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To mark the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, this exhibition establishes a dialogue between avant-garde photography from around… Read more. The Brit with the big laugh and the exceptionally passionate voice has again put together a special program for this year's women's summer. The main scientific congress will take place over three days and include plenary sessions, keynote addresses, roundtable discussions,… Read more. Oleander, roses, marigolds - summer in the Schlossgarten Charlottenburg Workshop. Originally a representative garden based on the Versailles model and later transformed into an English style landscape garden, today it… Read more.

Traum und Wirklichkeit - Dream and reality Guided Tour. Family worship service Religion. Reverend Irene Franke-Atli: We went into a new year and the door was open. Some doors in life are open, we step through and are welcome. Sunday open for business Market. Several times a year Berlin offers great shopping opportunities on Sundays.

Numerous shops from shopping malls and department stores to… Read more. Everything smells: oleander, roses, marigolds - summer in the castle garden Workshop. On the tour through various garden areas, Revierleiter Gerhard Klein introduces the history of Schlossgarten Charlottenburg and reports on… Read more. A legendary photo book, a private photo collection, and three former assistants. Helmut Newton. This singer, who has remained as unbelievably upright as she is incorruptible, is part of German history: since she had distributed leaflets… Read more.

Jellyfish have lived happily without brains for millions of years. People have a harder time there. Whether we like it or not, we are born… Read more. Klee and Abstraction Top Event. This summer the Museum Berggruen presents a selection of works by Paul Klee together with paintings and collages of his friends and… Read more. Georgette Dee, singer, storyteller, diva and incurable romantic, celebrated throughout Europe since the 90s plunges unrestrainedly into a… Read more. Sybille Bullatschek is on tour with her meanwhile 4th program. Again,… Read more. Nach dem Kuss von Oliver Bukowski Theatre.

We do apologize that the following information is currently only available in German. Four people in a secret bunker on Potsdamer Platz, deep underground, selected by Angela Merkel herself, are to save the world. And it has to… Read more. Sorgenfrei History. The foyer of Villa Oppenheim is dedicated to the building history of the house and the people who once lived here.

They were members of the… Read more. At the Christopher Street Day Berlin lesbians, gay men, transgender people, intersex and bisexual people demonstrate for equal rights and… Read more.

Andrea Berg stands for real emotions, tantalises, goose bumps and feelings of happiness and always offers unforgettable and breathtaking… Read more. On the th anniversary of the death of the important organ builder Classical Music. Songs with Music For 16 years Gabi Decker fans have been wishing that she would open her big mouth for a whole evening to perform self-sung… Read more.

The best Looking back over more than 30 years of stage experience, Michael Sens can boast some highlights. In the exhibition you will discover the diversity of photographic expressions. In the… Read more. Summer Cinema Top Event. Screening Eat Drink Man Woman. Boxing Championships men and women Sports. For the Finals - Berlin is broken with old habits, the championships are brought forward in the summer.

In addition, the women and men… Read more. Konzertreihe "Junge Musiker begegnen dem Jugendstil" Concerts. In these highly morally charged times of alternative-less political-correction, Kay Ray, in his mischievous impartiality, seems almost like… Read more. From Europe, the roundabout and a death Europe! What an amazing continent! A continent that has invented philosophy, developed modern science,… Read more. Her excitement goes so far that Judy gives up her job for Johnny with best career opportunities and her life as a self-employed woman.

As part of "The Finals - Berlin ", an Everyman Triathlon will take place on 3 August for all those who want to try out the triathlon for… Read more. Less than a year after… Read more. When you dream, the wondrous things happen. Berlin's fastest night is over the classic distance of 10 kilometres.

Katharina Franck has been writing songs and lyrics for over 30 years and plays them live in different line-ups. The timelessness of her… Read more. Nine federations carry out their championships on 3 and 4 August Sports… Read more. Finissage with presentation Lecture. Katrin Sass: One way or the other is life Concerts.

Her new song recital promises a merciless view: on herself, on the GDR, but also on what has become in the thirty years since the fall of… Read more. Live Political Cabaret. Guided tour of the production and storage facilities in the historic headquarters of the plaster mould shop Workshop. The Gipsformerei is the oldest institution of the National Museums in Berlin.

