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Solch Gebot habe ich empfangen von meinem Vater. Textbibel Niemand nimmt es von mir, sondern ich setze es ein von mir aus. Ich habe die Vollmacht es einzusetzen, und habe die Vollmacht es wieder zu empfangen.

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Diesen Auftrag habe ich von meinem Vater bekommen. Modernisiert Text Niemand nimmt es von mir, sondern ich lasse es von mir selber. Ich habe Macht es zu lassen und habe Macht es wiederzunehmen. Yso haat s mir mein Vater auftragn. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received of my Father.

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English Revised Version No one taketh it away from me, but I lay it down of myself. This commandment received I from my Father. Johannes wie mich mein Vater kennt und ich kenne den Vater.

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Philipper er erniedrigte sich selbst und ward gehorsam bis zum Tode, ja zum Tode am Kreuz. Though I bear the secret smart, Though fond love has ceased entreating; Softly, deep within my heart, I can hear those waves still beating. Many men and women pass by, all seeming so happy as they go, as they laugh, and as they work, that I lose my senses.

Twilight Dusk is about to spread its wings, The trees stir eerily, Clouds pass like oppressive dreams: What should this dread mean?

If you have a deer, your favorite, Let it not graze alone; Huntsmen blowing horns pass in the forest, Voices range to and fro. If you have a friend here below, Do not trust him at this hour, Though friendly in looks and words, He is planning war in the treacherous peace.

What sinks down weary tonight Will rise tomorrow new-born. Much is lost in the night: Take care, be watchful and alert. In the Forest A wedding passed along the hillside; I heard birds singing: There were many glittering riders, the horn sounded, That was a merry hunt! And before I realized, it had all died away; Night covers the horizon, Only the forest still rustles from the hills, And I shudder from the bottom of my heart.

Und eh ich's gedacht, war alles verhallt, Die Nacht bedecket die Runde, Nur von den Bergen noch rauschet der Wald, Und mich shauert's im Herzensgrunde. In a Foreign Land II I hear the little streams rippling to and fro in the forest, in the forest, in the rippling, I do not know where I am. The nightingales are singing here in the solitude, as if they wanted to tell something of beautiful times past. The moonbeams are flickering as if I could see beneath me the castle lying in the valley, and yet it is so far from here!

As if in the garden full of white and red roses my beloved must be waiting for me, and yet she is so long dead! Bewitching Look The castle lies sunken into the beautiful solitude -- there I sat before the halls in the still noontime. There, in the coolness, the does rested by the wall, and deep in the blue distance rested the bright valleys. Deep below I heard the bells Ring in the far distance, and was startled when I looked at the old balcony, For in the window arch stood a beautiful woman, as if she guarded from up there the woods and the land.

Her hair, like a golden mantle, was rolled down; at once she turned around as if she wanted to speak. And as I listened, shuddering,-- then I awoke, and over me the night rustled so strangely. Did I dream in the moonlight? I don't know what scares me, But I will never forget How she looked at me!

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I move through the lanes; the night is so dark and everything so deserted, different from what I remembered. By the fountain I stand and linger: it gushes forth as before, of the many who live here none knows me anymore. Then I heard fiddling and piping through wide lighted windows, where many strangers, happy peole, whirl and twirl.

And heart and mind burned within me, driving me out into the wide world; the fiddles played on while I slunk away. At Gloaming Through want and joy we have Walked hand in hand; We are both resting from our travels Now, the quiet countryside below us. Around us the valleys incline; Already the air grows dark.

Two larks still soar alone Half-dreaming, into the haze.

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Come here, and let them fly about; Soon it is time for sleep. We must not go astray In this solitude.

O spacious, tranquill peace, So profound in the gloaming. How tired we are of travelling - Is this perchance death? All the stars twinkle down on me With glowing looks of love, The distance speaks so raptuously As if of great future happiness! In a Castle Asleep at his watch up there is the old knight; rain showers pass over, and the forest rustles through the grating. His beard and hair ingrown, his chest and collar petrified, he has sat for many centuries up in his quiet call.

Outside it is quiet and peaceful; everyone has gone down into the valley; lonely woodbirds sing in the empty window arches.

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Down below a wedding sails past in the sunshine on the Rhine; musicians are playing merrily and the lovely bride weeps. Good Night The hills and forests are submerged ever deeper in the evening's gold, a little bird asks in the branches if it should greet my sweetheart. O little bird, you are mistaken, she no longer lives in the walley; fly up to the heaven's curve, Greet her there for the last time! How softly you climb down the mountains, the breezes all are sleeping, only a boatman still, weary of travelling, is singing his evening song in the harbor over the sea, to the praise of God.

The years pass like clouds and let me remain here alone, the world has forgotten me; you step to me so wondrously, when I am sitting here, by the forest's rustling, full of thoughts. O comfort of the world, you tranquil Night! The day has made me so tired, the wide sea is darkening already. Let me rest from joy and misery, until the eternal dawn would illuminate the quiet woods.