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It's 3. It's about Neo Paganism. He was cast out from his old coven for being gay. Cause of that he found a group who was warm, friendly, diverse and offered him a family that he didn't find from the previous one despite of him being part of it longer. I hope he'll get his own book. Anyway, so Lars got hired by this wealthy man Rhys Turner to fix a huge old house he bought for himself.

Attraction was there at the first time they laid eyes on each other. I dig the way they send signals to each one which Lars was unsure what to make of, it seems unprofessional to hit on a client blah blah blah. But soon enough, they get it ON. Then Lars found out Rhys has a terminable disease. The book then evolved on Lars trying to find help from his witch friends and gods to help Rhys. He went on quests in dreams and stuff.

Its quite hard what to make of this book. Its not heavy on the romance, not a lot of action either.. But a lot of strange pagan stuff that I dont understand.. But as a friend point out, spiritual stuff doesn't always make sense. So whatever. Still, its interesting enough to finish the book. And the writings flawless and fluid too, not that I expect anything less from Mr.

View all 4 comments. May 05, Heather K dentist in my spare time marked it as to-read Shelves: free , bought-but-haven-t-read-yet.

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Feb 21, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , lgbtq. I loved this book - loved the Norse Gods, the astrology and the friendship. Jul 25, Fenriz Angelo rated it really liked it. Aleksandr Voinov brings us an unusual book about Lars, a pagan who is looking for a group of fellow queers pagans to interact with because the group he was part of threw him away because he's gay. I don't know what i expected, honestly, but i wasn't disappointed. I don't consider myself neither atheist nor agnostic because i do believe there might be creatures and forces we are not aware of but i don't think there's a god or gods who give a shit about what we do down here.

But my mom, for example Aleksandr Voinov brings us an unusual book about Lars, a pagan who is looking for a group of fellow queers pagans to interact with because the group he was part of threw him away because he's gay. However, many pagans specially queer pagans who are looking for a book to rainforce their faith will be grateful to find one here; actually i'm considering recommend this book to my pagan friend. Though in the begining I didn't connect much with the characters in the end i liked them and see great potential in them specially with Julian and the witches ;.

The darker tone regarding Rhys was absolutely unexpected and caught me off ward but it made the book be more a pagan inspirational book rather than urban fantasy. Aug 16, Gillian rated it it was amazing. Admittedly, I know next to nothing about paganism or Norse gods. I know the names Odin and Loki from movies and TV but not why people pray to them for help or guidance. So, this gorgeous book from Aleksandr Voinov was not only enlightening, it was beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyable.

Lars is perfection. Raised by an unorthodox family, his knowledge of pop culture is practically nil but he can run a farm and work with his hands and makes a healthy living running his own home renovation business. Rhys is a man reformed. But that illness has brought him a certain amount of clarity and living and dying on his own terms has become paramount. Watching the two men fall in love is wonderful.

Rather, it seems almost destined. I am not a particularly religious person, but I find there is a simple beauty in the way Lars worships and how he lets that ground him, both physically and spiritually. I was fascinated, even charmed by his rituals and I loved the small group of witches that take him in and make him one of their own. Just putting out a little reassurance here; this book is not about preaching some sort of pagan gospel.

Rather, it feels more magical than anything. I was fascinated by the whole thing, from the reliance on astrology, the use of tarot cards, the focus on grounding your spirit and your energy and the use of hypnotism to reach the gods. I was so intrigued that the romance between Lars and Rhys seemed almost like a bonus! Outside of the cover, I'm really not sure how to write this review. I feel like two separate events were in place. One, was Lars finding people to worship with him without judging and accepting his beliefs. Two, was not meaning to fall for Rhys, but falling for him and having his spirituality be tested in a way that he didn't know could.

I was familiar with pagans in a sense all 3. I was familiar with pagans in a sense all kudos belong to Supernatural LOL. I liked Lars as a character, a lover, and a friend.

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I've highlighted a ton of passages just trying to understand that he was putting out. Learning about Lars beliefs were no different from my Christianity beliefs. In fact, I wondered alot of the same reasoning he did, the only difference was that he wasn't happy with the answers that were given to him. This story was enlightening for me, just reading about Lars and what he stands for was a new learning curve.

I don't know what I thought about when I hear someone say they are praying to the Gods. For me Thor and Odin are just people I watch in Marvel movies. For Lars, it was a way of life. Everything he did was in relation to the Gods, from his worshiping, to his body, food, love and his daily living. It's no different then myself, but people treated him differently.

