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Lower yield impact farmers livelihoods. Additionally, rural communities are poor and under nourished, have limited access to information, lack understanding of adaptive measures, and are unaware of timely solutions that can enhance their livelihoods.

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Those who migrate, leave their families behind and women are seen to be have taken over farming practices. These sudden and incremental shifts within the rural communities suggests that there is increased state of vulnerability among women, children, youth, farmers and senior citizens due to disturbances in the local economy, social requirements and the environment they live in.

People experiencing homeless need library services. They need to access internet, make use of digital self service.


They need cultural experiences and reading just as much as any person living in a villa. Additionally, more than most they need a place to sit downside, that feels safe, that is maybe warm and where nobody expects them to buy anything. The situation they are in means they face more barriers than other library patrons. This talk why it is important to talk about these barriers, how to lessen or eradicate them. And examples from libraries that have done this. As our state mourned the victims and struggled with issues of race and racism in our communities, Richland Library leadership was moved to respond.

Ignite: Molly Wright Steenson - A Series of Tubes, EP 7

Tuesday afternoon, Theme no. As part of Albus international literature festival and a municipal strategy we collaborated with schools in Aarhus and Filmbyen Aarhus to educate children aged year to be reading ambassadors. Based on design thinking methods we planned a process and carried it out in real life. The result were 16 ambassadors that during the festival filmed and interviewed authors attending the festival. The long-term goal is to educate more ambassadors and that they will act as an inspiration for their peers. Oodi is the new central library of Helsinki that provides new ways to create, learn and experience.

For us who work at Oodi the whole building is an experience to learn and create. We use new technologies and new kind of spaces to teach people to find ways to develop, communicate and learn new techniques in our library. By providing the latest technologies and specialized facilities for people, we guarantee the way for everybody to develop new skills and ways to communicate in modern culture, society and media.

Radio Sutatenza was one of the most interesting Catholic efforts to combat illiteracy among adult peasants in rural Colombia. This exhibition became a meeting point for researchers, rural leaders trained in literacy programs, radio enthusiasts and activists, and organizations for the agricultural development. This talk will focus on the narratives around the history of this multimedia-based literacy program.

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Also, I will talk about the features of designing an exhibition like this in a public library and the creation of networks of people who find in the library a place to build their own memory. Aarhus City Archives ran a campaign to collect life-stories told by citizens themselves or presented by others — relatives or staff-members. What stories were voiced and how did they empower both the archive and the story-teller herself? A talk about developing in house competencies in the qualitative data analysis program NVivo, aiming to teach students to get more out of their data and researchers to build better projects.

#1 - It starts with your Emotional Mastery Blueprint

Score a Book! It combines football with reading, because you can score anywhere! Professional footballers are used as role models. In this talk we will show the collaboration between libraries and professional football clubs. Participants will discover the power of football and how, through technology, it can be used to change reading behaviors.

So put on your football shoes and show your skills, because this talk sets you in motion! Monday afternoon, Theme no. There is no library in the area at present. Summer Garden at Rikhardinkatu Library is a success story of how we have transformed our dull backyard at the very center of Helsinki into an inviting and colorful oasis to spend time, read, play and meet other people.

First Summer Garden was made for a week by our staff members in summer Since then we have arranged it every summer.

4 Ways to Harness Your Ignition for Weightlifting: 1. Identify the Moment of Your Ignition

We have also found partnerships and that has helped us to grow and have more events in the garden. In the summer we had an umbrella sky over the garden and we kept it open for three months. Approximately 14 visitors came to see it. Summer Garden is a project that has given joy to the customers and citizens as well as to our staff members. As the third largest library in the world, NYPL houses 55 million items in 92 locations and serves over 17 million patrons per year.

As we face evolving user needs and variable resources, we are continuously exploring ways to sustain and innovate service delivery in order to reach underserved populations in New York. For NYPL, that means creating mobile library spaces in schools, hospitals, prisons, railways, and redefining our presence in online communities. As we build relationships outward into our communities, we invite others in, transforming our spaces as centers for responsive practice. We will touch upon the type of mindset that is helpful when going for temporary spaces, show the importance of communication, trust, expectation management and flexibility and last but not least will skim through the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to cooperating with partners.

