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That His love is unconditional. That it is not based on our performance. That it is constant, totally independent of what circumstances we are facing. Simply to immerse ourselves in the love of God. The more we understand it, behold it, think about it, and thank God for it, the more faith works effortlessly and naturally in our lives. He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?

Now this may seem like a triviality, but it really does matter. First, a quick grammar refresher: voice determines the relationship of a subject to the action of a sentence. Active voice: I hammer away at the wood. Passive voice: The falling tool hammered away at my hand. Greek has a third voice called the middle voice , which is kind of in between active and passive.

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In the middle voice, the subject acts on himself. I hammer at my own hand. So I am being both active and passive in the sense that I am on the receiving end of my own activity. Now, the argument of some interpreters is that the verb in the phrase faith working through love is in the middle voice.

So faith is still active and directing everything and love is more of an instrument of faith, so the argument goes. An effective faith: First, faith is making itself operative or effective through love.

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Ergo, faith without love—as in faith alone—is not operative, effective, or energized. Perhaps, then instead of the light bulb, a better analogy would be the car engine.

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Faith would be the ignition system, the vital spark that lights the fuel. Love then would be the engine itself.

Running the engine, in turn, recharges the battery for the ignition system. You need both: the ignition system and the engine.

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So also we need both faith and love. Not faith alone. Regardless of how one conceives the relationship, both faith and love are necessary. Galatians puts both on the scale and weighs them against the old system of works under the law. One was the power in the blood.

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Another was this subject of love. All of these subjects must fit together. Too many Christians do not have any knowledge about walking in love. We need to understand all facets of it. The love of God needs to ooze out of us so much that when we walk into a room, people will know we are living in love! If we are going to make our faith house strong, we must make its foundations strong. And the foundation of faith is love.

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The Kingdom of God has been damaged by people who have heard the faith message once and have run off with it without knowing what they were doing or how to use what they had heard. We can make all the confessions we want to. We can quote the Bible day and night. The Word says faith works by love.

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When we check up on ourselves, we will often find certain areas where we are not really walking in love—and these areas are keeping our faith from operating at full capacity. I have learned that if I am to maintain any kind of faith walk, I must put down my carnal nature. The secret is letting the love of God work within my spirit. Love is more interested in others than in itself. But when we begin operating in this realm of love, we will be blessed.

When we get so busy unselfishly helping others obtain blessings that we forget about ourselves, we will find honor, success, and promotion for ourselves.

The Word of God also instructs us to love our neighbors as ourselves Mark