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Our Defining Moments - A film about growing up in Singapore

Nakedness and care — Shame or support? The typical family allocates a large share of its income and time to educate its children and ensure that they accumulate the cultural capital necessary for economic success and social mobility. Almost all gated communities highlighted the presence of excellent schools on their premises or very close by.

International schools including American, British, Canadian, French, and German , which have great symbolic value in Egypt, figured prominently. Not only the schools on their vicinities, but also the proximity of other educational facilities and universities such as the American University in Cairo became part of the promotion of gated communities.

Circulation and mobility are increasingly becoming central to class divisions and connections to local and global economies Ohnmacht et al These abilities are particularly important in megacities like Cairo, which is notorious for its traffic jams, crowded streets, absence of sidewalks, and the mixing of cars and pedestrians. The fancy cars of the rich have to compete with millions of other vehicles. Having to negotiate with other drivers, policemen, and pedestrians from different backgrounds, the rich, regardless of the price of their cars or the strength of their engines, have little control over the speed of their mobility in the city proper, especially during rush hours.

Yet, the slower traffic becomes[4], the more moving easily and quickly becomes central to the differentiation between classes and speedy movement, inside and outside the city garners prestige and distinction.

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Thus, quick and smooth traffic becomes highly desirable and vital for keeping the rich connected locally, nationally, and internationally. Ads for gated communities repeatedly emphasized mobilities, both real and virtual through quick and reliable communication technologies such as fiber optic cables , which provided the residents with telephone services, broadband Internet, and satellite television.

Wide streets, enforcement of regulations, and the availability of sidewalks for pedestrians and accessible parking insured mobility inside the developments.

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  • Thus, gated communities promised exclusivity and enclosure as well as circulation and mobility. While promotional materials emphasized privacy and seclusion in relation to daily life they also highlighted the ability of children and parents to move easily and quickly both inside the community and to travel to other parts of the country and the world at large. They promised to keep them connected to global flows of capital, people, goods, and information. This ability to select when to be connected and when to be detached is central to the production of flexible citizens who are both locally grounded and globally connected.

    My focus has been on the possibilities and potentialities attached to these new settlements not their materialization in real life.

    estudios internacionales y estratégicos

    How men, women, and children experience living in such communities is indeed an important topic that deserves full scholarly attention. As my discussion shows, the promotional materials of gated communities played on the desires of men and women to have ideal bodies, healthy and educated kids, and the ability to be mobile and connected.

    My discussion shows that it is the promise of gated communities to create rather than just negate, to connect rather than just separate, and to permit rather than just prevent that are important for us to analyze to capture how urban walls are erected, accepted, and legitimized. To better understand how new spatial forms are an integral part of neoliberal policies and rationalities, we ought to closely examine how desire and affect are cultivated and strongly linked to the production of specific bodies, disciplined minds, and mobile subjects.

    Reflections - Past, Present, and Future with God

    See Mark Peterson for more discussion of the global connections the Egyptian elite seeks to establish. The website www.

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    Mobilities and Inequality. Today, Reflections Ministries is the context through which Dr. Boa animates the many facets of his ministry—a ministry of relational evangelism and discipleship, teaching, writing, mentoring, and speaking. Follow Dr. Ken Boa to get full, unlimited access to all episodes — it's free!

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