Well he changed that and found a group of people who turned out to be the friends and guide for him in the knick of time. They were like a mitch match group of people with different beliefs who's common goal was believing in something that the majority doesn't. I liked each character different from one another. My favorite was Julian by far. Astrology is something I know next to nothing about besides what's in the paper. He had so many different aspects on the subject, and I felt like it was very informative. I'm hoping his story is next. The second or subplot surrounding Rhys was really good.

I don't know if I would classify this as a romance. I'm more conflicted about them as a couple. I didn't really connect with the coupling. I like where they were at the end of the story, it's kinda a HFN feeling. Rhys was an okay character. I don't know if I believe the actions that were in the story regarding his life and Lar's group but I'm not a believer. I do believe that it could have for people who live this lifestyle. I honestly don't know how to review it.

I'm still having the thoughts in my head about the story. I liked it, but it's nowhere near average. I am looking forward to book two though. Aug 26, The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears rated it it was amazing Shelves: author-is-my-rock-star , characters-awesome-alpha-males , settings-london , sexcontent-safe-sex , favourite-books , books-on-kindle , characters-gay-heroes , best-covers-ever , sub-genre-sweet-romance , genre-glbtq-fiction.

Aleksandr Voinov remains one of my automatic go-to's. He may not write fast but he always writes quality. And he always writes characters, even at their most fantastic, are always relatably human. Moreover, his secondary characters are as interesting as the leads hint hint Julian's story lol. But speaking of leads, Lars Kend Aleksandr Voinov remains one of my automatic go-to's. But speaking of leads, Lars Kendall is the kind of alpha male that more romance books should be writing. Strength tempered with gentleness and kindness.

In fact, there's something sweet and self-depreciating about the hunky construction worker that made me care for his happy ending, as well as care about him finding like-minded pagans who allowed him to grow. Not to mention, no genderfail with the female characters. I especially enjoyed the slow burn romance between Lars and former high-powered finance exec Rhys. In the hands of a less skilled author, Rhys' behavior would have come off as selfishness, but here, he's sympathetic, even as if I wanted to smack him for being so obtuse and self-sacrificing. Witches of London - Lars left me with a warm smile and eager for the next book in the series.

View 1 comment. Aug 12, Pixie rated it really liked it Shelves: scribd , man-on-man-luvin. I enjoyed it. Not a traditional "romance" by any means. I think the romantic portion is the back story while the story is more about Lars fully coming into his own.

Very traditional for A. I have epic cover love!!! Feb 18, P. Kirby rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , m-m-romance , contemporary. A really sweet romance with a strong emphasis on pagan practices, particularly those of Norse Asatru tradition. Lars, the protagonist, is the kind of guy who can build or repair anything, but who also possess a strong nurturer streak. In other words, he totally reminds me of my husband. Consequently, I was in his corner at the story's onset and giving Rhys, his love interest, the side eye.

As Deadpool says, "Cancer is a shit-show. Nov 22, Pavellit rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-paranormal-sci-fi. Lars' faith in the Norse Gods, his spirituality without seeming preachy, and the glimpses we got of the other characters beliefs in the group he joined, really affected me.

It made me feel some kind of connection to something that I don't normally feel when reading about traditional religions. And then Rhys' uncolored faith, in himself, in his relationship with Lars and with the goodness of people was so moving.

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The idea of getting his house in order would help put his body and mind in order is touching. Rhys is potentially fatally ill, but I didn't find it to be all depressing. Lars and Rhys' romance was powerful and developed quite nicely. However, I felt it as a secondary to the rituals elements. My only niggle was that the ending is unnecessarily rushed too much, to be super good.

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I got the whole feeling of the two men learning about each other, learning about themselves, and learning to believe that what they have together could be permanent, though. Three cheers for Aleksandr Voinov, who knows how to break a reader's heart, and then put it back together better than before. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around everything I learned. Thank you my SS for my lovely gift!

Let gifts flow, let gifts flow, let gifts flow Whimsical and quaint I was very much invested with Lars and found him appealing in his solidness. I didn't feel as invested with Rhys though, I felt like he was literally slipping away from between my fingers. Otherworldly Oracle About Blog A welcoming place for those seeking answers or asking questions about the paranormal, pagan, and mystical worlds.

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Feminism and Witchcraft are both just tools that i can use to manifest a better future for myself. I get things done. That's my go-to mantra. On here you will find magickal book reviews, articles, spells, tarot spreads, moon magick guides, witchcraft information, and more. The Hidden Children of the Goddess is a place where Wiccans and Pagans can share lessons and experiences in the comfort of their peers and community.

