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Existing questions. In American recipes, what does "cup" mean? How many oz, mg, fl oz, whatever? What does the "2 girls 1 cup" thing mean?

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More questions. What does "cup" mean in the pervert sense, anyone?

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Answer Questions Are these sentences correct? What is the term to describe the individual sound of someone's voice?

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Are these sentences correct? As far from as? How many languages do you speek?

What does "over a cup of coffee" mean?

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I'm also hoping these little meetings can bring together people from opposite sides of an issue to try to find some common ground and perhaps demystify and contribute to the decision-making process. Yes, at any given time, politicians may be running for office.

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Does that mean we invite all relevant candidates to the same session and make it a meet-the-candates morning or flat-out debate? Right now, I don't think so. If you do decide to join us — and I hope you will — don't be surprised if I trade phone numbers and email addresses with you. After all, I am a journalist.

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I am always on the lookout for a story. Don't be surprised if your picture and comments show up in a story — online or in print — or even a tweet. And don't be surprised if we connect you with a public official or two who can help find some answers. What if you don't like coffee? I guess it's confession time: I also have been known to drink tea; Earl Grey is my favorite, but any of several herbal teas work for me, too.

talk 'over' a cup of coffee [=chit chat?]

What if you really want milk, water, lemonade, a smoothie, or even orange, cranberry or prune juice? Joe Williams covers government for The Advocate. You can reach him at , jwilliams6 newarkadvocate.