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Where will your Wonder take you? My class of Ks every year follows this mirigration with the Journey North website! We mailed butterflies to Mexico in Oct. We love watching the JN post the mirigration on their US map! What a treat! Grace Toler P. This was a question I sent in to you in August - thanks for posting! Wow, Ms. That is so awesome! We bet your class was so excited to see the butterflies return! Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks for joining the discussion, nay! Horses are very neat animals and fun to learn about.

We encourage you to use the search box above to find Wonders about horses! Nice work! Butterflies are amazing creatures - they can fly for long periods of time and for thousands of miles! Hi Wonderopolis I get caterpillars every spring, and when all the butterflies have hatched I set them free. Bye Wonderopolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're so glad that you can see how caterpillars turn into butterflies in your very own backyard! We Wonder if you have checked out our Wonder about what goes on inside a cocoon , Wonder Friend? Hi I'm new here I would like to ask that if you can please give me some facts on MONARCH butterflies only and this website is loaded with information it's sooo cool and you're the most best nicest and awesome.

Hey there, Wonder Friend Lily! We're so glad you're here! We've got lots of information to share about a variety of topics, including butterflies! Keep up the great work! Hey sooo I like butterflies. I've never seen such a place soooooooooo beautiful with butterflies. Do you have monarch butterflies I'd like to know how long monarch butterflies stay in their eggs.

Hey there, Wonder Friend Arichned! Thanks for sharing your comment with us- we're happy to hear that you are a butterfly lover!

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We are lucky to have great Wonder Friends like you who enjoy using their imaginations! Perhaps you can continue to Wonder on your about about butterflies-- check out your local library or use the Internet for more information! Please let us know what you find! Thanks for answering my question that's sooo cool that they can do that. How long do they stay in their eggs? We're happy to answer your awesome Wonder questions, Sarah H! Thanks for visiting us again!

We'd love to learn more, too! Thanks for sharing your awesome comment with us, Sarah H! Some butterflies can fly up to 12 miles per hour! They are great at flying long distances, too!

Fixing the Wing

I liked your video it was awesome. Hope I can come someday, just saying, can you tell me how fast they can fly? Thank you. Back agian, but this time, on offical business. Some new facts I learned are that the Monarch butterfly migrates to the same destination every fall! I think that that would be difficult, because a butterfly doesn't use a map! Instincts, I guess. I had always thought that lots of insects migrated, so I was surprsised to discover that only a few do!

About how many different species DO migrate? And why? I think that most of the reasons will probaly be for weather. I mean, if I could fly somewhere warm for free, I would too! Butterflies got the right idea. We should all grow wings and go to Mexico for the winter. Hi there, Mookiethecat! We think you're on to something Some animals, like birds and butterflies, can travel long distances! We like your style, Mookiethecat-- traveling South for the winter sounds like a good deal to us at Wonderopolis! That's a super Wonder, Zoe! We are glad that you're using your imagination and thinking about the distance different butterflies can travel!

We bet you can find out if you do some research of your own I'm in Mrs. Caplin's class. I thought this wonder was super cool.

More weird and wonderful butterfly facts

It was also neat because at home I have a butterfly collection. I think they are so amazing, and every time I see one I stand there with my mouth gaping open. We are so proud to hear that you have a butterfly collection of your very own-- you must know a great deal about all the amazing things these insects can do! Butterflies have the same effect over us, too-- we are always in awe when we see them flutter above us!

Thanks for sharing your comment with us, Wonder Friend! Thanks for sharing your enthusiastic comment with all of us at Wonderopolis today! You had a great guess for today's Wonder, Tiauna, and we hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing butterflies! They are great travelers!

Will a butterfly die if I touch its wings?

I think this wonder was amazing! I love butterflies and have been to the conservatory many times. My favorite is the Monarch. We think it's oh-so-cool that you have seen all these butterflies when you visited the conservatory-- what a great way to inspire Wonder!

Thanks for sharing your favorite butterfly and your awesome comment, too! I think tomorrow's will be about bats, or nocturnal animals. Thank you for posting this awesome video, and other FAQs about butterflies! You've got some great guesses for tomorrow's Wonder-- we are excited to use our imagination with you soon and expand our knowledge with great Wonder Friends, like you!!

Zoology is not my expertise, so I can't add any additional information. I find that the lifespan of a Monarch is tragically short. Do you have any information about why they live such short lives? The amazing directional knowledge of Monarchs is spectacular. I believe that tomorrow's Wonder will be about owls. We appreciate your comments for today's butterfly Wonder, Tori! We hope you enjoyed learning something new about these amazing creatures-- they are great travelers!

Fun Butterfly Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about Butterflies

We Wonder if you can do some research on your own to find out more information about all that butterflies can accomplish during their lifespan. Did you know that the zebra butterfly is the state butterfly? I have those butterflies in my backyard under the medium size tree that the butterflies live under.

WOW, what a great fact to share, Carlos! We are so happy to have a great Wonder Friend like you! We appreciate your comment and can't wait to Wonder with you again! We really enjoyed the video today - we visited the Butterfly Conservatory this past spring! Our guess for tomorrow's Wonder will either be fireflies or maybe planets? What a COOL experience to go to the Butterfly Conservatory and get a look up close at all those beautiful butterflies!

Dear Wonderopolis, We thought the butterfly wonder was amazing and awesome! We predict that tomorrow's Wonder will either be about fireflies, or shooting stars! See ya tomorrow! Davidson's Third Grade Class. Happy Thursday to the students in Ms. Davidson's Third Grade Class! Could you imagine traveling the distances they endure? Thanks for sharing your guess for tomorrow-- we think you're going to love discovering new things in the dark! If she lays eggs, transfer the leaves with eggs to another container.

The eggs should hatch into very small caterpillars, which need just a steady supply of the appropriate plant material and something to pupate from, which may be the branch the creatures fed on. Judith Willson has been writing since , specializing in environmental and scientific topics. She has written content for school websites and worked for a Glasgow newspaper. By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use.

Skip to main content. Video of the Day. Brought to you by Cuteness. Fixing the Wing An entomologist with access to laboratory materials and delicate tools might be able to fix a butterfly's wing, possibly even enough for the butterfly to fly. Housing the Butterfly The butterfly needs accommodation that contain things to climb up that don't allow too far of a fall. Food for the Butterfly Check the needs of your species, but most are fine with an artificial nectar solution.

Food for Offspring If the butterfly came from the wild and is not obviously male -- some species show clear differences in wing color and pattern between the genders -- she possibly has mated before breaking her wing. Next, learn what else butterflies use their fragile wings for. What's the difference between moths and butterflies? Where do butterflies get their striking colors? Butterfly Quiz. Will a butterfly die if I touch its wings? Does this encounter spell trouble for the butterfly? See more insect pictures.