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The goal of their assignment is to gather spiritual intelligence that will open doors to instigate death and destruction. Familiar spirits attach themselves to you through something or someone you are extremely familiar or comfortable with. But all the while their agenda is unknown to you. A person can willfully form a relationship with a familiar spirit oftentimes simply through ignorance. Leviticus —11 instructs the Levites to teach people the difference between what is holy and what is common.

This cost them hundreds of dollars, but they paid it because they thought it was for real. I watched the health of several members of the family deteriorate rapidly, and several have died young, including tragic deaths. I tried in vain to convince one member of this evil, but his wife persisted with it. Sadly, his health declined and he too has died. Seek not after wizards to be defiled by them" Leviticus They shall be stoned with stones" Lev. For all these are an abomination to the Lord" Deut. Again, these refer to those who use astrology and horoscopes, fortunetellers, sorcerers who cast spells, and those who impersonate the dead.

Later in his life, he disobeyed the word of the Lord spoken through the prophet Samuel, and usurped his authority to offer sacrifice instead of waiting for Samuel. And he failed to slay all the Amalekites as instructed and spared the life of their wicked King Agag. Upon this, Samuel prophesied that the kingdom would be taken from him and given to another 1Samuel From that point, Samuel no longer came to counsel Saul, and Saul lost all contact with God. After the death of Samuel, Saul became more and more desperate for counsel, but there was none.

Finally, he sought out a witch who had a familiar spirit. He disguised himself and asked her to call up the prophet Samuel from the grave. When she realized who Saul was, she feared for her life, but he assured her that no harm would come to her 1 Samuel The sad commentary on Saul's life is that he died on the battlefield next to his dead sons when he fell on his own sword to avoid capture by the Philistines.

Saul lost his kingdom because he disobeyed the word of the Lord regarding the Amalekites, and he lost his life because he sought counsel of one who had a familiar spirit. Thus, the utterances came from "out of the belly. Paul spoke directly to the spirit — not to the girl — she was only a vessel for the demon to possess and use. This girl was set free by the authority and power of God, but the spirit that possessed her would have gone forth seeking another vessel to possess. Anyone who goes to such fortunetellers, psychics, tarot card readers, may very well open the door for evil spirits to harass, oppress, and even possess them.

They are forbidden in Scripture for a reason. God is not trying to curtail your fun.

What is a familiar spirit?

But this was true many generations of my Danish maternal line. Art and loving decorating in the family but to the point of the using this to make one feel good. The lord showed me we were trying to make our own sense of home. Lots of envy and weird relationships between family members.

God gave Jesus at loving whole mother who was present to him so he could give what he received. Satan had no in road to his heart. God wants us to not build for our selves cisterns not of him. I am calling on Him to heal my heart and open me to real relationship of love with him and not stuff and others.. Being such a old pattern of satanic lies is what I am walking out of now. So cool you brought this up. Many by King David who contented for his life and family and kingdom and the coming of Christ his whole life. I joyfully and confidently stand with us all in the spiritual warfare.

You all often bring a big smile on my face and comfort to GOD also! Everything satan steals, or manipulates lawlessly when he is found out he must restore sevenfold and his house must give it up!. Kindly lift us as a couple for the full manifestation of our prayer language in symphony so that GOD will permeate our home.

Kindly lift up a precious assistant nurse at the hospice who sheds precious tears for the patients she washes every day for a spiritual family at the hospice and a blood family complete with h. Kindly lift up musicians in hospices and hospitals worldwide who sing to our Lord and bring joy to patients, their families and those who wash them and weep for them alone only for a short while. Vince bless your heart, your comment really moved my heart.

The Lord bless and keep you and give you peace in Jesus name. I come into agreement for the lovely hospice assistant, musicians and other care givers that volunteer their tome to setve others. Invite sweet Ruach to come into your home, clear out debris, may the spirit of God tarry there in Jesus name amen. Thank you dear sister, where two agree on earth, it does something both in heavena and on earth! What a joy! Yes The Lord has called us for such a time as this!!!

Great picture to encourage us! Comenius said, The author of the first picture dictionary! Thank you!!! You are so right in the things that you are saying. A few years ago we became involved with a ministry called Restoring the Foundations ministry. I would encourage you and others who are listening to your teaching to check it out. We have seen tremendous healing, restoration and freedom in individuals, marriages and families of those who break off the generational patterns, and who come out of agreement with the lies associated them.

