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Educational Concepts Autocritique From Dictionary of Visual Discourse: A Dialectical Lexicon of Terms Critical self-reflection: a fundamental requirement of all genuinely critical and reflexive investigations. To make autocriticism a normal feature of intellectual life requires the production of texts, discourses and forms of instruction that admit their own contingent status, that encourage dialogue and insist on being superseded.

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Civic education From Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia Civic education refers to education that is concerned with the development of citizenship or civic competence. Collaborative learning From Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science Forms of cooperative or collaborative learning have been used for centuries and a variety of peer learning techniques have emerged. The underlying premise of these techniques is that learning is enhanced by peer interaction. Dialogical reflexivity From Dictionary of Visual Discourse: A Dialectical Lexicon of Terms Dialogic or dialogical reflexivity is self-reflection and reflexive transaction occasioned by the reciprocal encounter of self and other, particularly in the mutual argumentative disclosure characterizing reflexive communication and interpretive interaction.

Praxis From The Social Science Jargon-Buster The process by which a theory becomes part of lived experience and empowers individuals to become critically conscious beings. Community Needs Addiction: Topic Page State of dependence caused by frequent and regular use of drugs, alcohol, or other substances. It is characterized by uncontrolled craving, tolerance, and symptoms of withdrawal when access is denied.

Alcoholism: Topic Page Disease characterized by impaired control over the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Child abuse: Topic Page The deliberate injury of a child.

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Child abuse can take several forms: neglect including failure to provide adequate shelter, food, or medical treatment , physical abuse including beating and poisoning , emotional abuse including verbal abuse , and sexual abuse. Child welfare: Topic Page Services provided for the care of disadvantaged children.

Foundling institutions for orphans and abandoned children were the earliest attempts at child care, usually under religious auspices. Depression: Topic Page Depression is commonly used as a definition of an emotion like despondency, dejection or gloom. As a diagnosis, depression is part of a cycle or syndrome also called a depressive illness which used to be called melancholia because of its association with low spirits. Environmentalism: Topic Page Movement to protect the quality and continuity of life through conservation of natural resources, prevention of pollution, and control of land use.

Homelessness: Topic Page Homelessness is the lack of residential shelter or the prevalence of that lack within a population. Homelessness has conventionally been conceived of as distinct from indigence. Housing: Topic Page In general, living accommodations available for the inhabitants of a community. Throughout the 19th cent. Illiteracy: Topic Page Inability to meet a certain minimum criterion of reading and writing skill. Your thecanineconsultants.

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