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It also supplies evidence in support of the claims of the author concerning these cases of fronting of clausal elements. On March 17th, the new edition of the Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles was released www. As a born-digital lexicographical project, this edition includes a number of features that will only be As a born-digital lexicographical project, this edition includes a number of features that will only be peripherally of interest to the present talk.

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Instead, we will take a close look at the quotations database behind the Dictionary, the Bank of Canadian English. While common for the OED, with its much larger scope e. Fischer , Beal and Grant , Sigmund , quotation databases have generally not been used for other varieties of English. Containing quotations from Canada from to plus just one from , the Bank of Canadian English consists of just about 2.

Causal clauses in written and speech-related genres in Early Modern English. Multi-word verbs in Early Modern English. A corpus-based study. We then correlate our findings with remarks on the syntax of psych We then correlate our findings with remarks on the syntax of psych constructions in the nineteenth century translations into the Romanian language.

The diversity of the linguistic constructions expressing emotional states in the Shakespearean plays is quite impressive and an orderly, linguistically principled inventory of them has not been made yet. Moreover, the innumerable This paper proposes a comparative study of psych nominals in English and Romanian based on the classes of psych verbs.

We explore variation in the structure of psychological constructions with a view to sketching a typology of psych nominals in the two languages in close correlation with their verbal sources. Semantically all these nouns share a common feature - they convey emotions, syntactically however, they occur in various patterns. In the final section we discuss constructions that include psych nominals, and compare these structures with the twentieth century Romanian translations. Mai Hassan Ahmed Ali Abstract This study is restricted to assess writing performance in the Sudanese female students at secondary schools at Omdurman locality, Aluola secondary school for girls, in the academic year — It aims at investigating the English syntactic structures experienced by Sudanese Students at secondary schools.

The researcher used the analytical descriptive method in this study and a test as a tool for collecting data.

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The sample of the study was about ninety nine students at secondary schools in the academic year After the analysis of the types of errors made by the subjects, the study has come out with many findings. The Sudanese learners of English in general seem not to have an adequate proficiency in understanding the meaning and semantics when they express themselves in English syntactic structures. Both mutes and eunuchs were associated with oriental courts.

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A stronger term for the Elizabethans than for us. Doves pulled Venus' chariot and were held sacred by her. Frequently used by Elizabethans. Scone: where Scottish kings were crowned. Soft you! That men's natures and fortunes were influenced by the star under which they were born was a widespread superstition of Elizabethan times. Thane: an old title of nobility in Scotland similar to that of Earl.

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Theban: the association of the Greek city Thebes, as with Athens, is with philosophical inquiry. Tom o' Bedlam: one who begs on the roads and has been released from the London madhouse, Bethlehem "Bedlam" Hospital. The term "wild-goose chase" was applied to a contest where two riders started together and as soon as one obtained the lead, the other had to follow over the same ground, unless he could overtake him, when the position was reversed.

Here, "to" is simply an unnecessary word. While many languages require an infinitive "to verb" in constructions like "she made him to verb" or "they told her to verb," English doesn't. Word choice may seem minor, but the selection of just one word versus another can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

Correct : I'm getting the car right now. I should be there in no time. The problem here is "can" vs. In common usage, "can" frequently substitutes for "should" or "will. Formally, "I can be there in no time" just means "I have the ability to be there in no time. Syntax is everything in writing. Every piece of writing, from a thank-you note to a doctoral thesis, requires syntactical choices. Learning and using correct syntax is the most important part of good writing.

For examples of syntax choices in very good writing indeed, check out our Syntax in Literature page right here at YourDictionary.

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    Sentence Structure Examples Fundamentally, syntax is about structure. For instance: Incorrect : While watching a movie, people who text on their phone are very annoying. Or… Incorrect : Happy about her upcoming promotion, the trip home was full of singing.

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    Here is another example of that: Incorrect : Looking over Charlie's exam, several mistakes became evident immediately. Punctuation Examples Another set of common mistakes have to do with punctuation. Incorrect : Come for a visit I have plenty of food. Correct : Come for a visit! I have plenty of food. Correct : I need a nap before we go to the movies. The following example has a similar problem, but requires a different solution. Correct : You can't go the movies or buy popcorn without any money. Another example of a punctuation problem is simply failing to use it where needed.

    Incorrect : This house is dusty filthy and stinky. Correct : This house is dusty, filthy and stinky. Word Choice Examples There is also the syntactical question of word choice. Incorrect : To the movies we are going. Correct : We are going to the movies. On the subject of tricky verbs… Incorrect : Did you ever speak to him? Correct : Did you ever speak to him?