As they experience the healing from painful traumatic roots and then they are set free as the demonic spirits are disempowered. Please check us out! You are sooooooo right! Please check it out! Familiar spirits are very Mosaic Covenant limited covenant based. We as the Beloved of Christ, are the heavenly realm here on planet earth, and there is wickedness in the ranks! According to new testament doctrine- no Holy Spirit sealed, blood bought saint that is filled, can be indwelled by an evil spirit or a familiar one. But we can be overwhelmed by our own emotions and thoughts to the point of illness if we give into the intention due to the wrong of others.

Right on Lance, not only do most families have familiar spirits bit also most churches and denominations. It is not something we should shy away from but confront and deal with it even on the church level. I remember as a teenager hearing stories about my grandfather, who was an alcoholic, and my uncle who died from drug addiction.

I also remember in my teenage formative years, never being tempted to go down that path, although it was very possible to do so. I never had the desire to dabble in that stuff, because I knew what it would lead to. Exposing something is the key to resisting it, and as James says, resistance causes the enemy to flee! That was really Powerful.

It was Eye Opening as well. In a day where people are afraid to talk or let alone think about the unseen demonic world at work trying to unfold hells kingdom, people are perishing for lack of knowledge. You are absolutely right Lance, I came from a family that was controlled by a demonic spirit of hatred. The Lord said I had been born into the house of the Destroyer. I also married a man with a similar spirit before I got saved. After 25 years of marriage I found Jesus and the truth of the Word of God.

After about 10 years my husband passed away after getting saved and I am now a Licensed Professional Counselor doing Christian Counseling. Within a few sessions after teaching clients the Word of God we pray for generational curses and iniquity to be broken off of the clients. Lance, pray for my son …yes, i have suspected many times he is manipulated against his will. So is my daughter. I agree with you god binds and breaks that familiar spirit.

So have i. The Devil is a defeated foe. I really appreciate your ministry. Thank you for sharing and caring. Thank you for your wisdom. I think our family is dealing with several familiar spirits and you have helped.

Does the Bible support the existence of GHOSTS—dead souls lingering on Earth?

Please keep our family in your prayers. God bless you and your ministry. Dude this was so powerful man.. I felt like a layer of yolk come off of me when I renounced to manipulation and sexual immorality linked with women.. Man I need deliverance in Jesus name. But as I read I felt darkness in me hiding, like it was actually hiding within me. Then I was like man I got to confront this.

This opened me up to see I need Jesus to do a deep cleaning in my life…is there any prayers to this?

I never understood this to be so easy. Thank you for the clarity. I have seen some pretty strange things being done in churches. This gives me peace. I found this article to be very timely for me. The other night I had an encounter with the Lord and He helped me see that I am very fearful.

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Thank you so much for your post. It is such an encouragement! For several years I have been learning about this subject of familiar spirits and its relation to me and family. I have been trying to deal with familiar spirits and various bondage for years with counseling, church prayers, deliverance books on iniquity and decrees.

Thanks for your prayers. My father was a spirit filled tongue speaking Christian. Her father was murdered by a neighbor. I later married a man whose father was alcoholic and committed suicide. Then my husband committed suicide at age I heard about familiar spirits from a well known preacher, Kenneth Copeland.

I and my children were terrorized by my husband who was an alcoholic who became violent when drinking. I spoke many times to the familiar spirits in the name of Jesus and broke them off on me and my children. There are many factors to this story. I could write a book. I made a decree on earth that there shall be no more violent deaths in my family. But the alcoholism has remained with one son who seems to have a personality like his father. I sure could use more help.

I refuse to let the enemy have him. He is a Christian and a good husband and father, but. My fathers father was an alcoholic. My father was an alcoholic. Both are deceased now. I was an alcoholic. In my wife became pregnant with my last child, a son, my first one. I was determined some three years later that my son was not going to witness what I, my father and I suspect my grandfather had seen while growing up. My son saw a father reading the bible. My wife saw the man she fell in love with sober. Today my marriage is the best it has ever been and my son at 19 years old has daily bible reading and is a believer.

I have identified some of the major generational patterns in my bloodline which is evident in my family and the three major ones are : rejection, pride and religious spirit. Still fighting and resisting! Nancy I like your comment. This has to stop. We have power over all the power of the enemy so God please show us what to do. We have to stick together. Some would be lustful thoughts, over eating when not even hungry, my wife had has many miscarriages just like her mom, the biggest one it seems for me is my eyes it is a daily battle fighting lustful thoughts.

Thank you for this word.. Hi ya Lance, I have a question: does the spiritual influence over a husband affect the wife? Does this affect me? Also poverty spirit but seems to raise its ugly head! Thank you Susan. Generational patterns that God has revealed: Claims to Christianity, but lack of commitment to living out Christian values.

