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Afterwards, you can see how much you remember from the unit with our Weekly Quiz. You can't speak English without asking questions! In this session you'll see our presenters asking each other questions.

You'll write some questions for an interview with him and then you'll hear his answers. Is language becoming more informal because of email and the internet? In episode 1 of our new drama you can meet the main character Phil. His life is about to get a lot more exciting!

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After that, test your skills in our weekly quiz. English at Work intermediate Business.

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The Teachers' Room For Teachers. Unit 1: Nice to meet you!

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Lesson 16b - This is Lisa. She's from New York. This is her first trip abroad, and it's funny to see how she attempts to adapt to a new culture. Level: Intermediate - Lesson 16b exercises available!

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The Italians receive great compliments as well as near-insults as do all the nationalities in this series on national stereotypes. Level: Beginner - Lesson 17 exercises available! We will make a new version of these videos concerning the Italians and Germans, in order to have pre-intermediate material. In its present form, this is a bit more advanced.

  • Die Ares-Entscheidung: Roman (COVERT ONE 8) (German Edition);
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  • Sweet Rivers.

Level: Intermediate - Lesson 18 exercises available! We will attempt to do the same in the USA. We made strict limitations in the grammar used in this video. Lesson 20 - The Present Continuous 1: Where are you going?

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A simple question for introducing the present progressive to beginners. Four interviews including Chris, Donna, and Millie. They bring the tension of the office right onto the street. Pre-Intermediate - Lesson 21 exercises available! What do you do for a living? The interviewer makes a mistake.

He asked the wrong question! Level: Pre-intermediate - Lesson 22 exercises available!

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Lesson 23 - What have you got in that bag? Two distinct videos: long and short versions. Level: Pre-intermediate - Lesson 23 exercises available! Lesson 24 - What's your job? Levels: Beginner short version and Intermediate long version - Lesson 24 exercises available! Lesson 24b - Dream Job: What do you do for a living? Is that your dream job? What IS your dream job? This is a unique lesson, the only one limited to MC answers, with pictures representing many types of jobs.