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Your card is not here, you did it!

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You made Lumpy look like a real magician". After that Lumpy will will perform some magic trick, and it ends up going horribly wrong. After the trick, the screen will say "Stunned and Amazed by your Psychic Ability? Can't Believe what you Just Saw? Try the Trick Again. Relive the Magic. Dazzle your Friends! If you select the first card, Lumpy accidentally makes his hand disappear, making a yelp of shock. If you select the second card, Lumpy performs the classic trick of pulling a rabbit out a hat. Lumpy swings his wand at his hat, and a rabbit Cuddles appears. Lumpy grabs onto Cuddles' ears and pulls him out, revealing his severed head.

This leaves Lumpy confused.

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So far, in this eight part series titled "8 Reasons Subscribers Are Better Than Customers", we've seen how subscribers boost the value of your company and increase the lifetime value of a customer. Today, we look at how subscribers smooth out demand in your business. In a traditional business, the customer buys your product or service once and it is up to you to try and convince them to buy again in the future.

Some months you have more demand than you can handle and you need to hire more staff to serve your customers. But if demand wanes, you have more people than you need. In a subscription business, you have what I call "Automatic Customers" who agree to purchase from you into the future as long as you keep providing your service or product. When you know how many subscribers you have, you can accurately predict the resources people, raw material, etc.

Through the research for my new book , I've discovered there are nine different subscription models, which can be leveraged by anyone from a pest exterminator to a home contractor.

How do I flatten my lumpy lawn?

Estimating Inventory One of the biggest challenges in a traditional business is estimating the amount of inventory you'll need. Guess high and you end up strapped for cash and with a warehouse full of stuff. Guess low and you risk running out of stock, losing out on sales and disappointing customers.

The flour keeps the mixture dry by absorbing any moisture. The ingredients you'll need can be found in pharmacies and supermarkets. You can test the raising power of your home-made baking powders in Activity 3.

1. Your boobs are lumpy.

Compare your products with supermarket brands that contain different ingredients see the label. Take the white of one egg and mix it thoroughly with cubic centimetres 1 cubic centimetre is the same as 1 millilitre of water.

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Place 2 teaspoons. Add 25 cubic centimetres about 2 tablespoons of the egg-white mixture to each glass, and stir briefly, allowing the mixture to foam.

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The height of the foam that you obtain in each case is a measure of the activity of the baking powder. You could make this activity more interesting by using different baking powders with a basic sponge recipe, and comparing your results. Of course, the only real way to assess the outcome is to taste it! The traditional thickening method is to add an egg. The albumin proteins in eggs consist of long molecular chains that are folded into globules. On heating, these chains unfold and bind together into a three-dimensional network.

However, if you overdo the heat the coagulation of the chains becomes so extensive that they squeeze out the water, forming lumps. Fortunately, help is at hand. Cornflour is predominantly maize starch, which consists of two types of long-chain molecule sugars. On heating, these form gels with water, which hold the sauce together. The sugars overlap with the albumin protein to form a gel rather than aggregate, and this prevents the lumps forming.

So who first came up with the idea of a cornflour-based custard powder, and who invented baking powder?

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It seems science and scientists are not so far removed from cookery after all. Coultate T. McGee H. Pollock S. Selinger B. Barrow J. A quite remarkable book that will change the way you view the world. Extremely accessible.

Burton et al. Part of the Salters Advanced Chemistry course, which explores the frontiers of research and the applications of contemporary chemistry. For A level and other science courses aimed at 16 to year olds. Fraser A. Northedge A. Indispensable for students of science, technology, mathematics and engineering. Packed with practical exercises and activities, all aimed at making studying more enjoyable and rewarding.