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Memorable chiller. Little Tony's mom and dad are so conventionally suburban and their home life so ordinary, that the contrast with what comes later turns really menacing. Seems little Tony has extra-sensory powers when he sees a magic shop that no one else sees. Once he and Dad enter the magic shop's preternatural bubble, simple trickery gives way to the inexplicable powers of real magic, and a demonic force emerges.

For the Grainger family, suburban life will never be the same. Kudoes to producer Harrison for getting such an odd looking boy, Megna, for the pivotal role of Tony. That way, we're a bit discomfited from the start. And when Tony's latent sensibility is transformed by the sinister Dulong's magic box, it's not a big stretch.

Then too, that wolf-like dog functions as a scary familiar for the boy sorcerer. Actually the episode reminds me a bit of Hitch's minute Special Delivery , which also dealt with a transformed suburban boy. Anyhow, the minutes remains superior series fare.

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Importantly, it also undermines the placid assumptions of a well-ordered middle-class. For Hitchcock, I believe, this was a favorite theme, and maybe one reason why his work remains both unsettling and compelling without having to spill buckets of blood. It's Megna's birthday and he insists on being taken to a magic shop, although Nielson insists that the shop doesn't exist. Megna takes him by the hand and leads him to the address and, lo, the shop is there, and David Opatoshu is the smiling, quiet, mysterious proprietor.

I don't think I'll go any further into the plot, except to say that the kid apparently finds what he wanted. It's not that different from what all of us normal people want -- the ability to command our environments. Nielson is a good utility player. He never demonstrated much range but his very earnestness was put to good comic use in the "Airplane" spoofs. I didn't care for Megna much.

He might be a sweetheart in real life, but he has a head shaped like a cantaloupe, a prognathous jaw, and a set of incisors that belong on some kind of man-eating sea creature. Opatoshu doesn't have much work to do. Most reviewers don't seem to realize this is based on H. Wells' 'The Magic Shop'. While it isn't quite as horrifying as the Twilight Zone's version: 'It's a Good Life', it is well done and different enough that I enjoyed the difference. Both versions expand on H. Wells original in slightly different ways and both are enjoyable.

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Personally I'm not really a horror fan, most modern horror is simply blood and gore as extreme as possible with a little obvious tension. But, this show is enjoyably horrifying and Megna is a great choice as a terrifying child. I did see the Twilight Zone version first, so the ending here wasn't much of a surprise to me, still enjoyable and well done. David Opatoshu is effectively eerie as Mr. Dulong, owner of the magic shop, and Tony's magic 'mentor'.

Scenes inside the magic shop are particularly imaginative, with the use of masks, funny mirrors and a box into which Tony disappears. However, this theme of the all-powerful child had been explored more succinctly and with complete horror in the 'Twilight Zone's take of the marvelous short story by Jerome Bixby entitled 'It's A Good Life'. The child actor Megna has a very odd, almost sinister face.

This fits the story well, but Serling went Hitchcock one better by casting the cherub-faced Billy Mumy some five years earlier as the monster 'Anthony Fremont'. Tony's powers are impressive, but they pale next to Mumy's 'Anthony', who has effectively wished away most of the United States into 'the cornfield'. And the tale is told in an economical twenty five minutes.

But to be fair to 'The Magic Shop', the fifty minute run time is not 'padded'. The story holds one's interest throughout, which could not be said for all Hitchcock Hours nor for all of the hour T-Zones. People wonder why the success of these early television programs lingers on today. One clear answer is the age of political correctness we live in today. In redoing 'It's A Good Life', the 'monster' has found a caring mentor by the end of the tale, a woman who will teach Anthony to use his powers for good. This unfortunate use of 'PC' into the story line robs the tale of all its power.

It's most unsatisfying, akin to Serling's weaker T-Zone scripts which always include some worldly moralizing. Hey Rod, I thought you were taking us to 'unworldly' places! In the good old days of black and white television, writers did not feel compelled to pen false, 'happy endings'. The story is dark enough that I hardly chuckled at all at seeing Leslie Nielsen playing drama after all these years of witnessing his comic prowess via 'Airplane!