False starts business and relationships. Arrested development talented and able adults failing to progress and refusing to take responsibility for their lives and choosing to live lives of emotional and financially dependency upon other family members and the government. Marriage destroying, denying or delaying spirits. I have really enjoyed these videos on dismantling strongholds and unlocking your genius. Keep up the good work! Not all the time. But something that has happened recently has drawn my attention to the spirit that my mother had.

It was a spirit of envy towards me to the point that she worked behind the scenes for my demise. The point is that she has said and done things, underhanded things, to come between us. I just discerned yesterday that it is that spirit of envy. I feel like what can I do? How do I work this out. It is covert and I am the only one who sees it. My guy friend kind of sees what is going on but they are friends.

I think is taking my word for it that a demonic force is involved. This is a huge challenge as I never was able to resolve it concerning my mother and it greatly affected my life. She cut me off from the family 15 yrs ago and died two years ago leaving all the inheritance to my sister.

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I really would like some help. I am a warrior, a kingdom builder and have a special mission from God. I know God is wanting to take down this stronghold. Lance, thank you so much for this topic discussion. My husband actually alerted me to this one and we spent some time in prayer that very day. We have several areas to address in our lives; but particularly for me, the Lord has highlighted a spirit of divorce in my life.

This is my second marriage and we have had a very difficult past 6 years or so during which time my husband has become disabled. A year ago, my husband actually moved out for 4 months.

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  5. After listening to your message here, and praying about spirit of divorce, the Lord highlighted to me that the timeframe is even the same as my first marriage which ended after just over 10 years. The Lord spoke to my heart, alerting me to the fact that I am in my 12th year of marriage to my current husband and that I must persevere and pray through this season. He also spoke to my heart that if I endeavor to do that, our marriage would be wonderful.

    Thank you for this timely message! I had a lying spirit come against in and it stole my joy and I felt responsible for my parents losing their money in a business that I managed for them. I was depressed. We went to a prophetic conference and I was called up first and the Lord delivered me through the word of the prophet. I have been praying for the sick now 29 years and seeing God heal them all of the time.

    In the last few years, I have found out that the devil has to have a legal excuse to attack us. Everything is legal in the courts of heaven. Revelation says that the accuser accuses us night and day before our God. He uses generational curses to get us most of the time if we are Christians and are trying to live a good clean life. So I apply the blood of Jesus up both sides of the family trees of the person that I am praying for all of the way back to Adam and Eve, our natural father and mother, then we repent of their sins and then we repent of our sins.

    We also put the spoken words of whoever has spoken negatively, like doctors, family members, people in authority over the person that I am praying for under the blood too, to break their power. I had a lady with spina-bifida one night. I asked where you born with that and she said yes. She thought a while and said no. I said of course not. That was the devil who caused you to be born that way and he used a generational curse as the legal excuse to put that on you. I said that I can break that curse with my words and the blood of Jesus and speak healing to you. In about 5 to 7 minutes, the Lord had her all healed and straightened up after being twisted up like that for over 40 years.

    He is so good. You can be doing your best for the Lord and the devil will try to slow you down or stop you. You just need some knowledge to get your deliverance or whatever you need. God has already provided whatever you need to live this life. God Bless. Keep up the good work Lance!!! I am 56 years old and all my life I have been plagued by the same abuse from everyone I love.

    My mother abandoned my brother and I when she divorced my dad. I was 2 years old at the time.

    Breaking Off Familiar Spirits

    She has been in and out of my life, more out than in. She often blamed me for things that happened to her, told lies about me and treated me as if I was unimportant. As a result, I became paranoid to let anyone down. I have tried hard all my life to resist failure. Pushed myself to be perfect for everyone in my life to no avail.

    Now I have 3 children, I have been very close to, until they became adults. Their father and I are divorced. He is extremely manipulative, refuses to take responsibility for his wrong actions and blames everyone else. Now my children are seeking his approval and beginning to act like him, they are doing things that are just crazy, then lying about it and trying to blame me for it. Which is why we are divorced.

    He is a deacon in his church! I have prayed against this demonic spirit and I am writing you today to ask you to pray or what your thoughts are about this. Thank you. I understood when we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, that He would break these bondages off our lives over time. Lance, my discernment regarding familiar spirits in my family has long existed. The spirits have destroyed mother-daughter relationships, marriages and psychological health.

    Urban Dictionary: familiar spirit

    It is embarrassing to me to be a Christian who has these spirits haunting me. My mom died in with cancer. I had heard of familiar spirits but always via the usual interpretation, namely a spirit that assists a fortune teller or that impersonates the dead, or is associated with a witch. He is somewhat familiar with our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, esp. As far as sharing with our children our life narratives and family history, I would issue a caution.