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Start Now. Condividi su. You can go on a boat trip round the Milanese navigli and see the city from a different perspective.

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The first edition was aired from 21 September to 7 December on Sky Uno. TV series. Abbiamo The Vongola came into being after Simon Cozzato suggested to Giotto , the Vongola Primo, to create a vigilante group in order to protect the people. From then on, each generation of the Vongola Famiglia has donned formal attire when risking their lives to fulfill this duty.

The Vongola originally started as a vigilante organization, but their ways gradually changed during Secondo's reign, eventually leading to violence and crime. The Vongola is one of the, if not the, largest Famiglia in existence, having an extremely large following. The Vongola is unique in its structure in that it accepts other Famiglias to become a part of their power, and, as such, has other Famiglias beneath them.

The influence of the Vongola is worldwide, and it was said that no Famiglia can match them in terms of size, tradition, rules, or power. Due to this, the boss of the Vongola is considered by many to be the capo di tutti capi , lit. The Guardians are the main members of the Famiglia and are considered the last line of defense for the Vongola. It is said that whenever the Famiglia runs into trouble, the Guardians would unite to protect them. There have been 10 generations of Guardians thus far. Some of the known Guardian generations are:. The weapon tuners are a group of weapon experts comprised of members of Giannini's clan.

Almost immediately upon arrivi Advanced reading copy review Due to be published April 19, Although I found it very hard to identify with the author's background and almost unbelievable naivete, I found myself enjoying her tales of a self-imposed stranger in a strange land. Almost immediately upon arriving she falls in with a family, the Avallones, who lead her into a Neapolitan rabbit hole of traditions and customs all revolving around food. Perhaps not the best thing for someone with a history of eating disorders.

'Una famiglia': the diverse roots of Italy's Rugby League World Cup squad

Her story consists of many short chapters, most devoted to an ingredient or dish, its history in Naples or the Avallone family and the author's personal experience with it. Between laughing and salivating you'll find yourself wishing her experiences could have been yours, or at least your taste buds'. In my ARC there are a few recipes in the back, perhaps the finished product will have more. I read this right before Thanksgiving which may have actually enhanced the experience.

Italian/English Lessons: 5 Members of the family/Membri della Famiglia

Recommended for those who enjoy tales of Americans abroad and food glorious food. A mixed reaction from me. I grew up and was very close friends with an Italian family who lived next door to me in Chicago, in fact my friend Vicki married my cousin. Anyway that is what attracted me to this memoir.

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Normally memoirs about privilege individuals are not my favorite thing, but I was curious and it sounded fun. Some it was, loved the cultural and cooking discussions or insights, but some areas I felt were undeveloped or lightly touched on and some comments I felt were in very poor t A mixed reaction from me. Some it was, loved the cultural and cooking discussions or insights, but some areas I felt were undeveloped or lightly touched on and some comments I felt were in very poor taste.

Loved the included recipes at the end, and the writing was good but ARC from Netgalley.


View all 4 comments. Mar 28, Lynne rated it it was amazing. This was a heartwarming story about Italian culture told mostly through food. There is a lot of love and kindness in this book. While reading it I kept wishing for recipes and at the end, there were recipes! Dec 07, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: foodie-lit , memoirs , travel-books. A lot of fun: just the kind of book I would want to write about my experience studying abroad in England and eventually settling over here. Of course, Wilson had it harder than me: she had to conduct her romance with Salvatore Avallone, relate to her future in-laws, and start a career all in a different language.

But there were consolation prizes, chief among them the food. Oh the Italian food, in all its mouth-watering detail! It brought back great memories of some of the splendid meals we had A lot of fun: just the kind of book I would want to write about my experience studying abroad in England and eventually settling over here. It brought back great memories of some of the splendid meals we had on a trip to Tuscany in April The chapters are usually named after signature dishes, used to shape the Italian material but also to draw in some flashbacks to her upbringing in a rich-but-not- that -rich suburban Maryland family the Wilson sporting goods dynasty.

View all 7 comments. Jun 04, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , memoir-biography , travel , audio-books , read , food , italy. Fenella Woolgar View 1 comment. Feb 27, Kati Berman rated it it was amazing. Only in Naples I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I don't usually read memoirs, but I am so glad I read this one. Katherine Wilson travels to Naples Italy, for an internship at the American consulate. She soon meets the Avallone family, and Salvatore, their son. She spends a lot of time with the family and is quickly immersed in Neapolitan culture.