At Quora. I've been studying witchcraft for 10 years and I'm an agnostic secular witch. Most of my witchcraft involves protection, charms, wards, sigils, and using the Collective Tarot. I enjoyed the exceedingly rare privilege of being raised in a secular household and began studying and practicing various forms of witchcraft as a young teenager. I'm the high priestess of Foxfire Coven, which is a traditional Gardnerian inner and outer court operating in the University area of Charlotte.

I practice with abandon old-fashioned and quaint kitchen witchery, but I've also performed rituals within a cast circle amongst all the pomp and ceremony of High Magick. I'm a Witch in the generally Green tradition, and have been practicing witchcraft for just above three years. I'm a Pagan author, an illustrator by trade, and am a devout devourer of witchly literature. I live in woodsy Vermont, and am a devotee of Artemis and Hestia. This blog will cover a variety of topics from music to race to religion to social politics and what it is like to be a minority within a minority.

Some are my original spells, and some are favorites that I have worked before which come from books I have collected over the years. My name is Danielin February. Spell casting and root work service along with free pdf books and spells! I'll be happy to let you in.

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The kettle has just started to boil and tea will be brewing in just a moment. As we sit and chat I'll share ancient knowledge that will help you create your own magickal life!

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Welcome to The Wholesome Witch. I am a writer, an artist, a sculptor and a spiritual counselor. I have developed a new love of jewelry and spend as much time as I can creating new works of art from wire. This blog is around the life of times of a modern Witch. A place created for those looking to enhance their spiritual well-being, broaden their metaphysical practices or simply looking to enhance the Magick in their everyday lives. This is a friendly place for study and open conversation on a large number of topics.

A witchcraft blog for beginners and experts of all paths. I honour the land upon which I live, and live in accordance with the land, honouring the seasons, the ancestors, the spirits of hearth and home. My Spirituality is a big part of who I am and how I live. I live life as if each day is a blessing and I try to get the most out of every passing moment. She has multiple blogs covering a diverse selection of topics and a monthly column in PaganPages e-zine.

She has authored several books incorporating her unique style of writing making use of poetry, prose and pathworking. My name is Ariadne. I'm a twenty-something Witch and writer. While I prefer the simple term witch, to get a little more specific I follow an eclectic, solitary path with strong Wiccan influences. This blog hosts three different types of posts: personal experiences, Witch Tips, and reviews of Pagan and Wiccan books and blogs. She loves to read, take photographs, and do crafts. Her blog is a mixture of spiritual, crafts, and the every day moments.

We are witches that can cast spells and practice witchcraft on a daily basis. We sell items such as magickal and perfume oils, bath crystals, body scrubs, t-shirts, faerie homes, jewelry, and much more. We also offer psychic and tarot readings and more. I created my first grimoire at age 8. I'm now 25 and have a plethora of resources. I thought it was time to share my love of all things witchy with you cool cats! My brand of magick combines personal develop, with American Witchcraft, British Traditional Witchcraft, Chaos Magick, African Diaspora, and anything that I can get my little witchy fingers on.

My magickal mottos are 'I'll try anything once' and 'If it works, use it. It's about my connection to the land and - indirectly - that magical creature - the horse. I also have an interest in Traditional non wicca witchcraft, the instinctual workings from the land, our best teacher. My path is eclectic and simplified. I practice how I am called to. Our goal is to connect Witches with their beliefs so they can achieve their highest potential.

The practice of witchcraft is not for just anyone only a true seeker will hear the magick written in silence. Through a guided and continual study of the path, we help Witches honor their commitment to the crate. This blog was meant to contain all the things I love in a magical home as well as practical Witchcraft for any occasion. According to this logic, an innocent person would sink like a stone, but a witch would simply bob on the surface.

This custom was banned in many European counties in the Middle Ages, only to reemerge in the 17th century as a witch experiment, and it persisted in some locales well into the 18th century. For example, in , the swimming test was used as evidence against a Hungarian woman named Dorko Boda, who was later beaten and burned at the stake as a witch.

While it may have simply been a sign that the suspected witch was illiterate or nervous, any errors were viewed as proof that the speaker was in league with the devil. This twisted test of public speaking ability was commonly used as hard evidence in witch trials. During the Salem Witch Trials, the accused sorcerer George Burroughs flawlessly recited the prayer from the gallows just before his execution. The touch test worked on the idea that victims of sorcery would have a special reaction to physical contact with their evildoer.

In cases where a possessed person fell into spells or fits, the suspected witch would be brought into the room and asked to a lay a hand on them. A non-reaction signaled innocence, but if the victim came out of their fit, it was seen as proof that the suspect had placed them under a spell.