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Guignard Florence. In: Psychologie clinique et projective , vol. The author proposes two metaphorical models: the primary maternal, which contains the primary drive conflict, and the primary feminine, containing the constitution of desire. These two models represent an aspect of psychic space and designate two areas that both constitute and are constituted by the first intrapsychic conflicts. Starting with Freud, the author then examines the contributions of other authors Bion, Fain, Meltzer, Rank, etc. Partiendo de Freud, el autor examina las contribuciones de otros autores Bion, Fain, Meltzer, Rank, etc.

Partant de Freud, l'auteur examine celles des contributions d'autres auteurs Bion, Fain, Meltzer, Rank, etc.

Histoire d’une absence : la place du père dans les œuvres des écrivaines chinoises des années

Abstract in english at the end of the text Resumen en espanol al final del texto. Psychologie clinique et projective. Le conflit pulsionnel primordial. Sur cette base toujours valable, je proposerai d'examiner les points de vue de deux auteurs, contradictoires en apparence : celui de Rank et celui de Meltzer. Spitz notamment - et actuels - Brazelton et Dan Stern par exemple - d'observation psycho-biologique. Selon moi, ils sont de deux ordres :. XIII, trad. Que pouvons-nous conclure de tout cela?

Histoire vraie- Le cauchemar d'une mère film complet

Klein , dans une perspective psycho-pathologique, en relation avec les processus de clivage de l'objet. Cela nous permettra d'ailleurs, mutatis mutandis, d'esquisser quelque chose des "attendus" de la structure psychique du psychanalyste. Ceci constitue, en effet, la partie visible de l'iceberg. Guignard, a , j'indiquerai ici que, dans des travaux. Pour M.

Braunschweig et M. Que peut-on conclure de tout cela? Abraham K. Anzieu A. Essai sur deux concepts. Groupe, Psychanalyse dans la Civilisation, Paris. Bion W. Recherches sur les petits groupes, ,. Robert, P. Kamac Books. Braunschweig D.

Les faneuses d'amour. Notes sur quelques aspects de la mythologie romanesque de Georges Eekhoud

Brazelton T. Als H. In , when one of her plays was censured, she began speaking out loudly against censorship and intellectual cowardice. Her arrest launched a protest movement by human rights defence leagues in France and the USA. She was freed in November She lives under house arrest in Hanoi. Her books are translated all over the world. She decided to stay there and keep on writing.

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It tells of a president — he is never named but the reader quickly understands that it is Ho Chi Minh - who falls madly in love at over sixty years of age with a very young woman. He starts a family with her and installs them in Hanoi soon after the city has been won back. The president is not an ordinary man, he is the father of the nation. When he expresses the desire to make his union official, the ministers, whom he has helped achieve their lofty position convince him that this private affair may very well cause his political downfall.

The president gives in the belief he has opted for legitimate reasons of state.

DUONG Thu Huong

From that point on, everything in his life starts collapsing. His young companion is murdered, his children are taken in by friends and relatives and the real power escapes him. His former companions, hiding behind his tutelary position are developing a regime based on an ideology that is totally different from what they struggled towards in their shared youth.

All through this very impressive saga, the writer — defender of the ideas promoted by the president until the end — depicts the fate, all the more tragic in that the protagonist really existed, of a real man, a man of power. Her father is a soldier, posted on the northern border. So she decides to set out to look for her father.