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How long will your sauce keep?

Easy Homemade Hot Sauce

I fermented three 10 liter crocks two years ago. My crocks each had different pepper mixes; all had the same garlic and salt brine. I did not add carrots or onion to them, FYI.

I let each crock ferment for three months. After that, I did as you recommend here — reserve the brine, blend the peppers and garlic, adding back brine to achieve the desired consistency. I did not add vinegar or sugar to the end result. I did not keep the blend on the counter for a week or more as some suggest — my hot sauce bottles went directly into the refrigerator after filling. I did keep the remaining brine for use in beans, soups, etc. Two years later, I have one last bottle of hot sauce left, with only a couple ounces left in the bottle.

The hot sauces saved marvelously all this time, without adding vinegar or sugar , before bottling. Of course one should always continue to check for signs of the sauce going south, but from three varying batches, all three were wonderful for that two year storage and daily use in the fridge. Josh, you asked about a vinegar taste. I, too, hate the taste of tabasco! Two years ago, I also made a non-fermented hot sauce blend that included the carrots and onions. This was a sauce I cooked down, then canned, and vinegar was added it was the only reason I did not ferment with carrots and onions.

So you want to make your own hot sauce

I will tell you that the non-fermented hot sauce with added vinegar did not taste like it had vinegar, however, my fermented sauces that did not have vinegar, actually kinda tasted like they did! It was not a tabasco tart; like Sylvia says, it was much deeper, more complex flavors that give a bite similar to vinegar. My point here is, blend your sauce and do not add vinegar or sugar to the end result. If you do not like it, then you can make additions afterward.

You might find that you prefer a lesser fermentation time versus a longer one. Perhaps you should experiment with fermentation time, before adding to the final product? Hi Leesa, thanks so much for sharing this. My hot sauce so far has kept for 5 months in the fridge and is still going strong.

The vinegar is purely for flavor, and also because this is a short fermentation, this version is not as tangy as a longer ferment. The longer the ferment, the tangier. Just an FYI… you can certainly can it, but the heat will kill the microbes. Could I do this with dried peppers and get a viable sauce? I do have a load of dry peppers though!

Hi Zoey, Im not sure dried pepper would ferment? Maybe once they are reconstituted. Let me do some research and get back to you. I might have to try this because I have a lot of dried peppers too! I have fermented dried peppers and they come out okay. I would do fresh if you can, and use dried as a last resort.

How To Make Fermented Tabasco Sauce

For canning, you must achieve a pH of less than 4. This can be achieved by adding vinegar, citric acid, or citrus juice orange, lime, lemon, etc.

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I like a pH near 4. Sterilize bottles before filling and never re-use a bottle cap. Good luck. My guess is you need the bacteria from fresh peppers to start the fermentation and freezing them kills those bacteria. Followed recipe with frozen habanero varietal. Reason being that they will bring their own microbe communities.

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I had about 10 fat peppers thawed, 2 medium carrots, 1 orange bell pepper and 6 cloves garlic. Smells delicious. Hi, Great recipe. Question: I have been freezing my Carolina Reaper peppers because they are too hot for me to grill and eat with steak. Will previously frozen peppers work for fermenting?

Fermented Hot Sauce – Simple and Delicious!

So someone else just tried this, see comments above. I guess adding the other fresh ingredients will start the ferment. This, however, can lead to me overthinking meals, making them seem more complicated than they are. Must be a complicated process. A recipe, first and foremost. I wanted something simple. Nomzai presented the perfect option. Hot sauces can be changed by more than just pepper choices. Tropical sauces are typically full of pineapple, mango, and even bananas.

And please, for your sake and mine, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, ears or any other sensitive part of your body until you wash your hands with dish soap. Even if you used gloves. Vinegar is acidic, about 2. Peppers are acidic. As a middling homebrewer , I know the importance of keeping all your vessels clean. At the very least, use some strong dish soap and clean it by hand. This is entirely up to you. Like a more rustic-looking sauce? Want it looser? Add a little more vinegar and water. If you get really ambitious, try replacing part of the vinegar with some other acidic ingredient, such as lime juice or tequila.

Experiment with your dried favorite herbs for additional flavor. Add a quarter teaspoon of dried cumin, oregano, or epazote , for example, to the mixture together with the salt. Rate This Recipe. I don't like this at all. It's not the worst. Sure, this will do. I'm a fan—would recommend. I love it!