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On Volterran Constitution. Index to Reg. Repeated Cap. Pact between Guelfs of Arezzo and Florence. ASF 10 September Treaty with Genova and Pisa. Now lost, though published, document. Alison Stones DVD. Survives in Epistolarium. ASF 14 October Protocol, Compagnie religiose soppresse C. ASF Strozzi-Uguccione. Miscellanea diplomatica, 13 August , 26 October Privilege copied from BL document to Uguccione family. ASF 4 June July, Libro di Montaperti , cc. ASF 26 February Libro di Montaperti , c. ASF 20 July ASF 22 July ASF 23 July Biblioteca Laurenziana, Strozziano , Tesoretto , c.

Giovanni Villani, Cronica , VI. Rhetorical Letter from father, Bonaccursus Latinus, about Montaperti. In Epistolarium. Livres dou Tresor , first redaction account of exile. Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Instr. Wesminster Abbey, 17 April , from Bar-sur-Aube. Muniment Livre dou Tresor contains letter to Charles written prior to June Charles of Anjou sworn in a Senator of Rome. Li Livres dou Tresor. ASF 20 August Volterra diploma, During Seige of Poggibonsi. At Pistoia as Protonotario. Ideoque subscripsi. San Gimignano, Bibl. Same document as above with minor differences in ordering of formulae.

Datum per manus Brunetti Latini de Florentia, curie nostre prothonotarii. ASF 20 December Pistoia, Cap. ASF 25 February , at Pistoia. Volterra Diploma, for , 25 February; copy, , April 13, Historiae Pisanae, fragmenta, auctore Guidone de Corvaria , in L. Muratori XXIV. ASB 12 July Memoriali di Pietro di Bonincontri Cazaluna, , c. Latinus Bonaccursi in Bologna borrows money. ASB 8 December Ivi, CLI. Above loan paid back. ASF 13 July Santa Maria Nuova. Concerning a licence granted by the Comune to sell property.

ASS 25 July Concerning negotiations for the Guelf League in Tuscany against Pisa. Formerly ASF October 29, And then there is silence, an absence, from , where BL may be in secret negotiations in Outremer, Aragon, Genova, Constantinople, apart from a brief return for the Peace of Cardinal Latino. Peace of Cardinal Latino. Letter sent from comune of Palermo to comune of Messina to urge revolt against King Charles of Anjou.

Amari I Tesoro Sicilian Vespers account in four manuscripts. Liber Fabarum , I. Arte di Calimala legal transaction. Lib Fab. Not found in conserved version, flood damage. Guido dei Cavalcanti also listed. ASF Cap Fir. League against Pisa, blockading entry of all foodstuffs into city, on order of King Charles of Anjou. ASF Cap. ASG Cod. ASF 19 January Lib. About peace between Genova and Pisa. Corso Donati also spoke. ASF 8 February Lib. ASF 10 February Lib.

ASF 13 February Lib. ASF 16 March Lib. Concerning Lucca. ASF 30 March Manectus Benincasa also spoke. ASF 10 April On number of Priors. ASF 12 April ASF 5 June Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale II. Prior from 15 August October Would have passed two months in Torre del Castagna by the Badia]. ASF 4 September Provvisioni protocolli I, cc. ASF 3 October Further to previous discussion, Ser Brunetto Latino again speaking. Provvisioni registri II, c.

Preparations for war against Arezzo, resulting in 11 June Battle of Campaldino. ASF 12 July, On funding, after the fact, of war against Arezzo. ASF 12 January II, cc. In choir of Santa Reparata concerning Arezzo. ASF 18 January II, c. War taxation for Arezzo campaign. ASF 6 February Concerning an appointment to office and salary. ASF 8 February Is not Cap. ASF 22 February Again on war taxation and funding. ASF 12 March Concerning war with Pisa and embassy, and needed funds. ASF 13 March More of the same. ASF 21 March Concerning disposition of Aretine territories, prisoners.

ASF 20 April ASF 1 May ASF 4 June On Lucca sending forces to aid Florence. In the Badia. ASF 4 November III, c. On Florentine embassy to Prato. ASF 29 June ASF 24 July Again, about freeing prisoners. This section of Liber Fabarum is cancelled. About electing notaries and nuncios to Priorate. ASF 27 February ASF 5 March ASF 3 April ASF 13 April About peace concord. ASF 16 April, Embassy concerning response to Charles II, Apulia. ASF 26 April, About expenses in connection with war with Pisa. ASF 17 June, In Baptistery.

Against Pisa. Section cancelled. ASF 22 July, III, circa c. Council against Pisans, Vanni Fucci Inf.

