mike, were gona get shitfaced with the dudes tonite! Mike: Sorry man, I made plans with Liniqua tonite. Bro: Fuck you, we've been planning this all week! Mike: but i told her she was the reason I'm alive tonite so i can't go with you.

Bro: proceeds to reach down Mike's pants Oh, there they are, i was wondering where your balls were hiding. Its allways cool to chill with your friends. Friend 1- dude, you ready to go ridin. Friend 2- no dude im hanging out with my girlfriend today. Rule of life. Friends before females. Many males who become pussywhipped will break this rule by hanging with their girlfriend over hanging with their male friends. John stayed home with Shannon instead of coming to the Super Bowl party his friends threw. Brian told his girlfriend to screw off and wen tto the party, thereby adhereing to Bro's before Ho's.

Get a bro's before ho's mug for your mother-in-law Beatrix. Perfectly balanced. Dicks, Hoes, and Lol: What's the girl version of "bros before hoes"? My inbox is filled with these now lol Anonymous asked you: Females before the males It's like you didn't even try , notes Bellas before fellas. Hoes, Memes, and Snapchat: GF: bros before hoes? Funny, Make, and Months: When your boy makes you sit in the back because his girlfriend of 2 months is here Bros before hoes.

Butt, Candy, and Candy Cane: When your girl butt dials you and all you hear is trap music and slurpin sounds. I was at this Christmas party with my boy Tre. It wasn't no regular party either. The turn up was real. Tre was the king of parties and gave no fucks. He was also a ain't shit niqqa. Homie would be on FaceTime with his girl on his side bitch phone while cheating.

Such high levels on savagery. Tre and I pull up to the party where the guy to girl ratio was extremely unbalanced. I'm talking racks on racks on racks. They not even grinding on him he just in the in the middle of it all. It looked like two escalades crashed in the middle and he was the lone survivor. While I'm laying on the ground half way unconscious because of this vicious twerk I swear I see my homie girl talking to a group of dudes. TI go tell Tre I think his girl here. Homie thought I was lying.

I tell Tre check his girl snapchat to see. We start watching her snapchat and we hearing the same songs that's being played. It was so obvious.

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Tre in denial like nah this can't be true. We literally went outside to view the snap properly. Tre like this dude not even all that how could she? Tre had to find out his girl was a hoe on snap chat. What a way to go out. Tre became the first nigga to have his girl cheat on him at the same party he attended.

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Tre try to tell me "F these bitches let's bounce". Talking about bros before hoes.

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He bugging. My ass went right back inside and caught that mean succ.

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Some would say I'm a fucked up friend but I caught that nut in Tres honor. That Henny bring the hoe outta bitches. I had to get my candy cane licked.