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These maneuvers, much like spells with the curse descriptor , use persistent, malicious energies to inflict penalties on their victims. A creature immune to curses is immune to the effects of these maneuvers, with the exception of any weapon damage inflicted by them. Many of these curse maneuvers inflict a new condition: cursed.

By itself, the cursed condition does nothing, but many maneuvers or abilities have an increased effect on cursed creatures, or can only be used on cursed creatures see individual maneuver descriptions for more information on how they interact with the cursed condition.

Multiple applications of the cursed condition do not overlap; instead the duration of each new application of the condition is added to the remaining duration of the previous application. The successful use of break enchantment , remove curse , or similar effects removes the cursed condition from the target in addition to their normal effects. Order of Presentation : In the maneuver lists and descriptions, the maneuvers are grouped alphabetically by level.

Shop our Store! Sell in the Store! Back my Patreon! Toggle navigation. Terrifying Blow Strike Your attack may frighten the target. Fear the Reaper Counter Intimidate an opponent into missing an ally. Oath of the Intercessor Counter You take a blow meant for an ally. Table: 3rd Level Eternal Guardian Maneuvers Maneuver Type Description Binding Fetters Boost Your attack curses a creature, and that creature must make a Will save or be teleported back to you at the start of your next turn.

Stance of the Eternal Guardian Stance You tie your soul to a creature, giving benefits similar to a shield other spell. If your target succeeds on your save, they gain temporary hit points. If your target is cursed, they also may become frightened.

Dungeon Guardian

Oath of Torpor Boost Your attacks lay a binding curse on their targets, possibly slowing them if they move. Strike of the Steadfast Legion Strike Your attack causes you and your allies gain damage reduction , and allies can sacrifice hit points to grant other allies temporary hit points for one round. Cursed creatures take a —2 penalty on that reroll. Unbearable Gaze Counter You blind an opponent, potentially causing their attack or spell to miss. Stand Your Ground Counter You and an ally take half damage from attacks and effects for one round.

Inescapable Fetters Boost Your attacks for one round curse creatures, and those creature must make a Will save or be teleported back to you at the start of each of their turns. Inescapable Grasp Stance Cursed creatures you threaten cannot take 5-foot steps or use the withdraw action, and their movement provokes attacks of opportunity from you even if they otherwise would not.

1. Guardian Druid Overview

Infinite Focus Counter Your allies within 60 feet do not provoke attacks of opportunity for one round. Grim Satisfaction Boost Your next attack may cause the target to cower in fear for one round. Unbreakable Promise Counter Opponents within 60 feet must make a Will save or become unable to reduce other creatures below 0 hit points. Then, you make a combat maneuver attempt against each target hit. Stance of the Infinite Warrior Stance Your threatened squares remain threatened for one round, and you can teleport to an opponent within your threatened area as an immediate action.

Eternal Guardian

Table: 9th Level Eternal Guardian Maneuvers Maneuver Type Description Oath of Eternity Counter You swear a large area around you to be under your protection, massively increasing your threatened area and gaining additional attacks of opportunity. Your basic but potent strike allows you to harry and disrupt a foe until they lay down their arms. Make a melee attack. If the target drops all weapons it is holding, it can make another saving throw to end this effect. An affected target that is not holding a weapon can draw or pick up a weapon, then drop it to gain a new saving throw, but can never gain more than one save per round against this curse.

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