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Both of his books have been nominated for the German Youth Literature Award. He has worked in Zurich since as a writer and psychotherapist. She studied Art in Strasbourg and today works as a freelance illustrator for many renowned publishing houses, e. Her work has been presented in exhibitions in Bologna and Paris. She is particularly interested in capturing moods and movement in her pictures…. Thomas M. In he became a professor at his Alma Mater in Leipzig.

Apart from illustrating books, he has also designed posters, cartoons and graphics. An artist of international renown, his works have been part of…. Tobias Krejtschi, born in in Dresden, studied Illustration in Hamburg. Still a student he won different illustration contests. Ulf K. It was there, in the shadows of the blast furnaces, that he spent his childhood and adolescence, as well as studied graphic design at the University of Essen.

In , he was briefly pulled to Paris, but became so…. Werner Holzwarth was born in It has been translated into 27 languages and sold more than…. Wolf Erlbruch was born in Wuppertal in After graduating in he worked as a freelance illustrator in the advertising industry. In he was appointed a professor at….

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One senses her strong bond to children and their way of thinking in her books. Nadia Budde was born in Berlin in After completing secondary school she apprenticed as a retail display designer. She completed her degree in and since then has…. Aljoscha Blau was born in St. Petersburg in and studied illustration and graphic arts in Hamburg. He has had exhibitions in Paris, New York, Hamburg and Bologna and has illustrated numerous picture books.

Rotraut Susanne Berner was born in Stuttgart in She studied graphic design at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. After completing her studies she worked in advertising, and has worked independently as a graphic designer and illustrator since The crossover between a human being and an animal is blurry.

In any case the crossover between some people and animals. We all occasionally dream of being a little prettier. Taller, slimmer, a bit more muscular, somewhat blonder. We are not alone with our vanities!

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Nadia Budde gets a lot of zany characters on the pages of her picture book — neighbours, relatives, friends — and we immediately realize their little imperfections. Too many kilograms, a…. But then autumn arrived. Anabel started to get cold and had to fly south. And Fred misses Anabel, too. After all, spring follows winter. You can download a full English translation of the review by clicking on the photograph and a detailed info sheet….

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Doch was Cynthia sieht und erlebt in diesen Wochen der Krabbenwanderung, hat wenig von einem Paradies…. His wonderful stories and poems have greatly enriched the publishing programme of Peter Hammer Verlag for many years. The author and illustrator Wolf Erlbruch has received the e.

But it is thanks to his abundance of expression and ideas, from which he has developed a…. An unusual award for an exceptional picture book! Every day, the strongest man in the world has to face limitations imposed by his age and height. He gets sick in the car, broccoli terrorizes him, and…. His soul catches a cold. In a world that is full of colour and cheerfulness and in which everyone could easily be happy.

Nele has to witness how somebody close…. This discovery leads her to wonder about the origin and essence of shadows: what are they? What are they made of? Where do they come from? To find out, Quima…. Quima is unable to go to sleep. No matter how often her parents ask her to try. She has lost Sleep. Her parents help her look for it and in the end, they find it hidden in the duvet.

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Sleep is trying to flee, but they have to catch it if they want Quima to…. Together with her big brother Jando and her little sister Teya, Jeanne is well looked after as she grows up in Rwanda. Her parents—both teachers and members of the Tutsi—educate their children with affectionate rigour. Information on these books is provided on our portal in the form of book reviews by well-known literary critics, sample passages the original text and in translation , details on authors and publishers in German,….

They take it to a nearby bird rescue station, where the injured raptor is looked after.

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The rescue team has found…. The family on the 3rd floor, staircase H, apartment 1, have won the lottery. How lucky they are! Now they will never have to worry about anything ever again. As a result of this, General von Trotha issued the order, "to shoot every Herero found on sovereign German territory". During the three years in which this colonial war was prosecuted, an estimated 65, Herero lost their lives — more than two thirds of the people in total. Something which still has great significance in Africa is of almost no interest to anyone in Germany. Why have the Germans forgotten and suppressed their past in Africa so thoroughly, and why do the Herero celebrate these events which are described as genocide nowadays and during which they take over and imitate the uniforms and badges of rank of their onetime adversaries?

Both sides will explain to us the background to the ongoing lawsuit, their legal positions, their intentions and how they will achieve their target, i. Our questions to both the plaintiffs and the defendants will however go beyond this. We would like to learn in which manner those involved have to do with the historic events being heard at the American court.

Whether this is personally as a direct descendant of the victims or perpetrators, or indirectly as the representative of the German companies being sued or as a member of the Herero people today.

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Further to the south and east we were English. In Tripolitania we were supposed to be Italians, in the Congo Belgians, at the Tropic of Capricorn Portuguese and German in a few corners and in the middle. Which people should survive that?