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New Cosmic Theory Unites Dark Forces | Space

Astrophysicists theorize that all space, matter and energy expanded explosively from an extremely dense soup of subatomic particles in an event called the Big Bang. After a process of cooling and coalescing, cloudlike nebulae of gas and dust collapsed to form stars, and these stars clustered to comprise galaxies. Eventually, terrestrial planets and moons were forged from the heavier material expelled from dying stars.

  1. Scientists hunt mysterious 'dark force' to explain hidden realm of the cosmos.
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  3. A universe is born.

Over an unimaginably long span of time—approximately In addition to piecing together the intricate history of the Universe and explaining the various objects we see around us, astronomers also seek to predict what the future may hold for the cosmos. However, such projections are constrained by the limits of our current understanding and by uncertainties inherent in many physical processes. As a result, recent cosmological models are not only plentiful but also often directly contradictory.

Could it be that this universe is only one of an infinite number of other universes? More locally, a notable feature of our planet is that it contains conditions suitable for an incredible diversity of life. Perhaps even more remarkable, however, is the fact that astronomers are discovering a multitude of planets orbiting other stars, some of which may share these conditions and some of which may also host life.

Mysteries of a Dark Universe

Such discoveries would impact our perceptions about human uniqueness, significance and purpose, and we must be prepared to address and explore the implications. The realm of physics and astronomy is wide physically and metaphorically! The cosmos has been expanding for That energy suffused space with a kind of cosmic antigravity, delivering a not-so-gentle boost to the expansion of the universe.

This reports Overbye, is the strange-sounding story being promulgated by a handful of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University.

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In a bold and speculative leap into the past, the team has posited the existence of this field to explain an astronomical puzzle: the universe seems to be expanding faster than it should be. Adding to the current scrum, there already is a force field — called dark energy — making the universe expand faster.

A new, controversial report suggests that this dark energy might be getting stronger and denser, leading to a future in which atoms are ripped apart and time ends.

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  • The concept of dark energy emerging in phases hints at a link to, or between, two mysterious episodes in the history of the universe, with the first episode occurring when the universe was less than at Planck scale a trillionth of a trillionth of a second old. The second episode is unfolding today: cosmic expansion is speeding up.

    But, as Dr.

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    The issue came to light in , when Riess led a study for the High-z Team which provided the first direct and published evidence that the expansion of the universe was accelerating and filled with dark energy. Dark energy appears strong enough to push the entire universe — yet its source is unknown, its location is unknown and its physics are highly speculative.

    The two competing teams asked whether the collective gravity of the galaxies might be slowing the expansion enough to one day drag everything together into a Big Crunch.