Since s, with the young generation migrating to the cities for jobs, leaving children and the elders behind, grass root libraries started to pop up throughout China's rural landscape to revitalize their home villages. Founded by highly motivated cultural leaders, these bottoms up libraries answer the specific needs of each community. They are diverse with some concentrating on improving reading opportunities while others seek to provide a public space as well as a cultural and information center. Since , professional organizing efforts helped connecting these libraries to develop vibrant capabilities, making them important community centers which were developed from the community, operated by those in the community and for the benefit of the community.

Galleries are usually considered passive places - a space to consume and contemplate. But the potential of those white walls is so much greater. Themes and settings within the space change constantly by community design. The space has transformed from settings like a fix-it and mending station, to a playscape focused on housing density to a yarn-bombed hang out. Here, art is used as a springboard for larger dialogue and community-building happenings.

Over time, we have discovered certain qualities that make these projects sing. This ephemeral and experimental framework allows the space to flex and respond to evolving community interests and needs. Research has shown strong relations between the spatial space design and social behavior. Quantifying behavior provides a new tool to progress the architectural design process of indoor spaces to improve the experience and well-being of the users.

This study presents a new methodology to measure specific types of human behavior related to social interaction. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to dedicate your time into something that makes your stress disappear and find some focus and clarity to attack the issues with a fresh mindset. Your bones will become stronger. Bones age, as we all do, and along with age, come problems.

Talent Doesn't Lift Weights, You Do: Ignite Your Motivation

Bone strength is key to keeping active and staying healthy. Weak bones can lead to a whole heap of issues as we get older. Strength training is a great way to curb the onset of osteoporosis. Resistance training will keep you leaner.

3 Dynamite Ways to Ignite Your Inner Greatness

This happens due to the increased amount of lean muscle you will develop over time. This lean muscle will allow you to train harder, and also burn calories faster. The supplement industry is huge and is only going one way, which would indicate that these products carry significant value and actually work. With that being said, there are a lot of products on the market that are a waste of time and money.

As we are focused on building. All healthcare practitioners must comply with HIPAA regulations that demand all patient information is confidential. This made moving large volumes of paper files into the cloud a harrowing and nerve wracking experience for all. One of the most impactful inventions to change the medical marketing community was the online patient review. If your front office staff was rude, or your doctor was late - people were going to hear about it. Doctors began to realize that they needed to change the way they were marketing or start marketing, period , so that their clinic didn't get left behind.

I was running the marketing department for a busy surgery center during those transitional years and let's just say - there was a lot of drama and heated debates, resistance and resentment. Around or , most doctors finally accepted the need to have a website and get familiar with social media. This was an unpleasant surprise for many, who traditionally based their businesses on referrals and perhaps some email marketing provided by their affiliate hospitals. Medical professionals also started to witness a few leading doctors with attractive websites complete with videos , a targeted social media strategy, and appearances on TV shows, like Dr.

Oz and The Doctors. The laggards couldn't fathom how people they went to medical school with were doing so much better than them! It was time to get into the 21st century. As it has been with most huge, archaic industries, entrepreneurs arrived on the scene and things began to rapidly change. Luke Kervin, Founder of PatientPop , never imagined that he would have a medical technology business, but after a personal experience - it was a natural fit. After selling an e-commerce platform in , Kervin found himself an expecting father, which meant that he also found himself spending a lot of time in waiting rooms accompanying his wife.

After experiencing first hand the lengthy wait times, rushed visits, surprise billings, and even an overlooked test result that could have proved disastrous; he realized practitioners were crying out for a more efficient solution for managing and marketing to patients.

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Like many innovators before him, Kervin learned in a very personal way that necessity is the mother of invention. Here are a few key lessons to learn from his journey about how to tackle a multi-faceted problem:. Before you can invent a workable solution to a problem, researching the market is essential.

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You'll find out how to tweak your ideas to meet the pain points of your target audience.