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Dante pretends he meets BL in Inf. The bulk of the MSS are of Li Livres dou Tresor and these are to be found as far apart as Madrid, Oxford and St Petersburg several, mainly fragments, later travel to the New World , and they can serve to demonstrate the currency of French, the lingua franca , in medieval Europe. The vernacular Italian works are limited for the most part to Italy.

Indeed, Florence exhibits a paucity of Tresor manuscripts only one, Laurentian, Ashburnham , which came later to Florence, out of 88 elsewhere , but a multiplicity 55 out of of Tesoro MSS in Italian. Dante in Inferno XV. A discussion of the illuminations of the two languages and nations result in different styles and conventions. However, it appears that BL had access to Italian scribes in Arras in northern France where the Lombard community was vigorous during this period, so that there are manuscripts in Picardan French with French illuminations but in the Bolognan libraria script of MS Bb.

Many of the earliest and best Italian manuscripts of Rettorica , Ethica , Tesoretto and Tesoro are likewise in this script. The Rettorica translates Cicero, De inventione , and its medieval commentaries, while Tresor gives a more practical version, partly from Ad Herennium. Thus BL twice wrote on the subject of rhetoric. Maggini C. The manuscripts usually include diagrams. This coulde be Ugo Spina.

Firenze, Biblioteca Nazionale, II. Maggini, Bolton Holloway. See De Robertis LbI , p. Paper MS, C. Maggini, De Robertis, Bolton Holloway. Rajna, Maggini, base text; Bolton Holloway, S. Miniature of Cicero, BL. Magnificent manuscript, base text for C. Commentary in smaller script than Cicero text; this hierarchy of script is copied in B5 edition. Previously owned by Servi di Maria della Santissima Annunziata.

Maggini, Bolton Holloway, S. Also Fiore di Rettorica. Firenze, Biblioteca Laurenziana, Paper MS. With Fioretto della Rettorica. Firenze, Bibl. Laurenziana, Red. With Orationi. Bound with Tesoro. Munich, Staatbibl. Leiden University, Vulc. Cited, Emil J. Rev , Bertoni BhII. Confusion exists concerning the siglum. Wiese C. Tommaso Casini had written to Wiese telling him of it. But it is not in that MS nor does Mazzatinti list it.

I therefore exclude these two fugitive MSS. BL lyrics are found in Vaticano, lat. A fragment of the Tesoretto and some fugitive BL lyrics are copied out in the C. I ordered microfilms of all these Tesoretto manuscripts, working from these as well as from the originals, but Princeton University Library retained the microfilms. In most manuscripts the text of Il tesoretto is followed by that of Il favolello , a poem on friendship, much influenced by Cicero, Ailred of Rievaulx, Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun.

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In one manuscript Favolello alone is given Bb. Only one manuscript is illuminated Bb. There are 18 manuscripts which contain Il tesoretto in whole or in part, perhaps more, and the one with Il favolello only. Three Tesoretto manuscripts, interestingly, are bound with the Commedia Bb. Brunetto dedicates the Tesoretto to King Alfonso X el Sabio of Spain, to whom he had gone on embassy to seek help for Florence at the time of the Montaperti disaster.

The Strozzi manuscript Bb. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Strozziano Written on vellum in the late 13 C, according to Bandini, in the 14 C according to later editors. The gatherings are in three quires with signatures, one of 8 plus 2, one of 8, one of 12 folios.

Beginnings of sections of the poem use large alternating red and blue capitals, typical of many Tesoretto manuscripts. Each line begins with a small capital that has a yellow wash applied to it, and each line ends with a period. Illuminations occur, in delicate sanguine and grisaille and in Italian style, at the foot of many of the pages. See Campbell F. Monti Ia. Bertelli BhIII. Firenze, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Laur. Early 14 C Florentine manuscript, similar to S, with alternating red and blue capitals and a yellow wash applied to smaller ones. Coetzee [[[by]]] dominichead, J.

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Correspondance, 1920-1931-T02

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SimoneA combined Hollow. Triloogia "Seitsme mk" teine raamat [[[by]]] pseud. SimoneA combined Historias nocturnas. Casserley see work. SimoneA combined Golden Dreams: 1. Die Tochter des Goldsuchers 2. SimoneA combined Gabrieli ingel [[[by]]] pseud. Robb, Strangers in Death [[[by]]] J. SimoneA combined Estranheza Mortal [[[by]]] J. SimoneA combined Esimene ja viimane kallim [[[by]]] pseud. Wimmlinger Geschichten [[[by]]] Rotraut Susanne Berner see work. SimoneA combined Hotel Boonsboro 1. SimoneA combined Eine Leidenschaft voller Gefahr. SimoneA combined Ein Meer von Leidenschaft.

