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Performing as a living statue is a prevalent form of busking , especially in places with a high level of tourism.

Artist Transforms Nude Bodies Into Mesmerizing Living Sculptures (NSFW)

A living statue performer will strategically choose a spot, preferably one with a high level of foot traffic, and out of the way. The performer creates the illusion of complete stillness while standing.

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Sometimes, passers-by do not realize the performer is a real person, which often causes surprise when the 'statue' gives them a small gesture such as a wink or nod. A busker's objective is to create moments of interaction that result in a tip. The amount of money a performer makes day to day depends on his or her ability to effectively interact with the crowd. Paris, France. Barcelona , Spain.

Art Excavated From Battle Station Earth

Jubilee Gardens , London. Street performer spray painted silver in Edinburgh.

The Stone Stockmen - Iconic Living Statue Street Performer

Vienna , Austria. Lisbon , Portugal. The Venetian Macao , Macau. Pariser Platz , Berlin.

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Living statue of D. The body paint looks almost like strokes of charcoal, creating depth while also the illusion of two-dimensionality. If you love the bewilderment of optical illusions and the ever entrancing beauty of body paint on an unclothed stranger, look no further. Check out Hopper's series below and visit his Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the artist.

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How to Stand Still

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Suggest a correction. Real Life. Real News. Some examples include labyrinths and mazes, animal and human forms, geometric shapes, and furniture.

Artist Transforms Nude Bodies Into Mesmerizing Living Sculptures (NSFW) | HuffPost

Espalier is the art and horticultural practice of training tree branches onto ornamental shapes along a frame for ascetic and fruit production by grafting , shaping and pruning the branches so that they grow flat, frequently in formal patterns, against a structure such as a wall, fence, or trellis. Pleaching is a technique of weaving the branches of trees into a hedge commonly, deciduous trees are planted in lines, then pleached to form a flat plane on clear stems above the ground level.

Branches are woven together and lightly tied. Pleach also means weaving of thin, whippy stems of trees to form a basketry affect. Bonsai is the art of aesthetic miniaturization of trees, or of developing woody or semi-woody plants shaped as trees, by growing them in containers. Cultivation includes techniques for shaping, watering, and repotting in various styles of containers. Tree shaping uses living trees as a medium to create structures and art for example, chairs, ladders, mirrors and people trees.

Living statue

There are a few different methods [4] to create shaped trees, which share a common heritage with other artistic horticultural and agricultural practices, such as pleaching , bonsai , espalier , and topiary , and using some of the similar techniques. Tree shaping has been practiced for at least several hundred years, as demonstrated by the living root bridges built and maintained by the Khasi people of India.

Crop circles are created by crop artists plan in advance on paper, and often work with farmers, special equipment, and a diversity of crops to create multi-acre masterpieces that are viewed from the air and are captured via photographs. They draw on a variety of impressionist , surrealist , and modernist roots in their designs, and some are downright quirky: [1].

Stan Herd is a renowned Crop artist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.