It was founded on a cabinet decree issued by Friedrich Wilhelm… Read more. Chlorreiche Tage Political Cabaret. Look, darling, the moon is growing too! Communion service Religion. NightWash Live Political Cabaret. NightWash is the brand for stand-up comedy in Germany and was awarded the German… Read more. Man, God, you can be really funny! After a brilliant premiere in October , J. Scheibe's new solo has earned the status of a… Read more. Unique, entertaining and informative - experience the exhibition from the point of view of the curator Felix Hoffmann.

Start p. Restaurant Rutz. Speiselokal Tulus Lotrek,… Read more. With ravishing, amazing dynamics, Starbugs comedy leave the known… Read more. Hedda Gabler Play. Hedda Gabler, the daughter of a general, has just married. Heesook Ahn - Piano recital Classical Music. We invite you to overcome boundaries and exchange experiences and thoughts.

In the th KMB exhibition, we will review the presentation of the ceramics museum, which has been shown so far for almost 30 years, on the… Read more. At irregular intervals, we will invite our English speaking audience to take a closer look at one of our productions prior to visiting the… Read more. Lisa Bassenge: Mothers Concerts.

Lisa Bassenge: This wonderfully changeable voice acting as a true Berliner in all niches and corners of her hometown - especially musically. Manon Lescaut concert version Opera. I feel uneasy in such an environment. I am no musician for the grand occasion. My feel is… Read more.

Collection Night Berlin Top Event. Private collections of contemporary art contribute significantly to the diversity and attractiveness of Berlin's art landscape in addition… Read more. Summer Cinema Films. At the beginning of the summer, fans from all over Germany can look forward to a Roland Kaiser open air summer with their playful member… Read more. About the circumstances Political cabaret could even more people in Germany get involved on a voluntary basis if it were paid?

Does… Read more. Exhibition: Borders, History of Transformation Photography. Berliner Rudelsingen Political Cabaret. The 3rd Berlin Rudelsingen Christine Wolff and Alexander Capistran present the most beautiful songs to sing along - hits, evergreens, pop… Read more. The best friends always meet on Saturdays to talk about the big problems of the world: their own.

At this weekly G3-summit Lena as… Read more. Ursli and Toni Pfister are casual and cheeky. They stand for stimulating hits, howls of lolling and tongue-in-cheek charm. So it was only a… Read more. Contemporary Dance. First there is only one shelf. More specifically, there is a wall of shelves, they are white and stable and neat.

But what happens when… Read more. Don Giovanni Opera. He casually… Read more.

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The History of the Machine Gun Play. Last summer, the fate of refugees has overwhelmed the whole of Europe and countless intellectuals and politicians declared their solidarity… Read more. Pyronale Top Event. Backstage Tour Guided Tour. Our tours through the auditorium, props store and costume room and across the stages afford a fascinating insight into the Deutsche Oper… Read more. From magnificent stairwells and servant staircases - Staircases in Charlottenburg Palace The Prussian castles of the Hohenzollern had many… Read more.

Hailing from all corners of the world, these women met… Read more. Since the s, the Rheingau Wine Fountain, an atmospheric wine festival offering wine and sparkling wine from the Rheingau-Taunus district… Read more. The acclaimed singer from Glasgow presents her new show, which combines heart-pounding sounds, smoky and figurative, with engaging stories… Read more. Rehearsal visit and conversation: About employees and innumerable guests behind and before the stage see to it that at the Deutsche Oper… Read more.

Opernwerkstatt Concerts. Two of them in Berlin. How are the things of life really to be seen? Is there any… Read more. Chanson macht mich nackt "admits the Georgian-born singer, dancer and actor. Pure sensation, pure sound "let Vladimir Korneev's… Read more. Adriana Lecouvreur Concert version Opera. A complicated web of intrigue, a jealous princess, a poisoned bouquet of violets and an exceptionally gifted artist whose death is shrouded… Read more.

