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Coaching Beginner Hockey Skills and Drills In A Day For Dummies

Would love to get mail with new ideas and hockey drills for the kids. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. I have written a guide to stickhandling accompanied with a 30 minute stickhandling training video. By Coach Jeremy on March 3, These scrimmages can take place with any number of players on each side. The shootout helps to develop breakaway skills along with stick handling, puck control and shooting.

This drill is also designed to help goalies challenge players approaching, square up to the shooter and build confidence. The player would come down on the goalie from centre ice. It is important to encourage creativity and more importantly, FUN! After goal, player skates outside blue line, picks up another puck and goes in with 2nd player in line for a 2 on 0. Continue 3 on 0, 4 on 0 until all players in line have gone. Relay is won by first team who slides over blue line after last goal is scored. Its purpose is to develop defensive skills along with offensive skills.

There are many variations of this drill. Have a defenseman breakout from behind the net and pass to a winger on the boards at the hash marks. The winger then makes an outlet pass to the centre who is skating up the middle. They both clear the zone and turn around to produce a 2 on 1 on the defenseman who started the play. Depending on skill level, a coach could dump the puck in and have the goalie stop it behind the net for the defenseman, then continue as stated above.

The coach will set up one puck centred midway between the top of the circle and the blue line.

This now becomes a one-on-one drill. Play until a goal is scored or until the goalie controls the puck. Designed to develop both offensive and defensive skating and turning.

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This also develops the goalies ability and confidence on one-on-ones. The first player from one line will skate out and around the neutral zone dot, and receive a pass from the first player in the opposing line. The player who just made the pass will skate out and receive a pass from the opposite corner.

This is common for pre-game warm-ups.


This drill gets the legs moving and allows all players to control and pass the puck. Each group competes against one another.

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The relay race can consist of anything from turns, jumping over sticks, sliding under objects or scoring goals. The idea is to create a fun way for players to skate as fast as they can while performing other tasks i. This will create better balance and agility. Competing against team mates will push them to try harder and will create friendly competition. Have all players put their sticks behind the goalie line. Select a Bull Dog, who will line up at centre ice. The rest of the players start on the goal line and their objective is to make it to the opposite goal line without being caught by the bull dog.

This person shall be crowned the winner. This drill is a combination of pass receiving and quick releases. Players will start from the circles centre dot and move around a pylon and return to the centre point to receive a pass for a quick shot. Players will go around all four pylons for four shots. Then the next player in line takes the starting position. Have them pass over, under and around obstacles. A fun game could be monkey in the middle. Checker then trades places and becomes a passer Figure 8 Passing One player passes to partner who performs figure-8 pattern around pylons.

Pass receiver must maintain eye contact with the passer at all times. It is obvious that unprepared young players who are put directly into playing the adult version of the game are at a distinct disadvantage to youngsters who have had the benefits of experiencing progressive skill development.

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The goal of Hockey Canada is to see the day when every youngster across Canada getting started in hockey will have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from a program designed to meet their specific needs. One that ensures progressive skill development through well-delivered practice sessions and age-appropriate game play in an environment well-suited to their skill level. A minor hockey association's programming at the Novice level will serve as the foundation upon which the entire minor hockey association is built. Programming at the Novice level is a crucial piece in building the skills of house league and rep team players alike.

More than 30 years ago, Hockey Canada developed the Initiation Program to ensure a fun, safe and positive hockey experience.

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It served as a structured, learn-to-play program designed to introduce beginners to basic skills. It also enabled young players to build a solid skill base and become contributing members of a team effort, develop self-confidence and experience a sense of personal achievement — goals achieved in an atmosphere of fun and fair play. Introduction to Novice Hockey Program.

My son seemed to catch on to what he needed to do to get the puck more, get himself open and positioned to take a pass, give a pass, take more shots on net. Children learn best through participating in practice drills and sessions as well as informal and modified games such as shinny, freeze tag and obstacle courses. The program consists of two levels of instruction, designed specifically for young hockey players.

Each level consists of a series of practice plans lesson plans that follow a defined path of progressions. Although the emphasis is on fun and skill development, hockey at these ages should also allow youngsters to experience fitness, fair play and cooperation. To ensure a positive experience for the children, a coaching clinic has been designed for the on-ice coaches that focuses on communication, teaching skills, leadership, skill analysis, lesson organization, and safety and risk management.

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Learning the basic skills at a young age will set the foundation for everything a player will accomplish in the game of hockey. Note: The Hockey Canada mandate for half-ice novice hockey games takes effect for season. Members may choose to implement half-ice hockey sooner.