Workbook [[[by]]] Clare Dignall see work. Based on C. Minow, Equal time; the private broadcaster and the public interest [[[by]]] Newton N. Minow see work. Associates see work. White, De eerste drie levensjaren [[[by]]] Burton L. Brunstetter see work. Ewers, Die Katakomben der Besessenen [[[by]]] H.

Ewers see work. Hamilton ] [November, ] [[[by]]] Peter F. II, Egypt under the great pyramid builders [[[by]]] Sir E. Croselan combined Outlander , Outlander see work. Croselan combined Outlander , Outlander , Outlander see work. Hauk see work. The speed of construction, barely 70 years for the shell to , explains this remarkable homogeneity of style.

Despite the two World Wars of the 20th century, which severely affected the city, it managed to stay intact. John the Baptist are some of the well-known works of the Cathedral. Its origin dates back to the establishment of the commune of Amiens by Louis VI. It is mentioned for the first time in an arbitral award issued by the chapter of Amiens in Symbolising the independence of the commune, it was formerly used for meetings of the notables of the city and then as archive rooms, weapons store and prison. A spotter nearby monitored arrivals and warned the population of the external dangers.

During the Middle Ages, the building was repeatedly engulfed by fire. The belfry is composed of a base in white cut stone, built in the 15th century between and , a stone superstructure bell tower built from with Baroque volutes at its base, and a dome covered with slate and then an arrow and a weather vane with a renown. At the time, a huge ton bell was installed inside, it was later destroyed along with the dome as a result of the melting of the copper component in the bombardment and fire of the city on 19 May Abandoned and devoid of a roof since World War II , the monument was fully restored between February and July Located on the Place au Fil , the old central square of the city before the arrival of the railway and the rise of the Rue des Trois Calloux , the belfry is adjacent to Les Halles and the back of the city hall.

Each year, a temporary circus was established on this occasion. In , a circus company emerged to claim a permanent circus, which would be built in wood by the Schytte contractor in However, expensive maintenance prompted the municipality to consider the construction of a new building.

It was inspired by the Cirque d'hiver of Paris but chose a cast metal frame, supplemented by brick from the local countryside. The architect of civil buildings, Charles Garnier , claimed that the frames should be hidden with a plaster imitating stone. The "moderninst" design of Ricquier, who chose to display the structure, and to favour local material such as brick, is visible at the rear of the monument. Modern, it hosts two steam engines dedicated fully electric lights and central heating.

Since its construction, it has also been the first circus which included a buffet and a refreshment bar. The cost of the construction of the building finally reached double the forecast. The roof was damaged by a shell in The largest of the circuses of the province with its 3,seats, the building has acquired a multidisciplinary use for decades of performances of theatre, dance, concerts, galas, sports and public meetings. Renovated in , it now bears the name of Cirque Jules Verne. It is one of seven in France and is still in use today.

Acquired in by the city, the house is labeled Maisons des Illustres by the Ministry of Culture. Opposite the Gare d'Amiens , the neighborhood was rebuilt after having been razed by bombing in , is located the Tour Perret from the name of its architect Auguste Perret. This church was built at the end of the 15th century, on the model of the hall-churches.

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It is dedicated, as its district, to Saint Leu, referring to the 7th century bishop who was exiled to the Vimeu. It has three naves. A flamboyant portal adorns the base of the steeple. The latter, struck by lightning, had to be rebuilt at the beginning of the 16th century. The ends of beams are carved. Stone and wood statues date from the 17th century.

The choir houses the glory of the Duthoit brothers. The Maison du bailliage ou Malmaison , former residence of the bailli of Amiens, constructed in Floral City awarded the maximum score of 4 flowers in the floral contest of cities and villages of France, [] it offers a particularly rich wooded heritage.

In , the city ranked in the top 10 greenest cities of France. Presenting itself as a city concerned with the environment, Amiens has made the link between the city and nature a central axis of its metropolitan development project called Amiens They are also known as the "floating gardens of Amiens". Hortillon means market garden in Picard, and derives from the Latin hortillus , small garden. It is the port of upstream, located at the foot of the cathedral where a weekly market is held on the water, although the arrival by boat of the growers can be accomplished only once a year, in summer.

Originally for entertainment venue, the zoo began its mission of conservation, education and research between and Today, there are animals, representing approximately 75 species from all continents, cohabiting on 6. In , the zoo received , visitors. South American coati Nasua nasua.

Jena and Praya, the two Asian elephants Elephas maximus. California sea lion Zalophus californianus. Humboldt penguins Spheniscus humboldti. Floral city: 4 flowers attributed since by the National Council of Cities and Villages of France for the competition of floral cities and villages. Amiens was strongly tipped to host the Louvre II. The city has a number of concert spaces, mostly small venues, and pubs also host numerous concerts throughout the year. These outreach facilities working in the field of art and creation are openly oriented "venues".

