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Characters and Tr. Into the Tunnel and Through the Woods. A Bear Ran Into the Woods. Into the Woods Children's European Folktales.

Diamonds may be forever, but not De Beers

Off the Path and Straight Into the Woods. A Compilation of the Absolute Best Diversions, Into the Woods A Fantasy Anthology. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! About the Author One of the most popular authors of all time, V. Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. He did it one last time that day.

I responded with my salute, and then he turned back to his men. My eyes drifted to a sea gull that looked lost, confused, even a bit frantic. It did a quick turn and dipped before shooting off toward the ocean as if it had seen something that had terrified it.

I watched it until the sounds of the helicopter motors ripped the air and pulled my attention back to Daddy. I stepped closer to Mommy. Something dark had already put its cold fingers on the back of my neck. My heart sank, and my stomach felt queasy. I had to feel Mommy beside me.

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Even at fifteen, I needed to be within the walls of her security. She and Daddy were my fortress. Nothing could harm me when I was with them.

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She was five feet ten and always stood with an air of confidence, regal. Anyone who glanced her way stared at her for a few moments longer as if he or she were hypnotized by her beauty. Mommy's eyes were almost navy blue, which Daddy said proved she belonged with him, a navy man. She was as loyal to him as he was to the flag, her devotion and her admiration for him unflappable. My eyes were more turquoise, but I wished they were more like Mommy's so Daddy would think I, too, was meant to be always at his side.

Something was telling me to stay as long as I could.

Into the Woods (De Beers Series #4)

I looked back only once as the helicopters lifted. I didn't see Daddy, and that disappointed me. They whirled off toward the ocean, following the sea gull. A cloud blocked out the sun, and a long shadow fell around us as we continued toward our car. I would remember that. I would remember it all for a very long time. And then, like the sea gull, it would all disappear into the distance and leave me standing alone, yearning for just one more smile, one more salute.

See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Oppenheimer says: "We have taken short-term pain for long-term gain and now things are looking up - has been a good year, not just good compared with the depths of the crisis but good in the sense that it shows what we have done is working. A new chief executive will be appointed this year, following the departure last year of long-serving Gareth Penny.

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Family sources say it is unlikely to be Oppenheimer's year-old son, Jonathan, who works as head of the chairman's office at De Beers. Oppenheimer is also looking to expand De Beers' new brand, Forevermark, which guarantees diamonds are responsibly produced and are not blood diamonds. He is even getting on to the catwalk - an unusual place for a man who thinks knitted tank-tops are the latest thing in chic.

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Still, he seems to have grasped the basics. When colleagues talked about a forthcoming fashion show in Johannesburg to celebrate De Beers' Shining Light jewellery design competition, he says: "We will get lots of the best models for the male chauvinist pigs who work for De Beers.

Back at the Jwaneng mine, the warning sirens wail and, seconds later, tonnes of high explosive rip through the bedrock, sending a dust cloud into the sky. Upgrade now. People stopped buying diamonds during the global financial crisis.

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