She literally falls in love with Rafaella, Salvatore's mother even before she falls in love with Salvatore himself. The book is a lot about Italian food, how to make it, how to enjoy it, family relations and Italian, more specifically, Naepolitan culture. Katherine's writing is full of humor, I laughed out loud several times as she points out differences in American and Italian culture. Not only about food, but going to the hospital, lab tests, shopping, etc.

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This is a delightful book of how two cultures differ and at the same time similar. I recommend this book to anyone. View all 3 comments. Jun 04, Liz Estrada rated it liked it. A spoiled, super rich, easily offended American woman goes to Naples and here I was hoping she would interact with the "real" Neopolitan families but she just hangs out out with a rich one. Due to her rich grandfather, head of the Wilson conglomerate, she has the privilege of traveling, interning at the American consulate for no pay and just having a good time with no money worries. Though I did like the Italian mother-in-law and the non chauvinistic Neopolitan son how rare is that!

Yes, there are some very funny moments when she does capture the Neopolitan flair and quirky joie de vivre, but overall it bugged me. Having visited Naples 3 times and having a grandmother from Calabria, I was hoping for more everyday tales of the working class people of Naples. In my view, the best chapter was on San Gennaro, the only time she goes off to see how the true everyday working people really celebrate a religious festival which, ironically enough the upper crust of Naples frowns upon.

Only in Naples: Lessons in Food and Famiglia from My Italian Mother-in-Law by Katherine Wilson

I also enjoyed how well she described Neopolitans opinions on America and Americans in general, from their reaction to the Clinton - Lewinsky "scandal", to how they dress and especially what crappy canned, supermarket-junk food they eat! No 20 minute lunches to go here!!! That is close to blasphemy! Not to mention the hilarious chapter on the total bafflement of Neopolitans and all Mediterranean countries, for that matter about America's utter fascination with the dreaded air conditioner. For me, that was the best and funniest part of the book, probably because I was raised in Spain another quirky place, so different from the American WASP culture that I could relate to that.

I guess I would have loved this book more if I could have identified with the author. Nov 05, Felicity rated it it was amazing. One of my favourite books this year! A joy to read. Aug 25, Toni rated it it was amazing Shelves: already-own , books-of I enjoyed this delightfully charming book. I love Italy, food and family. Katherine Wilson made her story come to life and I felt like I was part of this wonderful loving family.

I received an advance readers copy in exchange for my honest review. This review expresses only my own opinions and the opinions of my mother.

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  • She is introduced to the Avalones , a well-to-do Neapolitan family who just so happen to have a son around her age. Katherine gets Salvatore to show her around and quickly becomes a part of the family, despite her inability to speak Italian and his to speak English I received an advance readers copy in exchange for my honest review.

    Katherine gets Salvatore to show her around and quickly becomes a part of the family, despite her inability to speak Italian and his to speak English and her unfamiliarity with the culture. Katherine always had a difficult relationship with food - loving it TOO much but not well enough. In Italy, under the tutelage of Mama Avalone, she learns the secrets of Italian food and the relationship between culture, food and family.

    She tried hard to copy down her mother-in-law's recipes but if you know Italian cooks, you know they change their recipe every time they make it and they never ever measure. I really liked parts of this memoir. The parts that deal with the culture, language and food of Naples were the most interesting to me. She's a rich white girl from DC whose biggest problem is binge eating. Her life back home was boring and it's no wonder she was so drawn to Italy. I also felt disconnected from the Avalones because like Katherine, they are wealthy and my grandparents and their families were poor peasants from the mountains of Avellino.

    However, the family dynamics were easy to relate to! Salvatore is in danger of becoming a mammone, a mama's boy, like his sister's husband. We know some Italian mammones and my dad, like Salvatore, was very close to being one. That much is universal from north to south, to America and beyond! I wondered about Katherine and Sal's relationship.

    She doesn't get too much into her feelings about him and how they fell in love with each other. She seems to have fallen in love with his family and didn't want to let go. I especially got a kick out of the language lessons. My Italian is mostly non-existent but my dad speaks very good standard Italian. His friend is always correcting his pronunciation.