Gringer, Leslie Nielsen,to take him to this magic shop in town to buy some goodies or tricks for himself. At first not being able to find the shop Tony heads for this travel agency that turns out to be a front for the magic shop. It's as if Tony knew Mr. Dulong for some time and kept it from everyone including his parents. Dulong, who seem to be talking in code with each other, starts to greatly upset his dad who wants to get Tony and himself out of the place ASAP: Or as soon as possible!

But Mr. Dulong has other tricks up his sleeve which includes making himself as well as Tony and his magic shop invisible to the naked eye and driving Mr. Grainger to the point, in him playing in traffic, of committing suicide! Disappearing and then reappearing, with the entire town police department looking for him, some 24 hours later Tony has now become as weird as his master Mr. Dulong ever was. As we find out in him using his magical or satanic powers Tony has taken over the entire Grainger household and even injured with his new found devil dog, oddly named after Mr.

Dulong, a number of persons in between! As well as him burning down , by him just willing it, his nosy neighbor Mr. Adams', Paul Hartman, house! What seemed to have happened here is that Tony has had a previous experience with that weirdo Mr. Dulong who took him under his wing and gave him the power to control those around him. What price Tony paid for that is never revealed to those of us watching. In fact what you would have thought Tony would have wanted most of all is in him getting his very prominent buck teeth fixed or straightened out, which would have been kids play for the master magician Mr.

Dulong, wasn't any part of the deal he got. Share this page:. Shows I Watch. MyMovies: Alfred Hitchcock Hour s2e10e Clear your history. Once you feel comfortable breathing in this manner specifically think about how you are sitting and mentally imagine that you are looking at yourself. Now in your mind focus with intention beginning with your toes and extending to your feet relaxing your muscles.

Feel how it is almost like they melt away as you continue to breathe in and out.

Only focusing on your feet and toes. When you begin, it will be easy to be distracted or have your thoughts wonder. When this happens simply begin again relaxing the muscles of your toes and feet. Relax the muscles of your face and scalp. As you are able to extend the relaxation of the muscles of your body, notice that there is a calmness overcoming you. That you feel good. At this point, it is not unusual to feel sleepy or fall asleep.

It may take several attempts to get to this point and be able to hold this feeling of being relaxed. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Focus now on your heart and think of relaxing your heart muscle as you slowly breathe in and out. You will find that your heartbeat will slow as your body relaxes and your breath is controlled. Imagine your body, now completely relaxed, and experience the sense of simply being as you slowly breathe in and out through your nose.

Feel the sense of warmth. Many will feel that they are floating and be overcome with a sense of calmness. Sit with this feeling and continue to slowly breathe in and slowly exhale out. With intention remember this sense of relaxation, calmness and warmth. Now slowly open your eyes.

Sit for a few minutes with your eyes open and just be with no other intention or thought. Breath and relaxation are the first steps towards taming the mind.

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Trick 2: Taming the Mind Dr. It is common for thoughts to arise and for you to want to attend to them. Each time this occurs focus specifically on your breathing. Some find that when they actually think of their nostrils and the air entering and exiting that this brings their focus back. In some practices, the teacher gives the mantra to the student who tells no one else the mantra.

Find that which works best for you. Everyone is different.

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It will take time and effort. It may take a few weeks or even longer before you start seeing the profound effect of a quiet mind. The calmness you felt from simply relaxing will increase because when you are not distracted by internal dialogue the associated emotional response does not occur. It is this response that has an effect on the rest of your body. Practice the above exercise for minutes per day. Make the time. The reward for patience is clarity of thought. Trick 3: Opening the Heart Dr. When thoughts arise, guide your attention back to your breath. Continue to breathe in and out, completely emptying your mind.

Now think of the person in your life who has given you unconditional love, or conversely, who in your life have you given unconditional love. Sit with that feeling of warmth and contentment that unconditional love brings, while you slowly breathe in and out. Feel the power of unconditional love and how you feel accepted and cared for even with all your flaws and imperfections. Think of someone you care for and with intent, extend unconditional love to them. Understand that the gift you are giving her is the same gift that someone gave to you and will make others feel cared for and protected.

As you are giving that same unconditional love to one you care for, think again how you feel when you have been given unconditional love and acceptance.