Microscopy Conference Congress. Artist Talk Lecture. Artist Talk with Elfie Semotan. Artist of the exhibition and Jina Khayyer. Anna Mateur: Mimikri Comedy. Rampensau Anna Mateur, together with the pianist Andreas Gundlach, presents a program about the ideological and aesthetic education of… Read more. The state coach! The comedian presents his new program: More fun has never been!

If he comes, the complainers have break! Ingo Appelt has… Read more. Orlando Play. A heroine who is born a hero; or a hero who becomes a heroine — does it even matter? Orlando experiences four centuries of British and… Read more. Public workshop cut out the lantern Workshop. Our public workshop appointment is for single guests or groups of 4 people. It takes place on every 1st Friday of the month at 15 o'clock… Read more.

Youth without God Play. Everyday life in a provincial grammar school in totalitarian times. Lollapalooza Berlin Top Event. Two days of live music, fashion, food, art and culture are on offer at the international Lollapalooza Festival, returning to Berlin in Antique Mile Suarezstrasse Market. Spreeperlen Play. Based on start-up entrepreneurs, tourists, failed artists and homeless, the Revue fans out a colorful arc of individual fates, which also… Read more. La forza del destino Top Event. Tip Top Event. After 10 years in foreign trade including 5 years in South America , Till Sudeck studied psychology and sinology in Paris from to … Read more.

Also in the series "Faith and History" will be continued. You can look forward to a series of interesting lectures on art and church… Read more. In the aftermath of the crisis of , when it seemed as if the global capitalist financial system could fall, the feeling of discomfort… Read more. We always want the goldenest, the most violent, the most insane. We… Read more. Making the presentations to the three organizations was 5 Star Home Solutions staff member Kayle Warkentin second from left.

As your Member of Parliament I am pleased to see so many of us feeling the same way — and saying so out loud. Prime Minister Stephen Harper feels so strongly about the events in Ukraine that he travelled to Ukraine this past weekend. Canada is also in good company. To do so violates the principles upon which the international system is built. We do not recognize either. This clear violation of international law is a serious challenge to the rule of law around the world and should be a concern for all nations.

In addition, Canada has provided support to help Ukraine stabilize its economy, promote economic and social development, and helped provide for urgent medical assistance for Ukrainians injured while standing up for democratic change. Canada, along with a number of other OSCE countries is also taking part in a military observer mission that will report on military activities in Ukraine.

I am proud to report that my constituents are freely telling me that they feel the same. The proceeds from the sale of the package, which was donated by 5 Star Home Solutions, will be used to support About Time Productions programs, including pre-ballet — the one in which Jillian participates. The New Horizons for Seniors Program is a national program that supports projects led or inspired by seniors who make a difference in the lives of others and their communities. Sorenson commended the work of the seniors and other local officials who always make an effort to apply and follow through on projects.

By supporting New Horizons for Seniors Program projects, our government is working to ensure that seniors maintain a good quality of life and continue to be active members of our communities. Without individuals willing to donate their time, charities facing tight budgets may not have sufficient personnel to achieve their goals.

Organizations who rely heavily on volunteers can take the following steps to ensure their volunteers know their efforts are appreciated. Create a welcoming environment. No matter how many times a person volunteers, he or she will feel like the new kid in town on his or her first day with a new organization. Make new volunteers feel welcome, giving them a guided tour during which you introduce them to fellow volunteers and full- or part-time staff members. An environment that is warm and welcoming from the moment a volunteer arrives will make the experience better for all involved.

Maintain an open door policy. Volunteers should feel comfortable conversing with executive directors and other higher-ups at the organization. Encourage the sharing of ideas, even with executives high up on the totem pole. Directors can meet with staff members to illustrate how everyone is working together and no one carries greater importance than another in the organization. Be prepared for volunteers. Volunteers are giving their time and expecting nothing in return.

Walking into an office that is not prepared for a volunteer may lead the volunteer to view the organization as unorganized or one that lacks dedication. Charities should have a clear plan in place with regard to the duties of volunteers. There should be a desk area or computer available when necessary.

