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A loner, she finds herself befriending Oskar — a year-old boy, caught between two divorcing parents, and bullied at school. Recognising a similar loneliness in him, she helps him extract revenge on the bullies who torment him. David had it all. Not only was he incredibly agile and able to fly, but he had a sweet hangout, a nice ride, a hot girlfriend, an amazing earring, and the ability to perform bodily mutilation to awesome music montages.

Plus, he was pretty darn evil. Kiefer Sutherland must have aced the scary part of vampire school. It really is a pity that he underestimated the power of brotherly love, because on top of everything else, David could rock the bleached blond mullet like no one else. He may have come to loathe the part and appeared in some of those Hammer movies through gritted fangs, but Christopher Lee was the first actor to turn Count Dracula into a gothic heart throb. Why, yes. Yes, he is. Kyle Schmid brought Henry to life on screen and was a likeable hero with brilliantly floppy hair who drew comics for a living… er, deathing, er, whatever.

He may not be the best, but he was the original. Blade is half-human, and hates his vampire half. He has all the strengths of a vampire, and none of their weaknesses crosses, daylight, etc. Blade hates the nightwalkers, though possibly not as much as he hates himself for his condition. His life mission is to rid the world of the bloodsucking fiends — and there are a lot of them! Originally created as a Marvel Comics character, and despite the straight-forward, no-nonsense approach of Wesley, Blade is one of the few comic characters to work more successfully on the screen than on the page.

And against all the odds, it works.

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Blade and Blade II are fine ways to waste an evening, and even the oft-condemned Blade: Trinity has something to offer. Poor Claudia. The first vampire ever seen on Buffy was a blonde bimbo on the outside and an intelligent, driven killer on the inside, making her a baddie you loved to hate. For the most part, Jasper is polite and quite gallant, but he is a vampire and can get a little peckish for human every now and then.

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Hell, everyone has their diet cheat days. Jasper is well trained in combat and good with newborns. He was also by far the most interesting character in the third Twilight film when we got to see his flashbacks.

50 Marlow (30 Days Of Night)

That he was then squandered for the rest of the season was a shame, but no matter. The end of season four is pretty clear Russell is coming back. Sookie and co had better watch out Ah, poor, tragic Mitchell, the vampire who just wanted to be accepted as a human, but, realising that he would never be able to control his vampiric dark side, found that the only way he could be truly human was by sacrificing himself. Forget X-Factor contestants — this guy was on a truly gut-wrenching journey.

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But in the process he did at least reclaim Box Hill from Jane Austen — once synonymous with daytripping gentry on picnics, it is now a place that will be forever linked with the word massacre. Talents: Holding her breath under water for long periods of time, super strength and aerial acrobatics. Young Dracula is a CBBC show which had been on for two series when our last Vampire Poll took place, at which point young Vlad received a total of zilch votes.

A couple of years on, and our voters have suddenly woken up to something their kids realised ages ago: Young Dracula is a great little show. What may also have helped the show is the fact that there was a three-year gap and a bit of a format change between series two and three, with Gerran Howell returning as a bit of a teenage heartthrob for proto-goths. The Vampire Diaries has been the real success story of this poll, with Stefan being the first of multiple characters from the show who barely registered with our voters last time around but who now dominate the upper reaches of this latest Top Nobody had portrayed such a multi-faceted Dracula on screen before Gary Oldman.

Playing the Count from decrepit old age to swoonsome youth, even the questionable make-up does old Drac have to look like a Soho theatre queen? Anne Rice author of the original novel famously condemned the casting of Cruise publicly, and frequently before the film was released, but then relented after seeing his work.

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Amanda Nophand Boonyai Suwan Jarun Petchjaren Moo Chakapan Ponyong Slayer 1 Panu Niamchompoo Slayer 2 Sira Kuankaew Slayer 3 Arucchaporn Satesh Old Woman Kamonmarn Chuachai Receptionist Kasama Nissaipan Thai Policeman Sakon Palvanichakul Taglines: For years a war has raged between good and evil. It will end tonight. Language: English. Runtime: 84 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia Vampires director John Carpenter was listed as Executive Producer in early publicity material for this film. However his name does not appear on the final credits, instead replaced by J.

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Goofs When Amanda is bitten in the alleyway you can see the end of the tube where the fake blood is pumped from and the line of blood from it as the Vampire pulls back, it is then visible again when he goes to take another bite. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Music. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page.

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Our Communities. Thanks to all who participated Because he loves to count! Ha ha ha ha ha! And hilarious. In the first Kolchak outing, our hero tracks Janos Skorzeny, a serial killer, who turns out to be a vampire.

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In one tense scene, Kolchak confronts Skorzeny in a hospital, where the vamp is stealing blood.