Open to all, they offer an eclectic programme: Parts of theatre and concerts, shows for young people and dance, projections of films, exhibitions, meetings and debates, etc. In , they accommodated 48, people. Libraries currently constitute a network of 28 facilities spread over the whole territory of the metropolis. Built between and , it is one of the oldest municipal libraries in France. Registration and borrowing is free for all of the people of Amiens in all libraries. Two libraries also provide service to quarters and the communes of the agglomeration, as well as the home delivery of documents for people with reduced mobility.

Once can also include the Harmony Saint-Pierre, a fanfare of 70 musicians, which has become a local institution since its inception in Amiens saw rise, over the centuries, major writers. This glossary of medieval Latin is still authoritative today. In , the Amiens native Choderlos de Laclos published Les Liaisons dangereuses where he staged a depraved nobility. Considered one of the masterpieces of 18th-century literature, the book has toured the world and is known as an Oscar-winning film adaptation. However, the great name of Amiens literary life is Jules Verne. He animated all intellectual activity, giving balls and parties, while his wife held a famous salon.

He often attended the library of the industrial society, which subscribed to numerous scientific journals. Engaged in local life, he was Councillor of Amiens from to Amiens does appear explicitly in his novels but there are however characteristic elements of the city such as the cathedral and the river. This is the case, for example, for the imaginary city of Ragz in Le secret de Wilhem Storitz. In , he delivered before the Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts of Amiens a speech entitled "An ideal city: Amiens in the year " where he portrays himself wandering in a forward-thinking city of Amiens.

Since then, the city has built a tourist route from this text. He died in Amiens in , and he deeply marked the town's footprint, so that today many places, monuments and events bear his name. In , Englishman John Ruskin published the Bible of Amiens, which was translated into French, extensively annotated and prefaced, in , by Marcel Proust. This book dedicated to Notre-Dame d'Amiens was the opportunity for Proust to recall his admiration for the English author and the Cathedral of Amiens. A masterpiece written from his notes taken at the Front , the novel won the Prix Femina the same year.

Several films or scenes from films were shot in Amiens and its surroundings. Amiens is a stronghold of comics in France. A whole generation of designers and Amiens writers make the city an important creative centre of the 9th art. The region is also known for " flamiche aux poireaux ", a puff pastry tart made with leeks and cream. The Summer Rambo apple cultivar originated near Amiens in the 16th century. In , the municipality formed around Gilles de Robien designed a new logo, incorporating the Fleur-de-lis and the Ivy leaf present on the coat of arms, placed side by side in red with a background of grey or white, depending on usage.

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Prefecture and commune. City centre, with the Amiens Cathedral in the background. Coat of arms. Location of Amiens. Main articles: History of Amiens and Timeline of Amiens. Town Hall. Trois Cailloux. Amiens 2. Free outdoor parking. Gare du Nord old postcard published by Caron No. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. June See also: List of twin towns and sister cities in France.

Stade de la Licorne. The Gothiques d'Amiens in Main article: Amiens Cathedral. Main article: Tour Perret Amiens. The former Stengel barracks converted into apartments 18th century, historic monuments, Convent of the grey sisters 18th century, historic monuments, The convent of the Visitation-Sainte-Marie 19th century, historic monuments. Red ruffed lemur Varecia rubra. Lar gibbons Hylobates lar. Red panda Ailurus fulgens. Covering over 25 hectares 62 acres , this park has many sports facilities: American football stadium, skate bowl , football field, play structures.

The bisteu or bigalan: Potatoes, onions and bacon pie. The galopin: A French toast made from brioche bread cooked like a big pancake. The Picardy rabotte: Apple wrapped and baked in a puff pastry. The Dariole of Amiens: A popular pastry from the 18th century, topped with a cream with almonds. Amiens barley sugar. Magnentius —11 August , usurper of the imperial title 18 January to 11 August Ansgar 8 September —3 February at Bremen , known as Oscar or Ansgar , evangeliser of Scandinavia , Ansgar is the patron saint of Denmark Peter the Hermit? He played a central role in the Dreyfus affair and provides evidence of the innocence of Alfred Dreyfus.

Selector of the France national under football team , world champions in Daniel Senet , — , weightlifter , silver medal for the sub For municipalities with populations greater than 10, inhabitants, a sample survey is carried out annually, the entire territory of these municipalities is included at the end of the same period of five years. The first post-legal population from , and fitting in the new system which came into force on 1 January , is the census of For municipalities with more than 10,, the latest legal population is published by INSEE for all municipalities.

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