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The Second Awakening saw the emergence of spoken language, early shamans, and great myths. During it, humanity began to perceive the future and past in new ways that enabled planning. This allowed us to begin to plant crops and keep livestock, which in turn allowed for larger fixed population centers. The Third Awakening began around 3, years ago. It saw the rise of all modern religions, as well as science.

Between BC and BC, there was a religious explosion. At the same time Taoism was being followed by Confucianism in China. The Fourth Awakening is just beginning. This is the one you get to participate in whether you like it or not. The Fourth Awakening brings a new mode of being with it. Glimpses of it have been written about for thousands of years. Are you ready? It is the first and largest event that is focused on learning, sharing, and connecting to drive serious research and development, commercialization, and awareness of Transformative Technology.

The first conference was held in and was a huge success, selling-out to maximum capacity. Speakers have ranged from a founder of PayPal and other leading venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, to the founders of important startups like Thync and InteraXon, to established leaders like Google and HeartMath, to key academics like Adam Gazzaley and Jud Brewer, to public figures like Jamie Wheal.

The Manuscript - Awakening Into Oneness

This is the only annual space that unites all of TranTech to move things forward. Learn More Here. Featured Programs. The Finders Course Get the remarkable wellbeing and other profound psychological benefits that have been historically associated with states such as enlightenment, persistent mysticism, and nonduality — without it taking years and having to follow a bunch of religious or spiritual dogma. Featured Research. Transformative Technology Lab Transformative Technologies are science-based hardware and software that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience.

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Featured Books. What Ever Happened To Mr. He predicted that in this stage, free from physical limitations, he would be even more powerful and able to support his students in their processes, and to ultimately bless the world through each of them. Now is the time when his heritage will be made accessible to humanity and many new students will come to walk the path he initiated. On the consciousness level of love and truth, Sri Kaleshwar is available for every student. Life is nothing but having to know the truth.

Aham Brahmasmi, everywhere is Brahma Consciousness. We are One. But where are you in One?

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Where are you in One? That you need to identify. Which place you are, in that One? You understand? That oneness… that is the most greatness. Nobody can change it. Do whatever you want and at the same time think what is the purpose that you came here. What is the life message you want to give the planet, this globe?

There is not one uniform reading among the manuscripts, but several different readings. The task of making any translation of the Bible into English does not begin with merely translating the Hebrew or Greek into English, but with deciding which of the various readings in the extant manuscripts we possess today contains the original reading as it was penned by the inspired authors. In this process we must distinguish between Scripture original documents penned by the apostles , the transmission of Scripture copies , and the translation of those copies into the English language.

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To begin this discussion it needs to be clear that there is no such thing as an inspired English translation of the Bible. The only inspired Bible is the original manuscripts penned by the holy prophets and apostles. All English translations are exactly that: translations. A translation comes from copies of the inspired texts, but the receptor language's translation is never inspired.

The first reason has to do with the texts the translators chose to base their translation from. This is particularly true of the NT. There is no one book that has existed from the days of the apostles called The Holy Bible.

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The Bible in the form as we know it today did not come to be until the fifth-century AD. All of the documents had been written by the death of the last apostle, but they were not collected into one "Bible" of 66 books as we know it until the fifth-century. The collection and formation of the OT and NT differ significantly.

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The NT letters and gospels circulated in the early church, and were copied time and time again by various scribes. We do not possess the original document of any OT or NT book. All we possess are copies. Whenever a document is copied over and over again, mistakes will be made, no matter how careful one is. The copies of the original manuscripts of the Scripture are no exception.

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It is only the originals that were inspired, not the copies produced from the originals. Many of these manuscripts only contain portions of the NT, or even portions of a particular book. Each of these documents differ from one another in some area, no matter how small the variation may be e. There is no one manuscript which completely agrees with another. The two manuscripts that are closest in agreement to one another differ in six to ten places per chapter. The realization that the manuscripts from which are translations are derived differ among one another allows one to see that many of the differences found in the English translations arise, not because of some conspiracy, but because different translators base their translation off of different Greek manuscripts.

The Greek text underlying the modern versions is fairly uniform, differing less among themselves than from the Textus Receptus from which the KJV is translated. Without going into much detail here, it should be known that there exist four textual "families" of Greek texts.

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Families are determined by noticing that there are a pattern of identical variations in a group of texts. Variations found in one extant manuscripts will commonly appear in many other manuscripts as well at the same places. These manuscripts are then grouped together according to similar characteristics in families. The four text-families are: Alexandrian a. The Western text readings are not all that frequent, and many times read much different than the other family types.

The Caesarean text seems to be a blended reading between the Alexandrian and Western texts.