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Star-Lord believes he can use The Mad Titan as a weapon, but when you've deployed a weapon that absolute, can you ever stop it again? The staggering and shocking finale to the cosmic event of the year comes here, in the book that Aint It Cool News calls 'A great-looking, great-reading comic Dollar Bin Codeword. Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced.

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The next Weekly Auction will open for bidding Monday July Issue 2B. Thanos Imperative 2B. Published Oct by Marvel. Available Stock Add to want list This item is not in stock. Issue 1DF. Thanos Imperative Ignition 1DF. Published Jul by Marvel.

Issue 3B. Thanos Imperative 3B. Issue 1. Thanos Imperative Devastation Marvel 1. Published Mar by Marvel. Add to cart VF 8. Add to cart VF- 7. Issue 1B. Thanos Imperative Ignition 1B. Issue 1-REP. Published by Marvel.

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Add to cart Near Mint. Issue ST. Available Stock Add to want list Add to cart Fine. Add to cart Fine. Add to cart Very Good. Issue Guardians of the Galaxy 2nd Series Published Apr by Marvel. Issue 25B. Guardians of the Galaxy 2nd Series 25B. Published Jun by Marvel.

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Issue 25A. Guardians of the Galaxy 2nd Series 25A. Issue 1A. Thanos Imperative Ignition 1A. Issue 2A. Thanos Imperative 2A. Published Sep by Marvel. While the Guardians of the Galaxy watch over the newly resurrected [6] and imprisoned Thanos and Nova pursues the false Quasar , the Magus and the Universal Church of Truth tear open the Fault opened at the end of the War of Kings [7] and previously sealed by Adam Warlock. Mar-Vell kills the Magus for failing to locate Thanos. Mar-Vell is the avatar of Life, and Thanos is the avatar of Death.

Because of this, the battle will only be over when one of them destroys the other. When Thanos kills Drax The Destroyer, his death as the avatar of life alerts Mar-Vell to his presence and he returns to the Cancerverse. When Mar-Vell confronts Thanos and the Guardians, everyone is surprised when Thanos immediately surrenders. Mar-Vell realizes he has been tricked just as Death, summoned by Thanos's death, arrives to claim him. This causes a chain reaction that kills Mar-Vell's followers and triggers the collapse of the alternate universe and the Fault.

Thanos, expecting Death to embrace him for his actions, becomes enraged when she once again spurns him. Teleporting the rest of their comrades to safety, Star Lord and Nova remain behind to contain Thanos, who blames the heroes for Death's manipulation of him and vows to make the entire universe suffer, by keeping him within the Cancerverse until its imminent destruction.

A memorial service is held for those lost in the conflicts. During the battle, Ronan is aided by the other surviving members of Nova's strike force.

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Under Cosmo's guidance, they set up base in Knowhere. The newly christened " Annihilators " are proposing they be a loose-knit force to be implemented only as the "last resort. The series has been solicited for release in a collected edition individual volume :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Drax the Destroyer who was influenced by the Cancerverse, attacked Thanos, forcing him to kill Drax.

Which alerted Mar-Vell to his presence in the Cancerverse. Mar-Vell confronts the Guardians and Thanos back in the Cancerverse, and to the Guardians shock Thanos surrenders to Mar-Vell, seeking a final and permanent death. Mar-Vell is claimed by Death, resulting in a chain reaction. His followers were killed, the Fault collapsed, the Cancerverse was collapsing, and his masters were weakened.

Thanos expected to be embraced by Death but once again she spurned him, enraging Thanos who blamed the heroes and vowed to all of the comos would suffer. Nova and Star-Lord teleported the rest of the Guardians back to Earth, while they remained in the Cancerverse to keep Thanos within that dimension until its approaching destruction.

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During a memorial service which was held for the casualties of the war, Rocket Raccoon was informed by Quasar that without Nova, the Nova Force had disappeared and the Worldmind had shut down. The former members of Nova's strike force came to the aid of the Kree, forcing Blastaar's forces to withdraw. Together with Ronan, the cosmic heroes established a base in Knowhere and formed a loose-knit team. Which took the name of " Annihilators " who would act as a "last resort" team. It was discovered that due to Death returning to Earth, the Cancerverse was not destroyed and had recovered.

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