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A TFSA lets you save for any purpose, without paying taxes on the investment growth. We are assuming your annual TFSA contributions are under the allowed limit. Rates of return can vary among different kinds of investments and investment styles. However, this may not be enough to meet your retirement needs. Increase How much you'll need in retirement annually to a value that will comfortably provide you with enough income in retirement.

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Sign in. Retirement savings calculator. What is your retirement savings goal? Duration: About 2 min. Current age:.

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Age you want to retire:. Current income before taxes :. Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly Annually. How much you will need in retirement annually :. Information Calculate how much you'll need in retirement. Registered retirement savings: Registered retirement saving - help. Current savings:. Regular contributions:. Non-registered savings and investments: Non-registered savings and investments - help. Return on savings:.

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Once they do retire from full-time work, income from a part-time job can stretch their retirement dollars even further. But for Mr. If Mr. C turns Your situation may be different from Mr. Take a hard look at your situation.

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Cut back on spending and get in full-on, gazelle-intense saving mode. Then, work with a professional who can help you answer the tougher questions like Should I sell my home? How can I plan for medical expenses? What should my nest egg look like once I reach full retirement age? Need help? Your use of this site signifies that you accept our terms and conditions of use Open a new browser window.

Skip to main content. Search the site or get a quote. Get the basics: Income in retirement Make a plan to replace your paycheck Get the help that you need Why Vanguard for retirement? Put your plan in action. Retirement income: Spending your savings. See how we can help you make your retirement savings last. Expand all Collapse all.

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Myth: When you retire, you should move most of your savings into bonds. Use our questionnaire to see your ideal asset mix. Myth: You should only spend from your portfolio's income—never from principal. Learn more about investing in retirement. Myth: Your portfolio should change when you retire. Myth: Only the wealthy need estate plans. Find out more about estate planning. Myth: Your retirement will be a lot like your parents'.

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See your chances of living to a specific age. Myth: You'll have to start withdrawing all your money once you stop working. See how RMDs should fit into your retirement withdrawals. Estimate your RMDs. Find out how Vanguard can make your RMDs automatic. Calculate your expenses in retirement. Calculate your income in retirement. We're here to help Talk with one of our investment specialists.

Call Monday to Friday 8 a. Get the basics: Income in retirement Retirement income: Spending your savings.