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Clearly spell out time constraints. Volunteers often find time to volunteer while juggling their day jobs and responsibilities at home, and not everyone has the same amount of time available to devote to a charity. Therefore, being up front with how much time a project is expected to take can help a volunteer gauge if he or she will be able to assist. Decide how much time the job will need, and be honest with potential volunteers during interviews or when advertising openings.

Give frequent praise. Let volunteers know their work is appreciated. Come up with ways to show your appreciation, be it taking volunteers out to lunch, providing snacks or other treats around the office or accommodating their personal schedules. Members of the Camrose Vikings bantam triple-A hockey club donated their time to help the Camrose Swans and Roses Lions Club package wood to use at campgrounds this summer.

The Lions welcome any community group to assist them in providing wood for campgrounds. Mark Cloarec Dr. Lakshmi Easwaran. Hours: Mon. Our installations are carried out by our own experienced and licensed gas fitters. Our drivers receive regular training and always use the latest equipment and technology. Our trained professionals live and work in the communities they serve. Whether you are at home, on the farm, at the cottage, or involved in an agricultural or commercial endeavour, we have the people, trucks and equipment to look after all of your propane needs. Take advantage of the many benefits of Co-op Membership, including personalized service, and our unique equity and cash-back program.

Since , when Co-op Propane was established, we have pledged to do things right the first time! Our attention to detail always ensures your safety and satisfaction. Whether you own your own tanks or rent from us, our automatic route delivery program is designed to give you peace of mind.

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Gate sign — Highway Gate sign — Hwy Please do your This is an extremely clean line of low houred equipment. Most equipment was purchased new and is in very good to excellent condition. Dalmers have many large sheds, thus Hwy 13] OR take Hwy west of Armena or east of almost all the equipment has been shedded, including tillage, Hwy 2A to Rge Rd , then go 6.

Gate sign Twp Rd Previewing starting March 22 until sale time. Since the passing of Clinton, Terrence has decided to discontinue the farming operation. Records have not been found to reg. Bin For more information, contact Terrence Sych at or evenings or Curtis Vesely at Saturday, April 19, — a. Located: From New Norway, go 5. Gate sign — Twp Rd This is a very interesting and unique line-up of equipment. For more information, contact Aaron Johnson at View full listing and pictures at www.

Pants, capris, jackets, tops, headbands, hoodies and shorts in plenty of bright colours and styles! The award-winning art team who brings you every edition of The Camrose Booster, The Country Booster, Super Booster and most of the commercial printing used by Camrose businesses, can create a professional website for you. We can start from scratch or improve p yyour existing site. Yard on North Side.

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  8. GPS: And Much MoRe! For up-to-date equipment listings, please check our website: rbauction. Territory Manager — Bobby Miller: The participants are keeping track of their activities both at work and during workouts. Camrose resident and University of Alberta music professor Milton Schlosser travelled to China as an invited guest of the Sichuan Conservatory in Chengdu.

    Over the course of five days, Milton performed a fulllength recital, provided two piano master classes, lectured on his recent research, and led an information session on the University of Alberta to high school students. With over 14, students and a teaching faculty of , it is an interdisciplinary institution with degree studies in both Chinese traditional and Western European classical music. The conservatory also offers studies in other art forms such as television and film. It is located in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. The city has an urban population of over 14 million inhabitants.

    Jei Yin, a graduate of the Chengdu Conservatory, has helped organize this trip and will accompany Schlosser. Pickup and Gator are like new. All equipment nice and clean and well maintained. Bins and Augers WS Bu. Haying Equipment NH Hydro. Hay Tarps. Lift Rock Picker; JD. Lunch Available HD 3-pt.

    Cord; Assort. Front Bumper; many more items. Fodor have rented out their land, therefore this Sale. All Equipment is in field ready condition. Plan on attending this Sale. Being from the junction of Highway 26 and Secondary go 1 mile east to RR , 2 miles south and 0. Blade, F. Bale Fork, hr. Hog Panels; Garden Planter; Assort. Power Tools; Hand Tools; many more items. Shott have sold their farm and are moving into town. Equipment well maintained and shedded. This list is subject to additions and deletions. Terms for all four sales: Cash, certified cheque, bank draft, or bank letter of credit.

