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Goodreads Author Editor ,. Gary Vincent Editor. Introducing the complete set of erotica stories from the controversial anthology, "The Big Book of Bizarro," by Burning Bulb Publishing. Featuring the following twelve bizarro works: One Hell of a Band by J. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published September 5th by Burning Bulb Publishing. More Details Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. The Cannibals of Candyland A man finds himself imprisoned in an under ground world populated by child-eating mutants made of candy.

Erotic and horrific. A parody of cabin in the woods horror stories where the victims turn out to be far more deranged than the mutant killers who hunt them. The Egg Man It is a survival of the fittest world where humans reproduce like insects, children are the property of corporations, and having a ten-foot tall brain is a grotesque sexual fetish.

Dark, dystopian, and ugly. Cybernetrix A dark and bizarre parody of the movie Tron where a game world and our world bleed together into one reality.

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Pulpy and awesome. Cute and relevant. The Ultra Fuckers A landscaper and a trio of Japanese punks find themselves stranded in a suburban gated community that seems to go on forever. Nightmarish and absurd. Adolf in Wonderland Nazis from an alternate world of absolute perfection go down the rabbit hole into a dark surreal world of chaos and imperfection. Absurd and horrific. Sausagey Santa A bizarro Christmas story… filled with sex and violence. Satirical and pulpy. Satirical and absurd. Different, and absolutely thought provoking Mellick can present to his reader some of the most curious and knee-slapingly hysterical blaspheme.

What at first seems unsophisticated quickly becomes a firm identity to the characters, and you realize the intelligence behind the naivety. Yes, it's all on purpose, and you've just been had! Dick, and Vonnegut. His characters, plot, and writing style are original, enjoyable, and inspiring. Cody and I did a writing marathon at a beach house last year. I wrote… twitter. This one is about a group of school children trying to survive the ap… twitter.

It's up for preorder. Check it out. It is made from flesh and bone. It eats and breathes and poops. The last grocery store in the world. I wrote it for fun, just for myself, not expecting anyone would ever even read it. Carlton Mellick III author of bizarro fiction. But the corpse still lingers. Get it at amazon. Hammer Wives Six novellas and short stories. Satirical and dumb. Apeshit A parody of cabin in the woods horror stories where the victims turn out to be far more deranged than the mutant killers who hunt them. Campy and fucked up. Teachers, parents, and other students have been slowly dying off over the past several […].

My new book, The Boy with the Chainsaw Heart, is now available. Something that I could really sink myself into and lose myself for days at a […]. They are a race of people known as Matryoshkans, a subspecies of human who are born with a very peculiar abnormality—they […]. My new novella, Parasite Milk, is now available. Having never left his home state, let alone his home planet, Irving is hit with a severe case […].

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My newest book, The Big Meat, is now available. After months of fighting it, trying desperately to stop it as it rampaged across the American countryside, turning city after city into a landscape […]. He remembers the lumpy-shaped […]. It was once a billionaire named Darren Oscarson who underwent years of cosmetic surgery to be transformed into a human exercise bike […]. It stands alone in the middle […]. Search for:. Follow my blog. Mio Padre, il Tumore: Ciao Bella! This book is probably my favorite.

The Big Book of Bizarro Erotica Collection

This tale is basically a spaghetti western set in… Northern Indiana?!?!? Now, set it to a soundtrack by Claudio Simonetti and you have a fine tale of bizarre revenge. I really enjoyed this and could see it being directed by Cronenberg one day. This tale really maximizes great characters and wonderful dialog. It had me in stitches! His banter and one-liners are worth every penny of the purchase. Like, a fucked-up rendition of Slapshot one of my fave movies or some such thing. You can do it, Steve. You can do it! In this transmission, I will review Mercedes M.

There are only a few books I read that deserve a blog review, and this is one of them.

Essentially, this story is a romance — remember that. Allow me to explain:. Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu is a take on the origins of a duo of super-villains. An issue of Marvel Team-Up inverted and subverted. Poor Montessa has been having a rough go of life.

To boot, her upbringing was a nightmare of sexual abuse. Enter Lu. This guy is a Transcontinental trucker and serial killer who so happens to have Montessa on his hit list. Montessa can alter wind currents with a type of psychokinesis while Lu is a pyrokinetic. Together, they form a power-packed combo that complements each other. These powers are hinted at only to suddenly appear.

Yardley unveils these supernatural abilities in a very subtle, by-the-way manner, and I really enjoyed this. As for dialog, it too is dreamlike, and one of the odd things that powerfully works is that most of it is just between Montessa and Lu. Yes, there are other characters, but they are deliberately kept silent for the most part. Well written and decisively paced, it puts you in a dreamlike mood regardless of all the blood. Get it today on Amazon!

Their gender and relationship are the only factors comparable.

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This book is really the examination of getting everything you want and still becoming a suburbanoid blob. You will get into a routine, you will get fat, and you will get lazy. Patrick Bateman is a psychopath. Totally different animal. A psychopath has a rich, overly-fulfilling fantasy life that sometimes seeps into our prime material reality. Both Prunty and Nutting render the internal views of sociopaths. In Sociopaths in Love , skulls are indeed fucked and pounds of human flesh are devoured.

Yet, Prunty manages to mostly avoid the explicit sex and graphic gore, and I like this. I give it five inverted pentagrams. Just buy it. Oh, and for your listening pleasure:.

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Shorts, poetry, and flash are great opportunities to exercise your writing skills as well as getting your name on a bookshelf. Large works are tough to sell — and guess what? So are the small works! I know, everyone secretly hates the damn thing, but as an author, this is a powerful tool.

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It scrolls past faster than goose turds through a tin horn and you only get characters to advertise. James and his fleet of editors are now my friends on Facebook and we not only talk about books, we also sit around and bullshit about anything, really. Follow it. You will be thankful you did!

This is just a piece of advice, but not set in stone. Gaiman is a bigger draw than you just by name alone. A publisher will be hesitant to feature and spotlight an unknown over a bigger, better-established name. Sure, give it a shot, but expect nothing. By this time, Stephen King and Tom Clancy have signed, sealed and delivered their contracts.

I made this error when submitting to Neverland Library at the last minute. We loved your story, but we could not fit you in because so many well-established names are in the hopper at this point. I see their point. These babies fill up FAST! I have a proofreader I pay to clean up my novels. That really adds up to a pretty penny. For flashes and shorts, find other authors you trust in your social network and have them beta read it. My friend, the U. Thus far, our efforts have worked well and this is very important. Not bad. Use the buddy system. Find that author-friend you trust and develop that beta relationship.

It really works in the end. The publisher will probably call the cops on you. You do understand that you will get rejected in this business, right? Rejection is a part of any business, but definitely common for writing. Again, you WILL get rejections.

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But remember not to be an asshole when you get the boot. The publisher may not accept you THIS time, but maybe tomorrow?