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But what inspired him to write about such a sensitive topic and make a film on it?

Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna named IAAC brand ambassador - The Week

I was drawn to the stories of some widows who were not playing Holi. But the visits to the ashrams of Vrindavan and Varanasi gave me more stories for this celebration," says a thoughtful Vikas, adding that the film is a complete adaptation of the novel. According to him, one of the challenges he faced while researching the topic was being able to tell a simple story of friendship and promise without adding complex layers about the issue itself.

I realised later how much the subject means to me when during my continuous travel I would meet women in Vrindhavan. I was convinced that nobody would be as close to the story as I am. We set out to tell a simple story of promises, resilience, love, and friendship," he adds excitedly. He also adds that most of the dialogues in the film were inspired by the real-life conversations he had with the women there, "There was a year-old woman from Bengal, she once said that she used to play Holi like Radha Hindu goddess and we have actually incorporated that dialogue in the movie.

Talking about her character Noor, Neena Gupta says it was not easy to play Noor. For Noor, I started preparing in my own way.

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Do you have any sage words of wisdom for those men or women just starting a new relationship with a Chef or Restaurant manager? Do you cook? Who would you eat it with? I know that being a mother and being married to a Chef makes me insane, how do you handle balancing your family life with such a demanding work schedule of your partner? Please feel free to elaborate on anything.

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Earlier in the day, he had flown in from his beloved Blackberry Farm , the room East Tennessee lodge that some consider the best place and certainly one of the more expensive to stay in America. A weekend with a few friends stretched out in front of him. He would fill it, as he always did, with good food and excellent wine.

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No one saw the accident. The Eagle County coroner concluded that Mr. Beall, 39, had skied directly into a sturdy wooden post that marked the edge of a Beaver Creek ski run. He died from a hit to the chest so hard it tore his heart. His father, Samuel E. Beall came to the conclusion everyone else had: that Sam, a superb athlete who thought nothing of racing miles on his bicycle or wrestling a pound marlin out of the Gulf of Mexico, had died in a freakish accident, and that no one was to blame.

‘Wanted to create a new kind of art’: Chef Vikas Khanna on making his debut film ‘The Last Color’

The Bealls, who divided their time between a house they built on the farm and one in Knoxville, Tenn. The oldest is about to enter the University of Georgia. The youngest is 3. It has fallen to Mrs.


For the better part of a decade, Blackberry Farm has been a significant player in the elevation of both hyper-local Southern cooking and the idea of a luxury vacation built around agriculture. Its collection of cottages and farmhouses sits on 4, hilly acres in a part of rural Tennessee that needs the jobs the resort provides. Critics love its cheeses, jam and beer.

Sam Beall, Farm-to-Table Restaurateur Right on His Farm, Dies at 39

Chefs around the country long for an invitation to cook in the Barn, its showcase restaurant built in a year-old barn that Mr. Beall had dismantled and moved from Pennsylvania.

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His death plunged Mrs.