    No purchases to be removed until settlement has been made. NSF cheques will result in criminal charges and prosecution. All sale are final, and all items purchased become the responsibility of the buyer once they are declared sold, and owner s and auctioneer s are absolved of further responsibility.

    The above listing is a guide only, and while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of description, it is not offered as an implied or actual warranty or guarantee as to condition or age. All items sold as is, where is. The owner s and auctioneer s shall not be held responsible for any loss or accident on or off the auction site on sale day. Brass Harness. Coal Oil Lamps; Assort. Sad Irons; Gas Irons;. Fodor have been collecting for many years. They have lots of unusual pieces. Take note of the tractors that are like new. Planning a Spring Auction? Whether you have one piece or a complete line of machinery, give Allen a call at to discuss the best option for you to realize top dollars.

    Watch for credit card fraud locally Credit card counterfeiting fraud occurs when your credit card number is used for unauthorized purchases. A criminal can obtain your number from a variety of methods. Have you ever given your credit card to a waiter or waitress? Does that create the opportunity for someone connected to a fraud ring to record your information? If one is aware of how easy your credit card can be compromised then he or she should take precautions as to when and where it is used. The same is true with credit card statements and carbon copies.

    Are they being shredded? When you use your credit card over the internet are you per cent certain of where the information is going? Before typing your number in, ensure your computer is on the site it should be. The same goes for providing your number over the telephone. Take all precautions that the person receiving the information is the intended recipient.

    In Camrose a few years ago police executed a search warrant as part of an investigation where a person ordered merchandise and provided a fraudulent credit card number. It was apparent this individual was part of a network that collected credit card numbers from various sources. Debit card fraud is becoming more and more prevalent. Unsuspecting customers of a popular restaurant would use their debit card in the usual fashion.

    Their subsequent bank statements began to reveal purchases they had not made. The investigation revealed that. Those fraudulent devices do exist as do devices manufactured to be added to ATM machines. Criminals will visit ATMs at night and install the devices and then return a few days later to retrieve them. In other cases card skimmers are used at retail outlets in conjunction with their surveillance cameras to capture the information.

    Again, the message is not to instill fear of using debit cards, but to be aware of signs that the system is fraudulent. The best advice to consumers is to check bank statements and credit card statements frequently and thoroughly. Of course there remains a problem with counterfeit currency. In , 8, Canadian counterfeit bank notes were seized in Alberta. The use of advanced copiers, scanners and printers allows for the duplication of some fairly high quality bank notes.

    This has made counterfeiting much more widespread than 25 years ago where counterfeiting was solely the work of organized crime. Back then commercial printing presses had to be used to produce the large number of bills. Police agencies in conjunction with the Bank of Canada have worked together to thwart this criminal activity. The latest series of Canadian bank notes has several security features built into them.

    Accepting a counterfeit bill victimizes the person or business as there is no compensation for the loss. Looking through the bill at light should reveal a ghost image watermark. The number above the image should match the denomination of the bill. As you tilt the bill the maple leafs in the metallic strip should change colour and appear to light up and the dashes on the back of the bill should change from gold to green.

    Touching the bill allows you to feel the raised ink. The suspect entered the "employees only" section of the store and placed several items in a large Rubbermaid container. The suspect attempted to leave through the rear door of the store, which caused the alarm to trigger.

    The suspect fled the store after being confronted by a store employee. The investigation has not revealed the identity of the person s responsible for the offence, therefore the police are asking for your assistance through Crime Stoppers. You may also send your tip via text message. This will be sent anonymously to Crime Stoppers and you will receive a confirmation reply. Use your phone or computer!

    Help solve a crime! Be a Crime Stopper! Tax deductible receipts will be provided. Report says there is no worker shortage There is no significant shortage of workers or skills in Canada, according to a new report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer PBO. In a report released on Tuesday, March 25, the independent officer of parliament showed that employment rates and job vacancy rates were still lower than they had been before the recession of If you ignore the facts, you get bad policy that hurts the public interest. Even the PM himself has expressed concerns about the program.