    I had to bite my tongue and hang on to the book as a surprise when my mom was explaining to someone the different pronunciations of casino. It was pretty funny and explained a lot about my dad and his reactions to things. I can only imagine what my great-grandparents must have been like and all the uncles and aunts. I only knew my grandmother, her oldest sister, older brother and their two American born baby siblings. I also enjoyed the history of Naples and the cultural explanations. I think my dad would also enjoy these parts as well. My mom really really enjoyed this book. She didn't have much else to say other than that but she shared parts of it with my dad and he might read it too..

    My grandmother's baby sister's WASP husband is still living and he might get a kick out of this book as well. It must have been as much culture shock for him to marry into the family as it was for Katherine when she first met the Avalones. Dec 18, Randal White rated it it was ok Shelves: travel , netgalley. Skip it. A memoir of a young woman who went to Italy, fell in love, married, and had children. I love travel books, living vicariously through the experiences of others trying new cultures. This book was an exception. In all honesty, I found it extremely difficult to like the author.

    An heir to the Wilson Sporting Goods company, she is a metaphor for spoiled, egotistical children. Some of her comments in the book may explain better. And, "my mother and aunt planned these vacations, which meant that while our friends from Washington went to Hilton Head or Cape Cod oh my God, the horror those poor people must experience we went on a cruise in Southeast Asia or the Galapagos". Get my drift? So anyway, Ms. Wilson has to do something, so she decides she wants to become an ambassador, and somehow gets a job in the American Embassy in Italy.

    So eager to serve, she states that she could see herself "becoming the ambassador to some small tropical country where I could throw really fun dinner parties with staff". Her work at the embassy must have been exhausting, as "I usually came in around , the first cappuccino break started at about ", "In addition to the cappuccino breaks, our days were made up of two-hour lunches with Italian businessmen at yummy fish restaurants near the Consulate". Lest you think the poor woman has only the rigors of her job to deal with, she gives a to-do list of things to get done: "write a paper on the Warsaw pact exercise which would have been fascinating to read, I'll bet her focus was on the tea-cakes served to the leaders ; figure out a job in which I can earn money and have fun; become famous".

    Another list: "when going back to bed for afternoon nap, put full pajamas on, no half assed siesta"; bring full array of eye shadow". No wonder the United States has an image problem in the world's eyes, if this is how our diplomats act. The author, upon arriving in Italy, falls in love with the very first man she meets. She worms her way into his family also wealthy and manages to marry him and have children.

    Blah, blah, blah. I really can't decide if the author was trying to be funny, or if she was serious. I'm afraid it was the latter. The only reason that I kept reading the book was because I received it as an advance copy from NetGalley, and I felt an obligation to them to finish it for a review. There are so many good books coming out, save your time and choose one of them. This one is a waste of time.

    Dec 04, Marti rated it really liked it Shelves: travel-and-food , biography-memoir. Katherine Wilson, following her wealthy family's tradition, is assigned to a post-graduate internship in the U. Consulate in Naples the Consul was a friend of her father's. The Avellone family, who is connected to the consulate, is designated to find her reasonable accommodation which, at first, is a temporary room in a Catholic boy's school. Their son Salvatore is chosen to show her around town.

    Even though he is the first guy she meets, she ends up living with him, his parents and his sibl Katherine Wilson, following her wealthy family's tradition, is assigned to a post-graduate internship in the U. Even though he is the first guy she meets, she ends up living with him, his parents and his siblings, and eventually the two marry.

    As a member of the family, she is privy to all of the their very opinionated Neapolitan beliefs. Having spent a short time in Italy and witnessed the "mammoni" syndrome for myself -- and long enough to get into an argument about Italian versus American coffee -- I can honestly say this book is hilarious. At first I thought Wilson must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome to let herself get pushed around so much by Salvatore and his mother Raphaella although he's an Italian "nerd" and therefore not as sexist as the typical macho guy in Italy.

    His mother however, is a tour de force who believes nobody else gets it; especially not Americans who eat things from cans or go to restaurants where they do not know the people making the food. Even newborn infants need to wear expensive fashionable clothing, even if they are just going to spit up all over it.

    Only in America would rich people be seen eating peanut butter.