    So why does it still exist? East of Golden Spike Rd. Propane F. LIFT, hrs. Paul 8 miles North on Hwy to Pederson Rd. East of Edmonton on Hwy HWY From St. Lina 2 miles West to Sec. Tractor, hp. King Rd. Academic Excellence Scholarship. Scholarship and the Rotary Club of Camrose Scholarship. Kaitlin Paulson, of. Melissa Tollitt, of Camrose originally St. Lindsay Volk, of Camrose, a first year Bachelor of Science student, was.

    Visit us at www. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Additional dealer fees may apply. Financing on approved John Deere Financial credit only. See dealer for details. Limited time offer which may not be combined with other offers. Discounts or other incentives may be available for cash purchases. By selecting the purchase financing offer, consumers may be forgoing such discounts and incentives which may result in a higher effective interest rate.

    Down payment may be required. Minimum finance amount may be required; representative amount does not guarantee offer applies. For purchases on your Multi-use Account for personal use. Offer is unconditionally interest free for the first 12 months. After the 12 month period, for eligible purchases of goods and services: 1 a minimum monthly payment of 2. Minimum purchase amount may be required.

    A statement of account will be provided monthly. Taxes, set-up, delivery, freight and preparation charges will apply. Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment. Minimum finance amount may be required and representative amount does not guarantee offer applies. In the event you default on this or any John Deere Financial Multi-use Account transaction, interest on all outstanding balances on your Multi-use Account including on this and all other Special Terms transactions on your Multi- use Account will begin to accrue immediately at Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less.

    Female rates are better yet. You may qualify for preferred or elite rates too. Budget introduces no new taxes or tax increases and Albertans continue to enjoy the lowest overall taxes in Canada.

    Publications on Group Websites

    This includes the lowest corporate tax rate at 10 per cent and a competitive small business tax rate at three per cent. Alberta has no payroll tax, sales tax or health premiums, in addition to the personal tax advantages small business owners and their employees enjoy. Budget will also see education property tax mill rates reduced by 4.

    Business can rely on competitive personal and corporate income tax rates, a skilled workforce and support from government departments who understand what is important to business. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for. Support for municipalities grows in Budget Close to Hwy 26, approx. Call George. Development lots overlooking Tillicum Beach — subdivision already surveyed! Excellent addition to mixed farm or build your new country home with established trees and a creek! Call Gordie.

    Excellent location. Close to golf course and school. If you are thinking of selling your farm or acreage, please give us a call. All replies treated in strictest confidence. Camrose Special Olympic athletes gave their best effort and came home successful after attending a swim meet in Red Deer.

    The grant was made possible by the Adam Sr. The pioneer log house was built by Thore Grue who, along with his wife and five children, moved to Alberta from Minnesota, after having left their home in Roros, Norway. They came to the area from where the town of Wetaskiwin had just come to be two years before. They stopped there and were taken to possible homestead sites. Later, the railway was built and the hamlet of Armena was formed, a half mile south of their homestead.

    They were the first settlers to arrive in the area. In the early days the log house was a common stopping place for travelers as the roads from Bardo and Round Hill branched off to Edmonton and Wetaskiwin, the closest town for supplies at that time, right. This meant that many travellers spent the night in the cozy house. Thore sold the house and homestead to Knut Lyseng in because he wanted to purchase more land in a block. Knut Lyseng was born in Norway and moved his wife and family, six sons and two daughters to Alberta.

    He already owned land and was trying to buy up more to set up his sons for farming. Carl and Ragna Lyseng made this their home until At that time, the house had one room upstairs and one room downstairs. They used curtains to divide the upstairs room into bedrooms. Over the years the Lysengs made renovations and additions to the small home. This included adding a kitchen and dining room , bathroom, entrance and sun porch , and finally put power in The pioneer log house has made two moves over the years.

    The first was. He moved it east because it was built too close to the road allowance. This was quite a feat at the time and was moved by using only two bob-sleds that were pulled by two teams of six horses, one team hooked to each sled.

    Navigation Area

    The difficulty of such a move was only fully understood when the house was being moved to the Camrose Museum. The first attempt at moving it caused the standard iron beams to twist and special equipment then had to be used. The building was found to. The final move occurred in Once moved to the museum grounds, it was restored and furnished.